Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Butlins Interlude 4

[can't believe it but this time last week we were at Butlins.. ;( ]

Wednesday 24th June 2009
Up early for breakfast ... for image see yesterday
We were up early as today is 3 hour Spa session
Yes 3 hours chilling

On arrival we were given a ticket which we handed into the bar
In return we got a locker key each.. not a bad exchange
The exchange got better ... in the locker was a really cozy dressing gown, a towel and some white terry towelling slippers.

All I can say is wow.... it was such a relaxing 3 hours. The Teens loved it too. We swam, we did the sauna... in fact all that was on offer. The hydro pool was my favourite... letting the hot bubbling waters give you total 'chillax' moments.
There are even free drinks on offer tea, coffee, water, sparkling drinks... and you can buy snacks and alcohol too.

I am actually thinking of booking a 2 night mini Spa break with a few friends when I celebrate my next significant birthday ... I think it will be great fun.

After 3 hours I felt so relaxed ... definitely a great tonic when you have a busy life and are in need of complete brain and body download. The cost of the 3 hour session is £20... a bargain indeed... so much so I booked another sesssion for me on Friday.

In the afternoon we decided to venture out of Butlins...(not sure if that is allowed lol) I had fully intended on driving along the coastline but instead I took a right instead of left and ended up in 'Fantasy Island'.
No nothing like the TV series but a huge rollercoaster with a market underneath it .. very bizarre.

Did I go on it I hear you ask?.... did I hellers like... do I look that daft...[don't answer that one lol]
Teens bestest ever friend said she would like a go and Teen and I simulatiously said 'I'll hold your bag!!'

Needless to say 2 Teens in a market with reasonable priced high fashion clothing = 'let's look at EVERY stall and get an outfit for tonight' ... 'oh and shoes too'... ... ...

Finally back at camp... we got ready for the evening.

We went to the 'Centre Stage' this evening. I must admit I didn't like the place as much as the Reds.. it was very busy and soooo hot in there.
The show was funny, involving kids volunteering their dads to do stupid things for prizes.

I made an early dart home this night because to be honest I was completely exhausted ... all that swimming and sea air ... the Teens were even home early too......

Butlins Handy Hint 3 ~ don't get the towel you are given in the Spa soaking wet (Teens towel seemed to have absorbed the contents of the pool).. I requested if I could get another one and was told quite definitely .. only one towel per customer and if I was given another one then the people later in the day wouldn't have one...... quite bizarre I didn't know towels were on ration.
Oh and in addition remember your own towel for the shower after you have finished.... mmm I was so busy making sure the Teens had everything I forgot mine :( doh!!!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Butlins Interlude 3

Tuesday 23rd June 2009

Got up at 8.00
Had one of the best nights sleep I have had in ages... that bed was sooooo comfortable.
The sun was shining and the birds were singing ... bliss

Went for breakfast
Brilliant choices again from full English, to kippers and freshly made omelette's. Also fresh juices and unlimited tea/coffee & hot chocolate, fresh fruit and yoghurt
(as I took this photos Teen said in a disapproving voice... 'well that's normal behaviour'... ahh result .. embarrass your Teen lol)

Well I mentioned yesterday that we should be so lucky to be able to take advantage of the outdoor pool .... well we were... it was scorcing hot
The Teens went to the indoor Splash Water World and I queued up for the outdoor pool (I know I queued ... & I don't 'do queing' as a rule.)
It was just like being in Spain ... as soon as the gates opened people ran to get the tables, chairs and sunloungers... oh yes I don't 'do running' either.
I strolled to a table with an umbrella, got a couple of chairs for the Teens and a sun lounger for me.
And there I sat and read for 3 hours... fantastic
The Teens popped out to see me and disappeared again ..... I went to get an iced coffee from the bar and when I came back one of the chiars had gone... cheeky !!! I made that fatal mistake I left it with nothing on for 5 minutes!!!!

At about 13.30 we all went back to the apartment to get a snack then it was out to the beach.

Back to the apartment to get changed for dinner and the evening entertainment. The Teens had sussed that when it gets later people dress up more so that was the plan that evening.... we ate later and just got to the Reds as Mikki Jay was about to start.
Ironically Mikki Jay is a Michael Jackson tribute act (if you click on the link there is a short video of him in action) and we did discuss between us whether the real Michael Jackson would sound as good as he did live when he appered in London on his tour in July..... as everyone know tragically 2 days later MJ passed away so we will never know.

[when I came back from Butlins I flicked through my 70s stuff and there was nothing about MJ in any of the 70s annuals I have .. how strange but I found a short piece in 'Video Superstars annual 1985.'

Thrilling Michael Jackson
'Unquestionably the greatest impact on the video scene, Michael Jackson's Thriller started an avalanche of spin-off. After the recordalbum came the pop video, then the Making of Thriller on a handy cassette programme'

Singing, Dancing Showman
Michael has been in show business for most of his childhood, and all of his adult life. He has always been awe-struck by Disneyland, and as if to make up for his lack of conventional childhood he's createdhis own fantasy world in the Jackson family home.
He has a popcorn making wagon, soda fountain bar, ice cream machine, and a menagerie of a Llama, three parrots, a boa constrictor and two pairs of swans. His own private wonderland.
Essentially a shy person, in interviews or large gatherings, it is only when on stage, or in front of the cameras and lights he comes into his own.
At 25 Micael Jackson still has a lot of energy to burn up, in the way he knows best - as the singing, dancing showman of the pop/soul/disco scene

Sadly he only had another 25 years before he did burn out completely but I fear that the burn out probably started to happened not long after the late 80s.... ]

Butlins Handy Hint 2 ~ when you go down to the beach at Skegness take proof you are staying at the resort or you won't get back in. We were lucky, although the Teens did come with me, it was orginally going to be me on my own... so I was going to leave everything with them and just take my camera and a bottle of water...... mmm I wonder what the result would have been if I couldn't have proved my residency?????

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Butlins Interlude 2

Monday 22nd June 2009

Isn't it amazing how much stuff you take on holiday when you have a Tardis for a car ... yes that Tardis is aka 'Charlie' the Citroen C5....

Set off from home at 10.30
Filled Charlie with 'juice', checked his tyres and gave his washers some water.
M60 was a bit hairy due to very busy trafficpost rush hour but I think it is busy 24/7.... headed in the direction of Leeds
Saddleworth Moor was very foggy and eerie indeed
Stopped at Doncaster Services for sandwiches and a cup of tea (yes I took a flask.. tee hee)

Arrived at Butlins Skegness at 14.00 (I must say the signage when getting nearer was super... as in more or less 'Butlins -> this way')
Teens were so excited (Teen took her bestest ever friend with her, unfortunately my mate Annie Mouse couldn't come with me as she couldn't get the time off work... I did suggest she 'threw a sicky' but I knew that was a big ask of anyone)

Through the gates I was directed along the 'green line' to the check in for Gold Apartments.
We were met by a very happy chappy in a yellow Butlins shirt who showed us were to park and where are apartment was.

Ooops it was on the second floor and no lifts (remember the beginning of the post... a car like a Tardis!!!)
As we couldn't get in the apartment until 14.30 we went for a quick explore... ooo an outdoor pool (we should be so lucky that it will be that hot), a huge indoor adventure pool 'Splash Water World' with tubey type slides, wave pools etc, the Skyline Pavillion, a huge under cover area with amusement machines, a bowling ally, cinema, foody things, a stage and lots more ... loads to do.
[oh Bob the Builder is pretty big at Butlins. Overheard a little lad about 6 years old who was gazing up at the statue "Mummy, I don't think that it is really the real Bob the Builder. He has just put that there so we know what he looks like when we meet him"... seems about right!]

We got back to the apartment at 15.00
I stood at the bottom of the stairs with the 3 trolleys (yes 3 trolleys!!!!) whilst the Teens ferried up the contents of the car (ahhh I knew I brought the Teens with me for some reason lol)

Wow it was gorgeous, immaculately clean ... 3 bedrooms so the Teens had a sleeping room and a dressing room, kitchen/diner, lounge area and bathroom.

Mid un pack there was a knock on the door. A lady stood there and said 'I have been asked to bring you these'
How lovely, I was and thoughtful.. thank you (oh the glitter ball is mine btw... well as 70steen the ball had to come with us lol).

Once unpacked we sat down with a cup of tea and planned our evening with the aide of the 'infunmation guide'.
There are 4 areas of Butlins for entertainment.... The Skyline Pavillion, Reds, Centre Stage & Hotshots.

We decided on the Reds for tonight.... with the Red Coat Chris Tarrant's Gunge Show, Bob Wooding First to Burst Gameshow & Music with Superfreak.

But first fooooooood!! ooops rewind first a glass of wine.... I know having a glass of white at 16.30... well I am on holiday.

Being in a Gold Apartment we ate at the Yacht Club. I must say the food and service through out the week was first class. Each night there was a soup starter, a choice of a traditional carvery, fish and chips, lasagne, a variety of themed food each day (Chinese one day, Indian, Mexican etc the next), an excellent salad bar and selection of desserts from cheesecakes to apple crumble and custard ... yummmeee.

After dinner we strolled along to the Spa and booked our 3 hour session for Wednesday morning and then into the Reds for our evening entertainment.
Teen at the club
No Hannibal Lecter had not been captured roaming around Butlins... this poor chap was about to be gunged...

I must admit I did laugh at this song.... gawd can I never get away from cardboard boxes... I guess this could be DPs new theme tune

At about 1/2 10 I decided to go back to the apartment and leave the Teens to it... that was the same for the rest of the week send Mum back home & then they could party...I let them stay out until midnight... which they loved.

So day one at Skegness was fabulous and it looks like the rest of the week will be equally as good :-)

Butlins Handy Hint 1..... I hadn't realised that the apartments were 3 storeys if I booked again I would request a ground floor one as you can sit outside you apartment in the sunshine.. plus having a dodgy back I couldn't have lifted stuff up the stairs had I not had the teens with me.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Butlins Interlude 1

Well I am back from my fabulous jolly holiday.

Those lovely people at FuelMyBlog a few months ago launched a chance for some very lucky people to have a free break at one of the 3 Butlins resorts in the UK... Minehead, Skegness or Bognor Regis.

I threw my hat in the ring and wished I could go on a mini break so I could take my Teen away following her final High School exams (GCSE's) and also she was turning 16 years of age & yipeee my wish came through. I can't tell you how excited Teen was and she kept counting down the weeks then days.

I chose Skegness, Lincolnshire as it was the nearest to where we live, only 3 hours across to the East coast of England.

View Larger Map

When the confirmation came through we were dancing up and down ... not only had we been sucessful in securing the week we wanted at the resort we wanted but we had been placed in a Gold Apartment with half board (breakfast and evening meal) ... but not only that but a free spa session for us all :-)
I couldn't take it in.... how absolutely fabulous.

Over the next few posts I will let you know how we got on in true 70s diary style...
But just to start you off here a couple of photos taken at the resort

Thursday, 25 June 2009


I promised 70's that while she was away at Butlins enjoying herself I'd pop in to make sure everything was OK. ( I was on a natural high in anticiaption of my fabby holiday ... I obviously wasn't thinking straight at the time... you know how it is, you work all year (sorry DP I know that is alien to you) and you cast all to the wind when you are finnaly off on your summer break)

Apart from the mouse problem ..... (meet Eric the family rodent... tsk... please tell me you didn't give him wine??)

..... and the spider problem .... (I wondered what I stood on when I entered the house??)

.... it all seems fine. (did you put the recycling bin out though??)

So - *rummage* - is there anything around from the 70's that doesn't involve shoes (took most of them with me), Donny Osmond (tell me you didn't touch the Donny shrine??)or glitter balls? Ah YES!!!!

....... Olivia!!!! ........ something for the chaps ........ at last ....... (that is definately a 'plant' .. nothing that gorgeous lives in my house .. except me of course lol)

OK, I can sign this off now - I've done my duty - Daddy Papersurfer - Professional Blog Sitting Service. (well done DP ... there is just one problem .. you didn't typo... tsk.. you know you can't get the staff these days !!!)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

20th June randomly

Tuesday 20 1978
9.30 - 10.45
Geography paper II
Got wages £4.50

Monday 20 1977
Haircut 4.15
Fi had her hair cut aswell = nice
Had mine trimmed = 65p
(bloody hell it cost me £35 on Thursday to have mine cut...!! bring back the 70s )

Sunday 20 1982
England 2 v Czechoslovakia 0 (we were mid World Cup)
Sam's Grandma for tea (I bet she was a bit tough!!lol)
Snooker Club p.m.

As you may have gathered I am off work and on my jolly holidays. Being off work yesterday (plus Teen has finished school) through me into confusion as I really thought it was Sunday today.....

I headed off to the coast today to see my Mum and to sort out her front garden ( I so have to persuade my 78 year old Mum to move and get a flat with no garden ... she tells me she loves gardening , but I know she has always hated it as she doesn't 'do' insects).. when I say garden I mean the bit of a flower bed under her front room window and side flower bed up the drive (the front of the house is paved)... she has decided she no longer wants 'bed foliage' but wants flower pots. So I dug and removed carnations & pinks transferring them into the HUGE back garden .. oh and a fuschia that caused some distress (dam I forgot to take the poppy's which I left in until the last minute.. at the last minute I forgot them.. drat!).... anyway it is done I am just hoping the transfers survive !!!

Tomorrow I have that sort of day before you go on holiday, particularly when someone is house and pet sitting.... I will be cleaning for England...by bed time tomorrow I will be exhausted cleaning stuff that I just tickle around for daily existance ... my god I will be ready for the chill come arrival at Skegness on Monday afternoon.......

Thursday, 18 June 2009

18th June 1977

Saturday 18
Didn't work
Mum= hangover
Had to do all the chores
Had a bath
Bought brother's birthday presy
You know that was the one and only time I had seen my Mum drunk. She didn't go out much and never drank at home as we had no money but she was invited to the Conservative Club up the road by a couple of neighbours and was given Babycham and Benedictine brandy to drink all night. It was so funny to see my very quiet, sensible, cautious, reliable mother bouncing off the walls ... shouting 'it's ok, I am fine'.
I bet she did have the mother of all hangovers after drinking that concoction lol.

Well as you know this week has all been about Teen and her turning 16 and rightly so as she can now buy her own National Lottery ticket!!
But I got a parcel through the post today much to Teen's disgust lol

It was a little thank you for doing a review of the EMI new website .. a T-shirt and a KT Tunstall CD...... thank you for the thank you and thank you FuelMyBlog for letting me have the opportunity to do the review :-)

Oh I have not mentioned yet that I have finished today in work until the 30th June and I AM ON HOLIDAY.... I can't shout loud enough the 'yipeees' that are going through my head.
Next week Teen & I are off to Butlins in Skegness... they don't have WiFi but an internet cafe so I have a few options... go to the internet cafe, find a McDonalds with WiFi, speak nicely to my host and see if I can get WiFi on site (so I can blog live my experiences of the week) or wait 'til I get home on the 26th.......

We are so looking forward to it ... me because I have had a stressy 'meet the deadlines' type of few months and Teen as she has just taken her final exams of High School ... so what ever else we are up for a load of chilling and fun, fun, fun... superb :-D

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

16 seems so long ago (that is because it is!!)

As I mentioned yesterday it is my Teen's 16th Birthday today.

My 16th was on a Tuesday too.
That year Mull of Kintyre was number one in the UK charts & Crown Court was the one to watch on day time TV.
For my birthday I went to the La Fontana (an Italian restuarant), got 19 cards but eventually 22.
My presents were 'How Deep is your Love' single by The Bee Gees, Lip Gloss, Talc (does anyone get given 'talc' for a pressy now to anyone under the age of 80?), a diary, a basket box with Charlie perfume in it, £10 off Mum, £5 of her b/f, £3.00 off my brother and Auntie and silver bracelet off Sam which cost £8.50.....

Quote from the diary 'The meal was ACE. Had orange juice, sirloin steak, mushrooms etc., fresh fruit salad & cream, coffee, all together it cost £9.45... ( I am thinking it must have been just Sam & I and that was the total cost of the meal for 2 of us lol)... got home at 10.15 pm.

Today for Teen's 16th the UK number one is Pixie Lott with 'Mama Do' ? and the day time programmes to watch (according to Teen) are Jeremy Kyle, Golden Balls, Loose Women & Flog it.
From me she got her first Radley handbag (which I bought in the sales .. don't tell her), clothes (which amazingly she really likes), transfer tattoos, make up and some bits and bobs. After our holiday she wants her belly button pierced (I have fought this off for about 5 years now saying 'when you are 16' hoping she will forget about it ... but alas no!).
She has had a new hair do this afternoon paid by her bessy mate, and her b/f and family have bought her pyjamas and tickets to see James Morrison in November (so jealous lol). We have put £90 sent in cheques in the bank and she has a stack of pressies on the lounge coffee table from her mates. Oh and there will be more pressies when we visit family at the weekend...
They have all trailed off (about 10 of them ..) in very high heels to have a chinese all you can eat buffet. Teen looked gorgeous and so grown up ....

oh to be 16 again ... :0)

Monday, 15 June 2009

I am hearing voices

Yeah!! I have posted over at FuelMyBlog after such a long time ... but now I have whizzy lappytop there is no stopping me (oh ok Teen stops me as we have a fight for the machine every evening now)

Please do go and take a look at the post and have a go at recording your voice ... it is a bit of fun & it gives another dimension to who is behind the blog. :-)

Can anyone tell me why that after a hugely stuffy hot day in the office, with the sun beating though the windows did it decided to rain in torrents together with thunder & lightening when I made my 15 minute walk to the train station .... I was soaked!!

Couldn't be bothered to cook so I cracked open one of these

yes a Marks & Spencer Beef Lasagne

Who'd of thought it but it.........

For whose benefit is this?.... Is it for the unsuspected vegetarian who picked up a Beef Lasgnae in error... and not noticing the outer packaging said 'Beef Lasagne' as they are piercing the film lid they spot 'contains meat'.... or is it a reassurance that it does indeed contain meat ... either way it made me *snigger*

[p.s. Teen is 16 tomorrow .... where did those years go??... Happy Birthday hun :-) x x ]

Saturday, 13 June 2009

no diaries

Sat in the garden at 19.30 on a Saturday evening... the sun is on my back, the birds are singing and I have a glass of Vina Sol Torres. The cat is looking at me wondering why the pup is chasing flies whilst she and I are chilling.... just a perfect Saturday evening.
Has the cat found something interesting?

now what was she scratching at (gawd dogs are dumb at times .. hey cats sratch at nothing doh!! have you not learned this yet?)
Oh they have given up and are off together to demand feeding!! Timely as I must top up my glass

Thursday, 11 June 2009

EMI Interlude

Wow when those lovely people over at FuelMyBlog asked for volunteers to review the new EMI site I just jumped at the chance (also I reckon I would have been dead meat if the Teen had got wind I was not taking part)

What can I say about EMI.... it has been a household name to me all my life.

EMI can trace its roots back to 1837 (no DP I am not that old) where it metamorphosed along the years to what it is now.

Back in the 70s this is how I remember the record label
This image made me smile as Bernie Flint was a local celebrity after winning 'Opportunity Knocks' and we would hang out around his family home in the hope to get a glimpse of him ;)
Now EMI are all modern and they have this fabulous website to explore... and as I now have a new whizzier than whizz lappytop I can surf around it freely and get full benefit on what it offers... which is loads of online music.
Screen shot courtesy of Blazing Minds ... thank you :-)
(I haven't figured out how to screen shot on this new PC... yes I know I am useless)

As I am typing this review I have EMI's music sounding out in the back ground (see top right of screen for this) .. fabulous.
There is so much to take in I hardly know where to start (where is Teen when you need her?)
The home page gives you ... the latest.. what is new, 'hip' and 'happening'.

Then there is the 'Discover' tab which allows you to put in your favoured artist and matches it to similar artists ... mm I put in Donny Osmond and it came up with Jimmy Osmond eek... at least it wasn't young Jimmy Osmond with 'Long Haired Lover from Liverpool'.. thank goodness.

I am just messing about listening to artists from the browse artists list.... yeah I have found 'Another Time, Another Place' ~ Bryan Ferry. My original album is tucked away in the loft .... wow it still sounds good 35 years on :-)
I think the site is still on testing (correct me if I am wrong) because I can't load 'my playlist'...although saying that ot probably is me .......!!!

Anyway I am off to play somemore, I am lovein' it... please do go take a look ...

bye ...

tra la la la