Sunday, 23 March 2008

23rd March 1979

Friday 23
At college 'til 11.00
Met Sam at Lime Street station 3/4 hour late.

Went to the Bay Horse in Formby
Had a big row cos I said I wanted treating like a girl not one of the boys.
Then everything got twisted around (oops trouble
at mill hey!!)

From the 'Popswop Annual 1975' I found this article

Love the introduction

Rob Davies (Mud)

'Lovely Rob Davies bought his first home back in 1974. It is a house on a new estate near Mitcham, Surrey. Fellow colleague, Ray Stiles was so full of envy that he too decided to buy a house on the same estate. Rob describing his house to us.
"It's nothing very big, but it's modern and I like it. I paid £12,500 for it, not in cash, I had to take out a mortgage" (70s Ed ~ What pop stars had mortgages??). "The outside wall as are white, and there is a garage and a garden. Inside there's a bathroom, sitting room, dining room come lounge, kitchen, two bedrooms and another room which I have turned into my yoga/music room" "It's a great little place and I has carpets fitted throughout, I've furnished it with modern furniture some in the habitat style" (70s Ed ~ I suppose a property like this in that area would now be about £250 - £300K?)
Les Gray (lead singer of Mud)

' Les chose to buy a flat because he didn't want all the bother of tending to the garden (70s Ed~ well that is hardly a rock 'n' roll life pruning your bushes!!). He paid a similar price for his flat that Rob paid for his house. For his money Les got: a bathroom, two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room. Having seen the marvelous carpet laid in Rob's house, Les went out and bought the same carpet for his living room. He was also taken by the chair's displayed in Rob's home so, once again he rushed out and bought the exact chair's, in the same colour, as Rob's. After seeing what Les had done, Rob made sure that Les didn't enter his house until his flat had been completely furnished and decorated'

Alvin Stardust

'One could never really say he has been homeless. For there was a time when he owned two homes in the area of Liverpool. But because of working pressures he was forced to buy a home on the outskirts of London, because he wasn't finding enough time to spend with his wife and two children.
Alvin found a beautiful little place in Stanmore, Middlesex and it certainly must have mad a large hole in his pocket - the house being bought for a princely sum of £50,000. A house that cost so much you would expect it to have a golden loo! And we weren't too far out because Alvin said

"It was expensive, but the house came already furnished. We didn't have to buy any furniture it was all inclusive!"
There's a kitchen, lounge, 4 bed rooms, a dining room, a living room, a study for Alvin, a laundry room, 3 toilets and a super garden. Naturally there's got to be excellent means og communication if someone's going to live in a house as large as this, so Alvin made a point of having 5 telephones installed' (70s Ed ~ so a property like this today in Stanmore? I reckon about £1 - 1.5 million)

Bay City Rollers

'In the early part of 1975, 3 of the dynamic Bay City Rollers bought houses in the delightful country-side, just outside Edinburgh. The lads were Les, Erick and Derek and they spent £17,000 for their dwellings. They are all country cottages containing 3 bedrooms and the usual kitchen, bathroom and two living rooms. Les did quite a bit of alterations on his living/dining room by knocking walls down and making a super open plan room. The beautiful quaint cottages have been decorated out with a mixture of modern furniture in the bedrooms and slightly antique-looking furniture in their sitting rooms. Naturally, their homes would be far to large to live in alone, so their parents have decided to move in.' (70s Ed~ lol very Rock 'n' Roll having your parents living with you!!)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I went clay pigeon shooting at Muds manager's pad once - nobody famous there though, very disappointing - ho hum

Kimchihead said...

I remember that song "Saturday Night" while roller skating when I was a wee little lad!

70steen said...

DP ~ so you have always had that knack then???? lol

70steen said...

Hi K where have you been?

Saturday Night! What a great song to roller skate to

Crofty said...

For years I truly believed that Mud had performed at Stansfield Rd County Primary School Christmas party... of course it was only what we would call today a tribute band.

All part of the disillusionment that comes with growing up...I can still do that Tiger Feet dance without putting me back out though, just.

70steen said...

How fabulous Crofty to have a tribute band at your school's Christmas party... we used to just have the caretaker dresses as Santa!!

oooo Tiger Feet fab 'that's right, that's right I really love your tiger life, that's neat, that's neat I really love your Tiger feet'
She must have had terrible trouble being platformed shoes, I wonder if she waxed or shaved lol

michelle smith said...

Crofty, I was at Stansfield Road when Mud appeared, and I thought it was genuine. I still tell people about it... shattered to find out after all this time that it was a tribute band... oh the innocence of youth!