Tuesday, 30 October 2007

1978 October week 40

Sunday 1st October
Got up at 11.00
Phoned Fi
She and Chris are having a break
Had a bath and washed my hair
Went to Waterloo, it cost me 52p single
Had my tea there
Came home with Sam at 8.00pm
Played the 'Bermuda Triangle' & 'High Finance'
He left at 11.00
Fi phoned

Monday 2nd October
Fi's Birhday
Met Fi on the station gave her her present
Sam met me at lunch time 1- 3 pm
He met me at 5.05 pm (oh no what is wrong with saying about 5.00pm!!!)
I got wet waiting
He came for tea & left at 6.30 to get the train to Stafford
Went to Boots fashion Show with a disco afterwards = good

Tuesday 3rd October
Got up at 8.00 & went to college
Finished at 3.00 pm
Went for heat treatment
Stayed in and did some ironing & some of my Sociology essay

'Is a nuclear family structure inevitable in an industrial society?'

Phoned Sam
He went to see Stafford FC v Buxton. They won 4 - 3

Wednesday 4th October
Went to college at 9.00
Came home at 11.00 & went back at 2.00
Played volleyball
Did a bit more of my Sociology essay
Washed my hair
Sam phoned & I also received a letter from him this morning
It took from 9.30 pm last night 'til 8.15 this morning to get here ... not bad eh? (bloody miracle)

Thursday 5th October
Got up at 9.30
Went for heat treatment
Made bread and iced buns (oh YUM!) in cookery

Sam phoned
I am getting the 7.21 train to Stafford tomorrow
Went to a party at Tiffanys with Fi
Phoned Sam from there
Really miss him
Got home at 12.30
'J' is not going out with 'onion bum' anymore

Friday 6th October
Went to college at 10.00
Fi went home (???)
Went to the hospital at 3.00
Miss Jones said (& oh how Daddy P would love this .....ah shame he is on holiday lol !!)
If I don't co-operate my jaw will be clamped together for a week!!!
Went to Stafford got there at 8.30
Went to the 'Woolpack' & Saracen's Head
Watched a film called 'Don't be afraid of the dark'
Sams dog is lovely

Saturday 7th October
My Brother's Birthday
Got up at 10.30
Watched 'Swap Shop' (it was just the best teen watching ever... a Saturday morning programme just for us )
Went to Oulton Park to watch saloon car championship = good
(now this is in Sam's handwriting)

Got back at 6.15
Washed my hair & had a shower
Went to the Woolpack 'til 10 o'clock & then went to the village hall = absolutely terrific ??

Monday, 29 October 2007

1978 September week 39

Sunday 24th September
Sam goes to Derby
(this has been crossed out, I guess it is a reference to him going to Derby College which of course he didn’t in the end)

Went to go to Waterloo but there were no trains
Sam hitched down
Mar = in Llandudno
Sam stayed for tea
Went to the Arion
Came home at 8.30
Had a great time (I guess Mar hadn’t come hope by then tut tut!!)

Monday 25th September
College at 9.00
Sam met me for lunch
He met me again at 4.00 (we finished early cos of a student union meeting)
Sam came for tea & he left at 6.30 to get the 7.20 train to Stafford
Fi came round at 7.40
Went to a fashion show at Tiffany’s
Van Allan & Clobber clothes (Clobber was great as you could get cheap Brutus Gold Jeans... great jeans, I had a pair with plaited denim on the pocket like on the advert )

Timpsons shoes and hair by Sillouette = ok
Phoned Sam when I got in at 11.00
He said his afghan is ace

Tuesday 28th September
Skived General Studies to do Business Studies essay instead
Sam phoned
He went to see Stafford 5 v Liverpool South 1
Wrote him a letter
Had a bath & washed my hair

Wednesday 27th September
In college 9 –11 am
Met Sally S (Quanita) on the train.
Haven’t spoken to her for 5 years (now this girl went to Primary school with me….. she had a phase where she insisted her name was Quanita not Sally !! She must have been about 7 years old at the time)
Me & Fi went to school.
Saw a few of the teachers
Went to town at 3.45
Got a taxi to my brothers head office to hand in his timesheets
I then went to have heat treatment
Got soaked after a down pour
Posted a letter to Sam
Phoned Sam at 8.00
European Cup
Liverpool 0 V Notts Forest 0
Notts Forest win 2-0 on aggregate (sob!)

Thursday 28th September (41 weeks)
Went for heat treatment at 10.00
Had Business Studies at 12.00
Made Damson Jam in cookery = got 7/10
Got 14/20 for Business Studies essay
Watched the ‘Sweeney’ = great (classic line in the clip)

Phoned Sam
He’s coming back tomorrow but he is absolutely skint
Bought my brother’s birthday card

Friday 28th September
Full day at college
Got 5/10 for Sociology essay (oops)
‘J’ is in London with Art College
Sam came round at 7.00 and left at 11.00
He is going back to Stafford on Monday
Watched a film called ‘Charly’ = good

Saturday 30th September
Weather = miserable and awful so I didn’t work
Sam phoned and he came round at 1.30 pm
Went into town
Bought 3 books from a book sale 50p
Went to see ‘J’ & ‘onion bum’
Sam stayed for tea
Went to town
Went to the ‘Brick & Arts Centre (wow!) (do I note an air of sarcasm??)
Had our pictures taken at the booth in the station = ok
Sam wanted to go to the ‘Brick from 11.00 – 2.00am but I said no.
Sam not very happy (tee hee)

A classic Sweeney car chase..... brilliant :-)

Sunday, 28 October 2007

1978 September week 38

Sunday 17th September
Got up at 9.30
Messed about
Made Lemon Meringue Pie & shortbread
Watched TV
Washed my hair
Did some ironing & listened to records
Phoned Sam
He’d been to Silverstone to watch car racing
My brother came back from St. Ives today ( I love St. Ives)
He bought me back a silver chain with my initial on it
(aww I take back all I said about him lol)

Monday 18th September
Not a bad day at college
Had fish fingers & chips from the refectory = 27p (wow bargain)
Sam met me in there at 1.00
Walked round town
Had 2 x sociology this afternoon
Got home at 5.30
Sam came round at 7.00
Me, Sam & my brother (younger) went to the Arion
Then came back home
My brother (older) goes to Belfast tomorrow

Tuesday 19th September
Corinna’s Birthday
(I wonder where she is now?... Check out the wallpaper)
Sam met me at 12.00
Went to the refectory had hamburger and chips = 32p
Sociology, General Studies, Nutrition (chips 2 days on the trot!!!) & Business Studies all = boring
Sam came for tea
Stayed in all night
My brother phoned he’s in County Armagh at Ballylumford Power station
He got an XJ –12 Jaguar to Manchester airport. It was a taxi and cost £20
Had heat treatment on my jaw at 3.30

Wednesday 20th September
Sam met me at 11.00
Walked round town
Has egg on toast at Reeces’s café
Went back to Tech to meet Fi & Chris
Played volleyball in recreation
Heat treatment 4.00
Sam came round at 6.00 and he left to go to Stafford at 7.50
Fi came round at 8.00
Sam phoned 3 x he was stuck at Crewe
He was told to change there but the next train was 1.30 am
£4.50 wages

Thursday 21st September
Went for heat treatment at 11.00
Cooked all afternoon = fruit salad & shortbread
‘onion bum’ had another bike accident
Sam phoned. Said he had got to Stafford at 11.45pm after his mum came to pick him up
He went back to the place at the newspaper where he had to take 10 photos & print some negatives
Phoned ‘J’ but she was out at ‘onion bum’s’
Sam phoned at 10.30 just as I was going to sleep

Friday 22nd September
Went for a drink with ‘onion bum’
Had dinner with Fi
Made scones in cookery = nice
Sam came round at 7.00
He got back from Staffs about 3.30
Went to the ‘Brick met ‘onion bum’
Then went to the Snooty Fox & Rummies (named after Red Rum I expect!)
‘J’ & ‘onion bum’ went off to Tiffany’s
Sam, my brother and some others went to the Midnight Lounge
I came home coz I am working tomorrow
All those lot are going to the ‘Brick from 11.00 – 2.00
Hope Sam = ok
Received a lovely letter from him today & 2 stickers

Saturday 23rd September
Worked 10.00 – 6.15
Quite busy for the time of year
Sam & ‘onion bum’ came to see me
Both were drinking all afternoon
Sam came round at 7.00
Stayed in all night
Fi phoned her and Chris are going for a meal
Sam left at 11.00

Saturday, 27 October 2007

1978 September week 37

Sunday 10th September
Got up at 8.45 am
Phoned work but wasn’t needed
Weather = stifling but windy
Stayed in all afternoon and watched TV
Sam came to tea & then we went to the Railway in Formby with my brother

Monday 11th September
Go to Tech at 2.00 pm
Filled in forms & got split up into groups
Me & Fi = Mrs C’s tutorial group
Got 6 hours Sociology & 7 hours of Business Studies & Cookery
Timetable = OK
Got out of there at 4.00 pm
Chris brought me home
Sam came round at 6.30 pm
Went round to the station to see if my train pass was there but it wasn’t

Tuesday 12th September
9.00 Sociology
10 – 12 Ancillary
12 – 1 Cookery
2-3 Business Studies
I am taking General Studies A’ level next year
All subjects = ok except Business Studies (first impressions were very right in this case, the lecturer was soooooo boring!!!!)
Sam met me at lunch time, went to the Art Center for dinner
Sam came round at 6.45 – 11.00 pm
His mum is getting an Afghan Hound a week on Friday

Wednesday 13th September
9.00 – 11.00 Sociology
2.00 – 4.00 Recreation
Sam met me for lunch, went to the Art Centre
He left to go to Stafford at 2.00 (3.20 train from Liverpool)
I am doing volleyball in recreation

Finished today at 2.30
£13.50 wages
Fi came round 4.00 – 5.00
Phoned ‘J’
Sam phoned
Said his mum was ok towards him
He’s got a job interview on Friday

Thursday 14th September (38 weeks)
9.00 am hair appointment at Headlines
Had my hair layered and permed = ok

12.00 Business Studies
2.00 Tutorial
3 – 6.00 Cookery
Phoned Sam
He asked me to write to him so I did
I miss him
Read p.18 – 34 ‘Commerce Made Simple’

Friday 15th September
Dental Clinic
Sam = interview at 11.00 for a job with Stafford newspaper
Letter off Corinna
Bought her a calendar for her birthday
Hospital said my jaw was due to worry and my wisdom teeth (worry?????? I am surprised by that… I couldn’t give a dam about anything except times of the day lol )
I have to have heat treatment 3 x a week for 3 weeks
Sam phoned at 7.30
Said he has to go back to the Newspaper on Thursday to do some practical photography
I really miss him but I do hope he gets the job

Saturday 16th September
My cousin in London gets engaged today
Worked 10.00 – 6.15 = very, very busy
Phoned Sam at lunchtime
He is still in Stafford
Watched the ‘Magnificent 7’
Phoned Sam again Wrote to Corinna

Friday, 26 October 2007

1978 September week 36

Sunday 3rd September
Got up at 10.30
Had a bath & hair wash
Sam & Fi phoned
Sam came round & we got a lift to town
Fi met us in town at 3.30
Went back to Fi’s
Then we went to Formby
Had a massive row about him not wanting to go to college
He wants to get a job (stupid boy) (yes stupid boy)

Monday 4th September
Worked 9.45 – 6.30
I am waiting on across the road during the winter (oh crap)
Mar, my brother, Bev, Sam & Fi came to se me at work
We watched a bit of ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’
Then me, Sam & my brother went to the Arion
Sam left at 11.00

Tuesday 5th September
Enrole at Tech

Met Fi at 10.20 & we went to the Tech
We were there for about an hour
Met Sam & Chris
Went for a drink in the Art Centre then went back for dinner at Fi’s
Sam came round at 7.00
Went to the Snooty Fox
Met Chris’s cousin and his girlfriend
Got home at 11.10

Wednesday 6th September
Dentist 12.15
= cancelled
Worked 10.15 – 6.00
Got £4.50 wages
Bought ‘A Picture of You ‘ Blondie for Sam & a white overall for Tech
(oh how trendy was this…. White with a blue and white checked collar… so unforgiving)
Sam, Bev, Ange came to see me at work
Sam came round at 7.00
‘J’ phoned
Uncle T has gone into hospital about his heart (Uncle T was a great man, on the D Day landings his convoy was blown up, every one was killed except him. He was found whilst they were clearing up the dead and someone noticed he had a fresh tear in his eye. I remember him with a huge dent in his forehead and a grey flecked complexion. The grey was the shrapnel that was coming out of his skin all those years later and the dent was due to the force of the explosion. )

Thursday 7th September
Sam = interview at the Scarisbrick Hotel 11.00 (aka the ‘Brick)
He decided to go for another interview instead in Waterloo but it was only paying £19.00 per week
Went to Liverpool at 2.00pm
Bought a piping bag and file paper etc

Sam took me to the Casa Italia in Stanley Street
I had Maccaroni Casa Italia& Gateaux = great (wasn’t that the era of gateaux… Black Forest.. so sophisticated!)
(I also remember sitting in the restaurant Sam had a blue and white checked shirt on … and so did all the waiters !!!!)
Got home at 8.15
Keith Moon died today aged 33

Friday 8th September
Worked 10.00 – 6.30
Waited on in the Golden Inn from 3.00 pm –6.00 got 75p in tips (oh how we would dread that phone call ‘can *** come and wait on ‘)
Sam came to see me for about 2 seconds
He’s broken the news to his parents about him not going to college
They’re not too pleased (erm understatement)
Stayed in all night
Sam goes to Stafford at 9.20 tomorrow morning
Mel is pregnant (?????)

Saturday 9th September
Sam went to Stafford this morning
Tidied the living room and my bedroom
Got things together for Tech
Phoned ‘J’
Sam came round at 7.30
His parents said he’s either to go to college or get a job in Stafford
He is staying at Mike’s as his Grandparent’s are in Scotland

T-shirt Friday

As promised to Nurse Myra my last Friday in the month T-shirt...... me 1977.
Once my camera is fixed I will see about getting more up to date ones ... but as this is 70s land a 70s T-shirt does seem more appropriate

Check out Daddy Papersurfers effort ..... it had me laughing my little socks off

Thursday, 25 October 2007


I have not had time to post a diary tonight but just to say I have finished 'Engleby' by Sebastian Faulk ... it should be on everyones 'must read' list. Such an insight into the human brain .. I will say no more

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

1978 August / September week 35

Sunday 27th August
Worked 10.00- 6.45
Sam came to see me at 2.30
Spent my lunch time with him
His family had come up to see his grand parents
Came home at 7.15
Phoned Fi & ‘J’
‘J’ came round to help me pack
Fi brought my brothers jeans round (huh??)
Sam phoned from the Tickled Trout
He is at a 21st ‘do’
I love him & shall miss him this week

Monday 28th August
Bank Holiday
Worked 10.00 – 7.00 = very busy even though it was bitterly cold
‘J’ came to see me
Got home at 7.20
Fi came round with some cookery books
Had a bath & washed my hair
Sam phoned he was very drunk
He had been in the Woolpack from 1.00pm – 10.30 pm

Tuesday 29th August
Go to Croydon
Set off at 7.30 pm
Got to Thornton Heath at 3.00
Traffic through London = terrible
Went to my Aunties pub ‘The Pawson’s Arms’ = nice

I am staying at my cousin’s house

Phoned Sam at 10.00pm
Cost 30p for 3 minutes
Got to bed at 12.00

Wednesday 30th August
Got up at 8.30
Met Mar in Croydon at 11.00
Bought a white jumper & a ring
Shops = so cool
Played darts in the pub then phoned Sam at 6.30
Went to the Crescent Pub to play pool
Beat my brother
This black fellow challenged me to a game and he won
Went to the West End through China Town, Soho, Piccadilly Circus
Got home at 12.30

from my grandfathers (F.A.I) postcard collection

Thursday 31st August
Got up at 9.00am
Went to East Street Market
Bought a dress for £7.00, a wallet for Sam, 2 pairs of grey stockings, a DIY Paddington mask (a what???? Bizarre) and a spice rack for Mar to say thanks for the holiday (now weren't spice racks such a 70s thing)
At night Mar went to the Talk of the Town
My brother, cousin and I went to see my uncle in Lewisham.
We went in my cousins MG Midget sports car
Very cramped journey but so cool
My uncle is still the same old teaser (no one loves a fairy when he’s 40)
Got back to my cousins at 1.30 am

Friday 1st September
Got up at 9.30
Went to Oxford Street
Went to Selfridges it is so posh (gosh now we have one a couple of minutes from the office & 15 minutes from home in the Trafford Centre ... it is a weekly or tri weekly visit to Selfridges!!)
Bought a necklace for Von & a comb for Fi.
Didn’t have much time for shopping
Stayed in the pub all night
Wore my new dress
Another cousin came to see us. It was lovely to see him
Got back at 12.30

Saturday 2nd September
Got woken up at 9.30
Went to my Auntie’s pub to pack the car
Set off at 12.00
Bought ‘J’ a pressy
Got home at 6.20 pm
Phoned Sam and Fi
Sam came round at 7.00 (good grief I had hardly got my coat off)
Phoned ‘J’ but she was away in the Lakes

Glad to be back with Sam didn’t realize how much I missed him (awwww!!)

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

1978 August week 34

Sunday 20th August

Got up at 11.30
Phoned Fi & Sam
‘J’ phoned me
Wrote to Corrina (my pen pal in Germany)
Fi came round at 3.00
Sam went to Formby
Sam came round at 7.00
Chris picked us up at 8.30
Went to town and had a game of (shield your eyes Daddy P) crazy golf
Then we went for a coffee at the Golden Inn
Drove to Freshfield where Sam got his train at 11.20
Got home at 11.40

Monday 21st August

Worked 10.00 – 6.30
Sam came to see me
He’d bought the Rezillo’s single ‘Top of the Pops’

Went to the library
Had a terrific row with spaz feature (sorry) my eldest brother he is a bastard
Sam came round at 7.00 pm
Watched TV
Good film = ‘THX 1138’

Tuesday 22nd August

Got up at 11.30
Had a bath & phoned Sam
Fi Phoned
We (Fi, me & Sam) went to Southport
Sam walked out on me when I called him a pain after he had tipped me off my seat in the Gallery Grill as a joke (oh well done girl what sort of behaviour is that??)

I phoned him later to find out the circumstances
Sam apologized

‘J’ & ‘onion bum’ came round
Went to get some alcohol
Saw Ashy he only got 1 out of his 3 A’levels.

Wednesday 23rd August

O’level results

Worked 10.00 – 6.30
Rang school they said I got 4 O’levels – Eng Lit, Eng Lang, French (WHAT!!!!!) and Art

With the grade 1 Maths I have 5
Ange got 1
Fi = 5
Sue got 9 + grade 1 Maths (ooo don’t you just hate some people)

Went to the Snooty Fox
Met ‘J’ & ‘onion bum’ then we went to the Grape Escape
We went for some chips & missed the train
Got the bus
Mar went mad
Sam had to stay the night

Thursday 24th August

Woke Sam at 10.00 & Fi rang just after
Went down to school
Got Eng Lang =B, Eng Lit =B, Art =B, French =C,
These don’t count Geography = D, Maths = E & Biology = U (I was do amazed I didn’t pass geography & Biology but passed French after 5 years of abuse)

Fi came round at 11.00 and we went to see my Maths tutor to tell him my results.
His wife has just had a baby (wow that ‘baby’ is now 31 years old lol)

Washed and polished Kate’s dads car got £1.00
‘J’ and ‘onion bum’ came round for an hour.
He has a new Kawasaki 200 = good
Sam left at 11.00
My brother is getting at me again (bastard)

Friday 25th August

Worked 10.00 – 6.30 = quite busy
Sam came to see me at work. He was a bit drunk after being in Liverpool all day with Mike.
Bev = 2 O’levels Cookery –C & Eng Lang – B
Sam came round at 7.10
We watched TV and listened to records
He is going to Stafford tomorrow at 9.20 am

Saturday 26th August

Got up at 10.00
Phoned Fi
Had a bath
Went to Southport with Fi
She bought a pair of jeans
I bought a ‘hacking jacket’ for £15.99 (wow that was expensive… but I wore it to death… I do remember that.. damn I had a photo of it somewhere?? )

Stayed in all night
Sam phoned & said the motor racing at Donnington was great

Jackie = 2 O’levels Eng Lit & Lang

Monday, 22 October 2007

1978 August week 33

Sunday 13th August
Got up at 10.00
Stayed in all day
Went to the Woolpack with Sam tonight
Watched the Austrian Grand Prix
Played a few board games
Phoned Mam

Monday 14th August
Got up at 10.00 am
Went into Stafford this afternoon
Sam bought 70p worth of postcards
I bought some lipstick & blusher
On the way there this fella gave us a lift in his Land Rover
Jolly decent of him
Bought 5 postcards for folk
Went to the Woolpack & the Saracen’s Head for drinks with Sam

Tuesday 15th August (8 months)
Got up at 10.00
Went to Stafford
Went swimming at the Riverside Centre = good
Weather = grotty
Posted my P.C.s
Went to the market and bought 55p worth of Birthday cards
Visited the Woolpack at night
Played ‘Spyring’
Sam developed a film

Wednesday 16th August
Sam = E in his A’level Art (oops)
Got up at 10.00
Had a shower
Went to Uttoxeter
Coat 90p return on the bus
Went to the market = good lots of cattle
Got home at 5.00
Went to the Woolpack and met all the rawdy natives
Helped Sam develop 2 films in his darkroom

Thursday 17th August
Sam got me up at 10.00 with a wet sponge (touché)
After dinner we went for a long walk in the country
Bought myself a strawberry cornetto, it was ace I had never had one before

Watched Top of the Pops (I so wanted to be Debbie Harry)

Then we went to the Woolpack
Had a talk about Sam going to college = both upset (what he could get in college with an ‘E’???)

Friday 18th August
Got up at 9.30
At 2.00 we walked to Bingley Hall to an Antiques Fair
Weather = boiling
Sam bought some good postcards
Walked home
Went to the Woolpack, had a martini
Last orders weren’t called & they were still drinking after 11.00
It’s a drinkers paradise

Saturday 19th August
Got up at 9.30
Sam’s parents went to Sutton Coalfield
Packed and dismantled the sun bed
Went to the post office
At 3 o’clock Sam’s dad took us to Stafford Station
Train came and it was packed
Very hot & stuffy
Went to Waterloo for my tea
Then me & Sam came here

Watched ½ of Virgin Soldiers & looked at some postcards

Sunday, 21 October 2007

1978 August week 32

Sunday 6th August
Got up at 10.00 = raining so I didn’t go to work
My cousin and her husband went home
They left at 1.30 pm but didn’t get back to Croydon til 10.45 pm (my the M6 must have been a car park then too)
Went to Woodvale rally again
Came home at 5.45 pm
Met Sam at Mike’s house at 7.20 pm
Then we went to the Railway had a really good laugh
Jackie = going out with one of Sam’s mates
Did my jaw in chewing a toffee (ouch)
Came home at 11.00
3 policemen & police dog, 4 inspectors and a black meat wagon (Black Maria) at the station coz of Tiffany’s

Monday 7th August
Worked 10.00 – 6.20
Weather = cold with a few showers (oh come on it is August)
Sam came to see me for a few minutes this afternoon
He came round at 7.05 & we went to the ‘Arion’ with ‘J’, Bri & Chris
Had a fairly good time
Sam nearly missed his train
Mar went to see her sister in Prestatyn to see her sister
Have been invited to a party on Friday

Tuesday 8th August
Got up at 11.00
Had a bath & hair wash
Sam phoned
Met him in town at 2.30 pm
Bought a house coat from Littlewoods £4.99 (A house coat???? Ewwww!)
Fi phoned she had been to Liverpool
Both she & Sam came round tonight
Had a great laugh
Fi missed her bus so she got a taxi home
Went to see ‘J’ at Debenhams this afternoon

Wednesday 9th August
Worked 10.00 – 6.15
The boss brought in a bottle of wine = nice
Sam came to see me
He bought me the Commador’s single ‘Three times a Lady’ = gorgeous (ahhhhhh)

(This is great Promo clip... just check out the fashion and big afro hair do's.... a classic!)
Sam came round at 7.15
We stayed in
‘onion bum’ is back from Bournemouth
Martin got his summons for speeding from 10th March

Thursday 10th August
Went to see the Radio One Road Show with Kid Jensen = really good
(oh they were brilliant the Road Shows. They were held in the gardens beside the Floral Hall.)
Also me & Sam went to play crazy golf. I beat him by 1 point & I also won a free game (waytogo)
Weather = hot so we sunbathed by the Marine Lake
Met Sam at 7.30 and we went to Mike’s
Stayed there until 9.30
Then we went to the Pinewoods Pub
Came home at 11.00

Friday 11th August
Party at the Gladstone Liberal Club
Tina’s 17th Birthday (our cat)
Worked 10.00 – 6.30
Sam came to see me
I drew £7.00 out of the bank
Sam bought our tickets for Stafford
The party = quite good
Bev = Mike
Ange = Martin
Taxi was late.
Martin & Andy got in the taxi with us coz they would have had to hitch home

Saturday 12th August
Go to Stafford 7.21 pm train
Got up and woke Sam at 10.40
He stayed for dinner then he went to watch Formby v Tranmere Reserves in some final
Score = 1 – 0
Sam met me at Waterloo at 6.30
Then his Gran & Granddad took us to Lime Street
Train delayed by ¾ hour
Got here just after 9.00
Sam’s sister bought me a pen from Scotland = ace

1978 July/August week 31

Sunday 30th July

Got up at 9.50
Supposed to have been at work then (oops)
Got there at 10.45 eventually
‘Waited on’ the Golden Inn for 3 hours as the weather was bad (& you know how much I hated this. A packed café with ignorant, rude customers who had no perception of that I was doing my best …. I AM NOT A WAITRESS I AM A FREE TEEN)

Came home at 6.45 pm
Phoned Sam in my lunch time
He got jumped last night on walking me to the station. He is ok thankfully!
Went to the railway and then Mike’s house
Came home at 11.20
Sheila’s dad is in intensive care (you know I have no idea who this is ... how bad is that??)

Monday 31st July
Bev’s party at Tiffany’s

Worked 10.00 – 5.30
It rained Yip
Sam came to see me
Went to Bev’s party & because so many were under age the bar was shut & only soft drinks were served
Got home at 12.15 am
Sam stayed in my brother’s bedroom
I got a bit upset as he was acting very strange towards me
Everything is ok now thank goodness

Tuesday 1st August

Got up at 9.45
Went to wake Sam & gave him a cup of coffee
Got a letter off Corinna
Cleaned the bathroom whilst Sam watched (typical)
He left at 4.30
Met him later in at the station
Went to the ‘Brick & Art Centre
Had an argument with Sam about some girl who was eyeing him up
He apologized but said something that made me think about our relationship (I think we will never know what that was??)

Wednesday 2nd August

Worked 10.00 – 7.00 pm
= buggered (yes a long old day!)
we were really busy
£18.00 wages

Sam came round at 7.30
Stayed in and listened to records
He is coming round tomorrow at 1.30
I still love him

Thursday 3th August (33 weeks)

Doctors at 9.10 am
Went to see Dr Newman (you will love this next bit!!)

I have a dislocating jaw (lol)
I have to see a consultant at the Promenade Hospital
Sam came round at 12.30
Polished living room
We went to Formby & met Mike in the Railway
Had a really good laugh
Went back to Mike’s house
Sam = in a better mood towards me
J& Fi rang

Friday 4th August

Mr & Mrs ******** go to Scotland (Sam’s parent’s how respectful was I ‘Mr & Mrs’?)

Worked 10.30 – 6.30
Weather horrible in the morning, bright & sunny in the afternoon
Sam & Fi came to see me
Sam has had his hair cut = really nice
Met him in the Railway
Went back to Mike’s house = great time except for a little mishap (read into that what you may!!!)
Came home at 11.00
Sam went to the ‘Brick 10.30pm – 2.00 am

Saturday 5th August
My cousin and her husband come up from London
They arrived at 1.30
She hasn’t changed a bit
Went to Woodvale Air Rally = great
Had an argument with Sam so I came home
He came round at 6.45 everything is ok now
Fi. ‘J’ & my Auntie D from London phoned
My cousin and Mar went to my auntie & uncle’s in Halewood

Friday, 19 October 2007

Interlude 1978 World Events

Well 1978 is moving along at a fair rate of knots….. I am running out of 70s years, a strange thought has passed by me I might have to evolve into 80steen.

So to delay the march of time I will be putting in a few more interludes than before… they will of course be in a 70s theme.

This is one is in a same vein as one I did here….. what was happening in the world when I was partying and taking my o’levels.

7th April 1978
America ( & President Carter) put on the back burner the neutron bomb testing, quite fearsome weapon that had minimum blast but huge radiation release. It was specifically designed to leave buildings standing but cause mass destruction of our fellow human beings.
I clearly remember this as I have read an article about it tonight and it sent that that same cold shiver up my spine as it did 31 years ago. I recall the thought that someone, outside of any ones control, just hitting that ‘red button’ and whoosh it would be the end of the world.

Meanwhile (when I wasn’t worrying about world destruction) ….I got up at 11.20 (hee hee), I went swimming, did some maths revision, Sam was in Portugal and I hadn’t heard from him. I did suspect he may of run off with a sexy Portuguese woman. I obviously had more serious matters on my mind !!

22nd April 1978
Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest. I can’t believe I didn’t record this somewhere in my diary.
The song was "A-Ba-Ni-Bi"….. I remember it well… NOT!! But sadly once I looked it up I did!!! What was that about & how did it win??

I missed it as I was really tired after working all day (10.30 – 6.15) and Sam came round and we had a good time !!

8th May 1978
Naomi James (29) became the 1st woman to sail solo around the globe via Cape Horn (the ‘Clipper Route). It took her 272 days and she traveled 27,000 miles. She is quoted to say ‘I thought about turning back’ I bet she did after her rigging failed in gales in the Southern Ocean, she had no radio for weeks and she capsized… I would have been so heading home …. Well Done Naomi
I have read on about her. She was made a Dame in 1979, she gave up sailing in 1982 after being sea sick (wow), sadly in 1983 her husband fell over board and drowned. She remarried in 1990 and moved to the States.

Whilst all this was going on 70s was having her French Oral Practice… which was nerve wracking

17th May 1978
You will be pleased to hear that Charlie Chaplin’s coffin complete with body was found after being stolen 11 weeks previous.
It was found buried in a field only a mile away in Crosier, Switzerland.

Roman Wardas (24) a Pole & Gantscho Ganev (38) a Bulgarian were arrested and charged with theft of a coffin and trying to extort £400,000 form the Chaplin family..
Wardas received 4 ½ years hard labour for being the mastermind and Ganev, who was the ‘muscle man’, described as a man of limited responsibility, received an 18 month suspended sentence

Lady Chaplin was reported to have said ‘Charlie would have thought it ridiculous’ …. I bet he would. I have visions of a Charlie Chaplin black & white silent movie of 2 men trying to get the coffin out of the grave, falling in a few times and the ‘muscle man’ of limited responsibilities running down the road with a coffin on his back… classic Chaplin comedy!!

Meanwhile I was having my hair permed, got £4.00 wages and oh I played pool

19th June 1978
Ian Botham became the first man in history to score a century and take 8 wickets in one innings. ‘I have never seen a ball swing so much in bright weather….’ A quote from the Pakistan Captain If I was interested I would articulate some more on the story.
I was brought up with a brother who was a cricket (& football) fanatic. He would have his transistor radio with him everywhere we went listening to the test cricket (yawn)

Had my Biology O’level paper all about plants
Watched ‘Cry in the Wilderness’ and was drinking Bianco & Lemonade the night before my Geography exam

25th July 1978

Now I find this incredible.
Louise Brown was born at Oldham District General Hospital….. weighing 5lb 12 oz.
The first ‘test tube’ baby.
What a remarkable thing that was. It must be a strange life for her as she has pursued by the press through out her artificially produce conceptioned life, every landmark birthday and event has been publicised. But I do thank those pioneers in this area and modern science because without it would not have had my Teen! I was told by a consultant ‘if you had come to me 10/15 years ago we couldn’t have done anything’ So waytogo!!!

Sam got some Levi straight jeans and I got some cheap no name ones. We went for a bike ride and Sam swapped Exodus for Station to Station

Thursday, 18 October 2007

1978 July week 30

Sunday 23rd July
Got up at 10.30 am
Phoned Sam then had a bath
Started to sew up Sam’s Paddington

Sam came round & stayed for tea
‘J’ & ‘onion bum’ came round & they went ahead to the Natterjack
We followed later
2 teachers from school were in there
Came home at 10.45
Sam went at 11.15
Mar went to the Lake District today

Monday 24th July
Worked 9.45 – 6.15
Sam came to see me in the afternoon & he came home with me
Fi phoned she is just back from St. Tropez = lucky cow!

Stayed in and watched TV with Sam
My brother has dislocated his thumb

Tuesday 25th July
‘onion bum’s’ birthday
Got up at 9.00 & went to Liverpool with Sam
He bought a pair of straight leg ‘Levi’ jeans £13.99 = really good (there is something just so sexy about Levi's!!)

Went to Solitaire for lunch
Went back to Waterloo & stayed for tea.
Came home at 7.15
Mar got me a pair of straight leg jeans from ‘Mak 3’ £5.99 = great (I guess they weren't Levi's??)
Went for a bike ride with Sam
Called on ‘J’
He swopped Exodus – Bob Marely for Station to Station – Bowie (excellent swap if you ask me)

Wednesday 28th July
Sam goes to Stafford
Café owners phoned to ask if I would work if the weather bucked up.
Sam came round at 11.00 and left at 12.30
Phoned Fi & she came round .. she is so brown
She bought me from France a Toulouse- Lautrec poster & 2 postcards for Sam

She arrived at 7.30 & we went for a bike ride
Sam phoned at 9.45 from Stafford me = pleased
Fi left at 10.15

Thursday 27th July
Worked form 9.45 – 6.15
Got C.S.E. results …….
Maths = Grade 1 German = Grade 2. I am dead chuffed
Weather = really hot in the morning so I bought a red & white stripey halter neck top for 75p in my luch time then in the afternoon it poured down
Fi came to see me.
She got a 1 in her Eng Lit & 2 in German
Bev got a 3 in Eng Lit & 2s in Physics & Maths
Phoned Sam 2 x but he wasn’t in
He phoned later he had been to the pub
‘J’ came to see me at lunch time

Friday 28th July
Got up at 10.00 am
Phoned work but they didn’t need me
Phoned Fi
Weather = boiling so I sunbathed = quite brown
Fi phoned at 3.15 so I biked it down to her house
Came back at 6.00
Phoned Sam then he phoned back later
Miss him
Watched a film called ‘Sweet November’ = sad (can't find the 1968 version but the synopsis I have found for 2001 version states 'emphasizes more of its story's tearjerker qualities than the original.' best I don't get this out of Blockbusters then as I thought the original was sad!!)
Made Paddington a pair of cord trousers

Saturday 29th July
Got up at 11.00
Had a bath & washed my hair
Sunbathed for a bit & then phoned Sam
Stayed in all afternoon & made Paddington a shirt (did Paddington have a shirt ??)
Fi rang
Went to the Railway in Formby at 7.20
Met up with one of Sam’s mates (no not the one I married)
Nige turned up and we went to Mike’s party
Dan crashed his car in a tree (great car it had fungi growing in it)
Sam is staying at Mike’s house
Had a great time Came home at 11.20 pm

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

1978 July week 29

Sunday 16th July
Owner of the café phoned at 11.00 I was still in bed
I phoned back later
Worked 1.00 – 6.20 pm
Came home and watched TV (again) (glad to see I thought TV was a drag (oops sorry for the pun) then too)
Watched the hilights of the Grand Prix
Sam phoned
Reutemann won the Grand Prix
Niki Lauda was 2nd

Bev rang

Another explosion this time in Mexico (random again!)
(and in Sam’s hand ‘ Sam went to the pub in the evening in some lonely place in Kentarrrr)

Monday 17th July
Sam comes back (I think)
Worked 9.30 – 6.15 pm = quite busy
Di back from Cornwall after 2 weeks 3 days (before you say it NM … I KNOW!!)
Got home at 6.45 pm
Sam came round at 7.30
He bought me a box of Terry’s All Gold & 2 stickers (Olympus Cameras & Mopar Team)
He looked very sexy he hadn’t had a shave for 2 days (corrrrr!) (must say I still like that look corrr)
Stayed in
Had a GREAT time!!! (erm!)
He left at 11.00

Tuesday 18th July
Got up at 10.30 pm
Washed my hair
Watched a St Trinian’s film (oh weren’t they just great!)
Sam came round at 1.30 & we went to town
He bought a new pair drainy jeans £12.95 & a record for me
Bob Seger ‘Still the Same’(great track I guess somethings never change... or maybe they do ?)
Saw ‘J’ with new boyfriend ‘onion bum’ = ok
Went to the Natterjack
Spoke to Jim who was doing the disco
My brother & his girlfriend turned up & they gave us a lift to the station
Left Sam when his train came at 11.10 pm

Wednesday 19th July
Worked 10.30 – 6.00 pm
Weather cold and horrible (hey it is July in the UK!!)
Got £13.00 wages = not bad!
Sam came to see me at lunch time
Went to see ‘J’ at the Coffee Bean but she wasn’t there
Bought a pattern for a teddy bear
Sam came round at 7.15
We stayed in
My cousin is getting engaged in September & married next year
(shock, horror, scandal) (why?????)

Thursday 20th July (31 wks)
Worked 10.00 – 6.15 pm
Weather = horrible
Sam came to see me twice
He came round at night
Got a new automatic washing machine & a new kitchen window (oh so no more twin tub)
Me & Sam washed & polished Kate’s dads car
Saw Brian & Chris whilst we were doing it so we asked them in for a coffee
Sam left at 11.00
(in Sam’s handshouldn’t of..........)

Friday 21st July
Worked 10.00 – 6.15 = quite busy
I’m dead beat
‘J’ & Bri came to see me
Sam came round at 7.15
Went to the Natterjack then came home
Supped a bottle of cider
Sam = very bored with life at the moment (hey he was living at his grand parents, his parents had moved was just ‘bumming around’ after college had ended & was besotted with a certain 70steen etc etc )
His cat got run over and killed (oh maybe that was it )
Bought material for Sam’s Paddington Bear
I do love Sam

Saturday 22nd July
Got up at 11.00am
Phoned Sam
Cut out the pieces for Paddington
Went to town
Sam came home and stayed for tea
Went to the ‘El Tonel’ with ‘J’ & ‘onion bum’ = great
Me = a bit pissed (what I wrote that in a teen diary? .. tut tut)
Sam gave me the most beautiful letter I have ever read (erm I was 16 so it is relative, but I do recall it was lovely though)
It made me cry