Thursday, 18 June 2009

18th June 1977

Saturday 18
Didn't work
Mum= hangover
Had to do all the chores
Had a bath
Bought brother's birthday presy
You know that was the one and only time I had seen my Mum drunk. She didn't go out much and never drank at home as we had no money but she was invited to the Conservative Club up the road by a couple of neighbours and was given Babycham and Benedictine brandy to drink all night. It was so funny to see my very quiet, sensible, cautious, reliable mother bouncing off the walls ... shouting 'it's ok, I am fine'.
I bet she did have the mother of all hangovers after drinking that concoction lol.

Well as you know this week has all been about Teen and her turning 16 and rightly so as she can now buy her own National Lottery ticket!!
But I got a parcel through the post today much to Teen's disgust lol

It was a little thank you for doing a review of the EMI new website .. a T-shirt and a KT Tunstall CD...... thank you for the thank you and thank you FuelMyBlog for letting me have the opportunity to do the review :-)

Oh I have not mentioned yet that I have finished today in work until the 30th June and I AM ON HOLIDAY.... I can't shout loud enough the 'yipeees' that are going through my head.
Next week Teen & I are off to Butlins in Skegness... they don't have WiFi but an internet cafe so I have a few options... go to the internet cafe, find a McDonalds with WiFi, speak nicely to my host and see if I can get WiFi on site (so I can blog live my experiences of the week) or wait 'til I get home on the 26th.......

We are so looking forward to it ... me because I have had a stressy 'meet the deadlines' type of few months and Teen as she has just taken her final exams of High School ... so what ever else we are up for a load of chilling and fun, fun, fun... superb :-D


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Have a lovely break you two - you both deserve it.

I'm now very annoyed BTW - I didn't do a review for the EMI site but I love KT Tunstall - I wonder if they'd send me one if I just smile nicely? [having remembered to put my teeth in of course].

If the Teen wins the lottery I'll be her bestest friend!!! - tee hee

Anonymous said...

great t shirt. will you wear it for t shirt friday next week?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Have you been celebrating again!!! ..... tsk

70steen said...

DP ~ my life is one big celebration lol

Can't believe you didn't 'do' the EMI review tsk .... not listened to KT yet may give it a spin in the car later.

If Teen wins the Lottery I think she may have a lot of friends ... I will mention it to her that there is a bloke who lives down souff, with no teeth, keeps a llama in his house and wears sandals and a box on his head ... would like to be your friend ...... I know she will be impressed lol

70steen said...

NM ~ the shirt is huge ..... I will see what I can do ;-)

sylvied said...

Happy birthday to the teen! have a fab time in Butlins :)

70steen said...

Thank you Sylvie :-) I will try and post whilst I am away if I can find some WiFi :)

smile said...

happy birthday from me again again.....

PREET KAUR said...

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