Sunday, 28 June 2009

Butlins Interlude 2

Monday 22nd June 2009

Isn't it amazing how much stuff you take on holiday when you have a Tardis for a car ... yes that Tardis is aka 'Charlie' the Citroen C5....

Set off from home at 10.30
Filled Charlie with 'juice', checked his tyres and gave his washers some water.
M60 was a bit hairy due to very busy trafficpost rush hour but I think it is busy 24/7.... headed in the direction of Leeds
Saddleworth Moor was very foggy and eerie indeed
Stopped at Doncaster Services for sandwiches and a cup of tea (yes I took a flask.. tee hee)

Arrived at Butlins Skegness at 14.00 (I must say the signage when getting nearer was super... as in more or less 'Butlins -> this way')
Teens were so excited (Teen took her bestest ever friend with her, unfortunately my mate Annie Mouse couldn't come with me as she couldn't get the time off work... I did suggest she 'threw a sicky' but I knew that was a big ask of anyone)

Through the gates I was directed along the 'green line' to the check in for Gold Apartments.
We were met by a very happy chappy in a yellow Butlins shirt who showed us were to park and where are apartment was.

Ooops it was on the second floor and no lifts (remember the beginning of the post... a car like a Tardis!!!)
As we couldn't get in the apartment until 14.30 we went for a quick explore... ooo an outdoor pool (we should be so lucky that it will be that hot), a huge indoor adventure pool 'Splash Water World' with tubey type slides, wave pools etc, the Skyline Pavillion, a huge under cover area with amusement machines, a bowling ally, cinema, foody things, a stage and lots more ... loads to do.
[oh Bob the Builder is pretty big at Butlins. Overheard a little lad about 6 years old who was gazing up at the statue "Mummy, I don't think that it is really the real Bob the Builder. He has just put that there so we know what he looks like when we meet him"... seems about right!]

We got back to the apartment at 15.00
I stood at the bottom of the stairs with the 3 trolleys (yes 3 trolleys!!!!) whilst the Teens ferried up the contents of the car (ahhh I knew I brought the Teens with me for some reason lol)

Wow it was gorgeous, immaculately clean ... 3 bedrooms so the Teens had a sleeping room and a dressing room, kitchen/diner, lounge area and bathroom.

Mid un pack there was a knock on the door. A lady stood there and said 'I have been asked to bring you these'
How lovely, I was and thoughtful.. thank you (oh the glitter ball is mine btw... well as 70steen the ball had to come with us lol).

Once unpacked we sat down with a cup of tea and planned our evening with the aide of the 'infunmation guide'.
There are 4 areas of Butlins for entertainment.... The Skyline Pavillion, Reds, Centre Stage & Hotshots.

We decided on the Reds for tonight.... with the Red Coat Chris Tarrant's Gunge Show, Bob Wooding First to Burst Gameshow & Music with Superfreak.

But first fooooooood!! ooops rewind first a glass of wine.... I know having a glass of white at 16.30... well I am on holiday.

Being in a Gold Apartment we ate at the Yacht Club. I must say the food and service through out the week was first class. Each night there was a soup starter, a choice of a traditional carvery, fish and chips, lasagne, a variety of themed food each day (Chinese one day, Indian, Mexican etc the next), an excellent salad bar and selection of desserts from cheesecakes to apple crumble and custard ... yummmeee.

After dinner we strolled along to the Spa and booked our 3 hour session for Wednesday morning and then into the Reds for our evening entertainment.
Teen at the club
No Hannibal Lecter had not been captured roaming around Butlins... this poor chap was about to be gunged...

I must admit I did laugh at this song.... gawd can I never get away from cardboard boxes... I guess this could be DPs new theme tune

At about 1/2 10 I decided to go back to the apartment and leave the Teens to it... that was the same for the rest of the week send Mum back home & then they could party...I let them stay out until midnight... which they loved.

So day one at Skegness was fabulous and it looks like the rest of the week will be equally as good :-)

Butlins Handy Hint 1..... I hadn't realised that the apartments were 3 storeys if I booked again I would request a ground floor one as you can sit outside you apartment in the sunshine.. plus having a dodgy back I couldn't have lifted stuff up the stairs had I not had the teens with me.


Anonymous said...

it sounds like i missed a great opportunity to have some fun time with my friend. sods law thing about it was that i was really off sick from work from the tuesday, as you know.

thanks for asking, mind you gold appartment or not you can't beat camping in the rain with an umbrella to cook

thankfully i know you have not got that picture of me in a rain hood. love annie mouse

70steen said...

Annie ~ you would have loved it but I fear your diet would have taken a real beating .. the food was tremendous.

Yes definitely a case of 'sods law' that you got sick that week sorry if I jinxed you ;0

Arr the rain snood... you will be pleased that the photos is sitting in the dead computer... but I know you have a copy if you would like to share it ..... it could be sweet revenge for making me 'camp out' in the wind and rain [never ever again!!] lol x

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I do love a song about a cardboard box ...... they're quite the thing you know.

Real shame Annie Mouse couldn't make it ...... still the two of you together might have been a bit dodgy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what do you mean DP..... ; . )

i could of had lovely salads.

Anonymous said...

i know it is in your dead computer, as i laugh wickedly. and oh sorry i can't appear to find it on my computer oh well never mind. tee hee

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a great time!

70steen said...

Yes DP what exactly are you inferring ???
Annie Mouse & I are always on our bestest behaviour when we go out ;-)

70steen said...

Annie~ my brither is going to try and retrieve stuff from my old boy PC at the weekend so beware lol ;-)

70steen said...

NM ~ we had a fabulous time thank you :)

fracas said...

Looks like you had a grand time sis! What with all these fringe benefits Kevin and Sylvie seem to be so wonderful at finding, I'm seriously considering moving your way so as to take part. ;-)

{{I rather enjoyed the cardboard box thing, but I think it was because I envisioned DP getting 'gunged'. I suggest you try that next time you watch the vid. It does make quite a difference.}}

Oh, hello there DP. I was just enjoying the cardboard box song...

Anonymous said...

i'm not worried as you will have forgotten by then. tee hee. or HEE HEE as michael would say.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I had no idea you had a brither 70's - does it cause many problems?

Hello Fraccy ....... don't think I don't know what's going on [what's going on?]

Anonymous said...

i went on the gunge show wth that girl maddie that on the pic i was Amy I said I wanted 2 gunge my dad coz of his fashion sense

70steen said...

hee hee I remember how you wanted to gunge your dad's bad fashion sense ;)

smile said...

i think too same 70steen

varun sood said...

nice blog thanks for sharing the info