Thursday, 11 June 2009

EMI Interlude

Wow when those lovely people over at FuelMyBlog asked for volunteers to review the new EMI site I just jumped at the chance (also I reckon I would have been dead meat if the Teen had got wind I was not taking part)

What can I say about EMI.... it has been a household name to me all my life.

EMI can trace its roots back to 1837 (no DP I am not that old) where it metamorphosed along the years to what it is now.

Back in the 70s this is how I remember the record label
This image made me smile as Bernie Flint was a local celebrity after winning 'Opportunity Knocks' and we would hang out around his family home in the hope to get a glimpse of him ;)
Now EMI are all modern and they have this fabulous website to explore... and as I now have a new whizzier than whizz lappytop I can surf around it freely and get full benefit on what it offers... which is loads of online music.
Screen shot courtesy of Blazing Minds ... thank you :-)
(I haven't figured out how to screen shot on this new PC... yes I know I am useless)

As I am typing this review I have EMI's music sounding out in the back ground (see top right of screen for this) .. fabulous.
There is so much to take in I hardly know where to start (where is Teen when you need her?)
The home page gives you ... the latest.. what is new, 'hip' and 'happening'.

Then there is the 'Discover' tab which allows you to put in your favoured artist and matches it to similar artists ... mm I put in Donny Osmond and it came up with Jimmy Osmond eek... at least it wasn't young Jimmy Osmond with 'Long Haired Lover from Liverpool'.. thank goodness.

I am just messing about listening to artists from the browse artists list.... yeah I have found 'Another Time, Another Place' ~ Bryan Ferry. My original album is tucked away in the loft .... wow it still sounds good 35 years on :-)
I think the site is still on testing (correct me if I am wrong) because I can't load 'my playlist'...although saying that ot probably is me .......!!!

Anyway I am off to play somemore, I am lovein' it... please do go take a look ...

bye ...

tra la la la


Anonymous said...

Promise you wont pass this on to a certain cubically craniumed gentleman. He may write letters at us.

alt/prtsc and then ctrl c into a graphics program (windows "paint" if you have nothing else although if you want to do some graphics stuff it may pay to check out "irfanview" - a great free graphics program.

70steen said...

aww Archie you are a little treasure [don't worry our secret is safe in here... no letters for us]

I use Irfanview for cropping photos I must investigate it's other hidden talents
Thanks you :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Dear Geeks,

I have no idea where to start in expressing my appreciation .... oh forget it, luckily it's early .... people who don't use Macs are partly deranged anyhooooo

I can see that you're in 7th heaven playing with this site young 70's. Now don't spend too much time on it, there's a lot to do you know .... tsk

Anonymous said...

Bryan Ferry was HOT

70steen said...

Hey DP who are you calling a geek? Oh ok you may be right this once lol

It's not all modern stuff you know there is some oldie musak too you know I hope you went to take a look see....
I have done the front and back garden can I go and play now ??

70steen said...

NM ~ wasn't he just ...corrrrr!!! ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Bryan Ferry could have been my slightly effeminate twin brother ..... just sayin'

70steen said...

DP ~ really???? Didn't know he wore a box too ??

Karen @ Blazing Minds said...

Anytime you need a screenshot just stop by *giggle* I used "Screenhunter 5" for grabbing screenshots, just thought you may like to know ;)

70steen said...

Karen ~ Thanks you lol... I will check out screenhunter 5 :-)