Thursday, 31 January 2008

parcel day interlude

I think Mr Postie must have known I was studying at home today as I received 3 parcels. All of which I would have had to collect from the post office in the early morn the following day had it been a normal working day today.

In no particular order I received my Snorgtees T shirt that I won in the cool Fuel My Blog competition in October. It is just like the one in their advert if you click on the link above. It is brilliant albeit a bit on the dress size but I will wear it and FMB have asked for a photograph of everyone who has won one....... now that will be interesting...... mmm should I wear it as a dress or be a bit more modest lol ???

Another parcel was from my longest best friend 'J' whose name has cropped up in my diaries a lot. We have been best friends for 30 odd years. She sent me a beautiful poetry book for my birthday. No she hadn't forgotten, she is just like me, buys ahead then the darned thing sits there until we have time to queue up in the post office. Thank you 'J' it is just exquisite.

And last but by no means least a parcel from Australia. Nurse Myra you have the most excellent taste. A beautiful compact mirror and body butter that will make me smell like an angel and have the softest skin of cherub :-)
Accompanied I might add by a rather hysterically funny card hee hee

So a week has passed since my birthday and I am still celebrating.
Oh and if that wasn't enough to make me smile today FMB has invited me to become a writer on their most excellent site. They must be totally insane (in the nicest possible way). I am so thrilled ........... Thank you everyone :-)

31st January 1979

Wednesday 31
Came home at 11.00 (was there any point in turning up ??)
Washed my hair

The snow has nearly all thawed now.
Cleaned my bedroom

Phoned Sam

He was in a better mood tonight
Played netball this afternoon
Quite a boring day

I came across this today in the 70s material I have

I do doodle a lot when I am in meetings or on courses.
Here are some
interpretations of what your doodles mean and you can compare his to yours

Strange though there is no interpretation that fits the doodle I did (& they usually do look like this) on a course a couple of weeks ago, should I be concerned !!!????

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

30th January 1979

Tuesday 30
Home at 3.45
Got a lovely letter of Sam

Phoned him and he was a bit grumpy (oh the good mood from yesterday didn't last long!)

Nobody is speaking to him at home

Fi came round for a coffee

Watched TV about 'rape' (ermm lovely viewing????)

Ok the results from last night are as follows

as I thought we are all 'sports' :-)

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

29th January 1979

Monday 29
College at 9.00 = boring
Wrote to Corinna and Sam
Found out addresses of colleges for Sam
Washed my hair
Sam ph
He seemed very cheerful
I was so glad

I thought tonight we
would have a little quiz from the Schoolgirls Album 1975........ 'Sport or Spoilsport'
Answers out t
omorrow :-)
I scored 25 (in answer to question 2 I would certainly have stuck something on the culprit but it wouldn't have been something similar lol)

Monday, 28 January 2008

28th January 1979

Sunday 28
Got up at 10.00
Went for a romp with Sam and his Afghan round the village = glorious in the snow
Took some photos
Sam's mums cousin came down so we went for another walk
Got soaked in the sleet
Left at 7.30 pm for the train
didn't want to come home
Got here at 10.30 pm

What I haven't noted in my diary is the change of number 1 over here from YMCA to Ian Drury
make of that as you will? Quite brilliant.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

27th January 1979

Saturday 27
Got up at 11.00
Went t
o Stafford in afternoon
Bought makeup, stockings and belt

Also bought Quincy
Jones single
Went for a meal in the Woolpack = great

Had a good long natter with Sam

Really lo
ve him

I have no idea what the Quincy Jones single it was but I do like the soul sound now and am a Qunicy fan but back then I guess it was more going to be a disco track like 'Ai No Corrida' in the early 80's

but this track is fabulous combining Barry White, James Ingram and maybe some others.

Looking at events in 1979 I thought I would see who was born this year and is now in the public eye.

Pete Doherty - oh Pete is famous for drugs and his relationship with Kate Moss. He is in the band called Babyshambles and apparently he was also once in the Libertines but nobody liked him!!!

Morena Baccarin - actress in Serenity
Bob Bryar - Drummer in one of my Teen's favourite band's My Chemical Romance

Tom Chaplin from the most excellent 'Keane'

John Hennigan - or Johnny Nitro
Jennifer Love Hewitt - amongst other films 'What did you do last Summer'
Evangeline Lily - of 'Lost'(what a lot of brunettes that year)
Micheal Owen - he used to play for Liverpool F.C. & England and my Teen wanted to marry him when she was a pre teen (I am not allowed to mention that fact to her now lol)

And last but at no means least Heath Ledger. Such a tragedy, so talented, young and lovely.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

26th January 1979

Friday 26
Go to Stafford on 5.20 train
A train got de
railed at Bootle (one of the train stops between Southport and Liverpool )
Left col
lege at 3.00
Went to
Binns for a coffee with Cheryl
Train = late
Left Cheryl
at 7.00
Sam was waiting for me = very very cold

Went to the Swa
n & the Woolpack
am gave me a Barry White single (still got it!!)

Like all Teen's I loved going to the cinema/ pictures/ flicks, still do. I was looking to see what was showing in 1979 ...... many have be saying to myself 'it is never that old?' but they are! For instance 10 & Bo Derek with her plaited hair (as well a figure to die for)

Other classics were
The scary stomach bursting Alien
Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century (so cheesy)
The China Syndrome what a thriller of the time
Clint Eastwood in the excellent Escape from Alcatraz
The weepy Kramer v Kramer

The Life of Brian classic lines such as Brian's Mum 'he's not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy!' - superb comedy. It was on the telly over Christmas and it still makes me laugh.
Check out the quotes here)

Apocalypse Now a great film & soundtrack

Muppet Movie - I didn't see this until I watched it with my teen when she was little

And the Age of Aquarius film Hair - all that hippie culture, sexual revolution &

Friday, 25 January 2008

25th January 1979

Thursday 25
Got a necklace & card off Corinna in Germany
It snowed really heavily

Sam phoned

He has been thrown out of the hous
e as he told his mum to get stuffed (oops!!!)
Went to Tiffany's with Fi, 'J', Stan, Mike etc (whilst poor Sam is homeless I am partying hee hee)

Fi wen
t with Tony R (awww!!)

I have mentioned 'Jackie' Magazine a few times during this journey through the 70s. It was certainly the teenage girls bible, it covered fashion, music, true life stories, horoscopes and of course 'Dear Cathy & Claire'.
Dear Cathy & Claire were the problem page girls or 'agony Aunts' who would answer an array of teenage angsts.
What a brilliant job that must hav
e been making up the answers to them.

Here are some examples with70steen's replies

Dear 70s.~ My boyfriend gave me one driving lesson recently but I drove the car into a ditch. Since then he's refused to teach
me again. He says I only confirmed his belief that women make useless drivers.
70s reply~ I read into this that you are bl
ond like me. I assume you were naturally applying your lip gloss at the time of the incident and using the rear view mirror to check your hair? My advice is dump him!!

Dear 70steen~ I'm really miserable. I've been going out with my boyfriend for three months - and he is the trouble.

You see it is his hair. My hair is shoulder length but his is a good 5 inches longer than mine - honestly!
I love him a lot, I'm sure I do. He's a fantastic boy and he's good to me in almost everything. But if we go to the pictures, usherettes laugh and snigger at him. If we go for a walk, there are always kids hanging around and laughing at us.
My parents get upset with me and they tell me that all our neighbours talk about me. My boy tells me he loves me, but if h
e did surely he would get his hair cut when it is making life so miserable.
Should I finish with him?
70s reply~ I think I smell an air of jealousy as you can't grow your hair as long as his!!! My advice is that he finishes with you (are you sure they are not laughing at you not him btw???

Dear 70s~ My boyfriend is absolutely obsessed with films & T.V. programmes. After he has been watching a western,he develops a Texas drawl and a John Wayne swagger and after a James Bond film, he acts very cool and man-of-the-worldish.
It's most embarrassing when we're with a crowd as all of our friends laugh at him. How can I cure him?
70s reply ~ Dump him and pass me his number, he sounds a complete hoot (he may need a bit of hair cut and a groom though) and you sound sooooo boring & miserable !!

Dear 70steen~ I am really fed up because everyone -including my parents- are against me.
I'm 13 and I want to get engaged to Steve, who's 15. We've been going together for 3 weeks and are really in love.
I am attractive, although Steve is nothing to look at, which makes me think that I love him for himself. My parents are being completely selfish about the matter.
70s reply~ you are 13, big headed and he is ugly! My advice is that your parents ground you until you are 21.

Dear Cathy & Claire
I would like a change of career. I was thinking of becoming an 'Agony Aunt' What do you think???

Thank you

As my special day draws to a close I would like to say a really special thank you to you all.

I am truly over whelmed by the kindness of thought you have shown and the true friendship that has been passed across many many miles today.

You are all certainly a rare bunch of very special people with souls of angels and stars in your hearts

Thursday, 24 January 2008

24th January 1979

Wednesday 24
MY BIRTHDAY (not telling which one you have to page back and work that one out!!)
Got loads of cards

A digital watch £10.00, a book voucher, a Boots voucher, writing paper & some mittens
Played netball & we lost

Went for a meal at the Schooner Inn = good (would have had scampi, chips & peas or gammon, chips & peas!!)
Sam phoned

Wish he was here!

I am an Aquarian and it is the age of Aquarius! When does it end?? Does any one have any idea??

I am true to many of the Aquarian traits, take no notice of the negative one's lol

Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal

I plucked a few things from the 'safety net' to see the differences of view on astrology there are

This one is quite true.

Best quality: Enthusiastic
Worst quality: Argumentative

Most compatible signs
Sagittarius Gemini, Libra, and Aries.
There was one that said 'with a fellow Aquarian' well I know that won't work because my ex was one too

Anyway I have tried Sagittarius & Libra ... gorgeous but !!.. I guess only Gemini & Aries to go

I wonder if it is going to happen today with my horoscope?

From Jonathan Cainer - Imagine Mozart in a room full of research scientists. 'Excuse us,' they say, 'but we need proof that you really wrote that symphony. Compose us something else, whilst we shine these lights and strap these devices to your forehead.' Great art is not created to order. Nor can intuition be turned on and off, like a tap. Sometimes you have it when you don't seem to need it. Sometimes you need it, but it's nowhere to be found. Today, though, if you go very gently, you'll reach a truly wise conclusion.
Once you have had your chart cast, you can then go on to look at where the planets are right now - and where they will be in 2008. (HUH????)

& from Russell Grant -
Friends are coming out of the woodwork to help you. Don't think you can undertake an important project alone. In the past, you've insisted on taking the solitary route. By accepting assistance from others, you'll avoid problems you made in the past and strengthen loving relationships Someone who recognises your artistic abilities could urge you to attend a lecture. Be sure to follow this recommendation, as it will have a profound impact on your life. (ooooooo!!)

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

23rd January 1979

Tuesday 23
3rd Train Strike
Missed Sociology
Got 2 Birthday cards.(it's still not my
birthday yet!!)
One off Auntie M (the
mother of my cousin CK, he who provided me with all the games over here at Christmas) & one off a neighbour
Also a pair of earrings & £5.00 off Kate's dad

d Sam & Fi
Got a Student Rail Card for £7.00

Playing n
etball against Christ the King tomorrow (no not THE Christ the King ... a school called that name lol)

I love fashion (hey I am female) & the history of fashion so when I came across this little, yet very thick, book last year for £1 in a cheap shop I knew I had captured a bargain.
It has brilliant photos from 1900 - 1990s fashion. These are a few of the ones pre 1970s

not sure this lady is a 'lady' btw
Oh and this one C1995... a wooden corset? (maybe Penfold could emulate this with his plane)

I have rooted out some 70s haute couture as this is 70sland
These lovely ladies were 'hostesses' working on British Rail Advanced Passenger Train in 1972

& these were Air Stewardesses on Southwest Airlines, Texas in 1972 serving cocktails such as Passion Punch & Love Potion
Just into the 70s with this look called the 'garnny look' Oh come on who wants to look like your granny (Miss Selfridges maxi dress in black, brown, purple and black £11.00)

1973 'wide beach pyjamas and shoulders of the 30s' those feathers would definitely get in the way!!

1973 'coffee coloured knickerbockers with a peplum bib top' .... no way you could go to the supermarket dressed in these !!!

From Nina Ricci's Autumn /Winter collection in fuchsia pink with just a hint of shimmering sequin boob tube = £550 ( was earning £4.00 a day as a Saturday gal)

A more affordable Mary Quant fluid boob tube dress 'Shoe-fly-pie' ? £38.90
Mustn't forget the shoes!!