Friday, 19 February 2010

Charity begins at.....

A few weeks ago I was helping Mum sort out a few things. She had some bags already to go to the charity shop so I said I would take them for her.
Many weeks on they were still in the boot (trunk for my across the pond readers) of my car. As I have had a couple of days off work this week I actually had time to have a look at what was in there.
Blimey most of the stuff was only fit for the bin, but my Mum the age she is and the era she was born in has the stock expression of 'some one will be glad of them'. Which is fair comment if you want well used stainless steel salad serving bowl and dishes, an old wicker basket to put your dried flowers, some lethal chopping device bought off a shopping channel, a snow globe that has lost half its water etc etc ........

However, in there was also this

a Commodore 776M I popped a battery in it and my god it still works. It belonged(s) to my brother as he has scratched his name and address on the back with a compass I guess.
The other gem that had me laughing my socks off was this

Nurse Myra has Corset Friday .. so I am having a Kaftan Friday (Circa 1980 bought in Thailand)
I am having a wobble as to where I live... I thought we were at war the other morning when I saw this sign at my local train station (you know how they did this sort of thing in WW2 in case the Germans invaded?? I think my council are expecting aliens ...)... the sign is real not an internet thing!

Friday, 12 February 2010


... it is 15 days since I last blogged.. oops.

The work load has not given up like I expected since the 2nd February, the huge hamster wheel I am in is hurtling even faster ... tsk I didn't take a career change to be this busy... to add insult to injury I have been made 'work-stream lead'. Don't get me wrong I am pleased that my efforts have been recognised but I think I am going to have to get to the advanced class in plate spinning!!!!

Last month I celebrated another Birthday and the family and I went to a fabby garden centre where they do fabby food too. It is in Cheshire about 7 miles from where I live.
Willowpool is no ordinary garden centre, in fact I didn't spot any plants for sale!! Instead you can buy ex Blackpool illuminations, huge stone Buddas, red telephone boxes.. indeed anything that can be reclaimed is sold there. The prices are well 'pricey' but it is enormous fun.

It may not have escaped your attention but it is Valentines Day today. Bless my Teens cotton socks she bought me a card and a Thorntons chocolate thing with my name on it ... awwww
In return as she and her boyfriend have no money I said I would cook them a 3 course meal and they could pretend they were at a restaurant... there was me thinking it would be a simple case of soup, lasagne and ice cream. No it ended up with home made chicken goujons and dips to start, a full Sunday roast (but with Christmas dinner stuff too like cranberry sauce, cranberry and nut stuffing etc) and 2 types of cheescake... just as well I love cooking.

One thing I have learned today ... 'pigs in blankets' are not just for Christmas (yummeee)