Saturday, 15 March 2008

15th March 1979

Thursday 15 (15 months) (the amount of time me and Sam have been dating)

Got up at 10.00
Had a bath

Skived Busin
ess Studies
Made pork pie in cookery

Fi is driving me batty about Chris
Phoned Sam
n't wait to see him tomorrow Love him xxx

From circa mid 70s in the 'girls book of the 1970s'

What's your favourite outfit ?
Tina, London SE13
'My brand new silver paper boiler suit. It's really the nicest thing I have ever bought. My friends all think I look like an astronaut in it, but it doesn't put me off wearing it!' (70s Ed I bet you looked a complete wassock and your mates just laughed their socks off.... did they call the Fashion Police??'

Jeanette, London SE18
I've seen in a catalogue a three piece rust coloured suit. Consisting of trousers, jacket and a waistcoat. I don't have the money but I'm hoping my mum will lend me the money so that I can buy it ' (70s Ed ... MUM! don't do it!!)

Sharon, Montrose, Scotland

'I like the peasanty look and my favourite outfit is fairly unusual. I wear a fantastic black apron with tiny pink roses on it, (which my mother used to wear for working in the kitchen) , with a black peasant blouse and near ankle length
skirt, a blanket shawl and lovely flat tan crepe soled shoes. Not many people dress like this where I live, so they think I am absolutely mad' (70s Ed... now I am all for being yourself but really ... did you think you looked cool??)

Rosemary, Essex
A very flimsy looking party dress which I made from enormous patterned, square sarves. I bought the scarves from a jumble sale for just 40p. I think it is much nicer than anything in the shops and it is original too!' (70s Ed... an original Essex girl, I wonder if she wore white stilettos too?)

Christine, Kew, Surrey
'It's a flimsy Victorian camisole night- dress with pin tucks and lace on the front. It is much to pretty to just wear in bed, so I embroidered it and now makes a pretty shift dress. ' (70s Ed ... wtg Chris!!)


darlene said...

hey friend....have something for ya over here.....come and get it....;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm not allowed pork pies ...... *sulk*

Celular said...
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nursemyra said...

sharon of scotland you must have been barking!

70steen said...

Dar~ great to see you back and a big thank you friend :-)

70steen said...

DP~ awww!! (I don't like them ... only bit I do like is the jelly bit between the pastry & meat.... probably the most damaging part of it!)

70steen said...

NM~ I think the barking match is a close run thing between Shaz & Tina????

boat tart said...

what a hoot of a post 70's .....the more I think about it the more I'm convinced that the fashion of back then have NO redeeming qualities what so ever.....and I'm fine thanks (your inquiry on DP's blog)..just a tad busy and lost La Laptop in a wine throwing throwing, she catching...all over her keypad...all well now and yes one of these day's I will get blog up and running....

70steen said...

Hi there BT~ & WB.
Redeeming fashion qualities.... maybe wedged shoe, I so loved being taller and they were so comfortable

Yes computers and wine are a tricky combo. My mouse & keyboard have fell foul of uncontrollable wine a couple of times.... you have to watch those cheeky little numbers :-)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Hey!!! how did you get that picture of me and my golden suit.... Hugs sweetie~~

70steen said...

SQ ~ I thought I recognised the outfit from somewhere lol