Sunday, 7 June 2009

Just- Eat Interlude

Doesn't time zap past quickly.
Last week was the final of Britian's Got Talent and Annie Mouse came for a visit.

The plan was we would have take away and watch the final.... and that is what we did (except I discovered Annie is on a Weightwatchers diet and would only eat my home made chicken and vegetable soup with some crisp breads she bought that looked like cardboard!!)

So what should me and Teen have then? ooo I know !!
Those lovely people over at FMB had given some of us bloggers an opportunity to test out a very innovative idea of online takeaway ordering...... Brilliant we'll do that.

I had registered with the company 'Just-Eat' a few weeks before when I was sent the invite and £15 food voucher from FMB. The registering process was straight forward. A click here and a click there... Yes an easy site to navigate around...... thankfully

So what is Just Eat all about ?? The company gathers a host of takeaways together around the country ... now this is the techy bit ...they stick the names in their puta... you pop in your postcode and it shows you which resturant/ takeways are taking part with Just-Eat in your area then you choose your food... bloody marvellous.

Go on have a go
Ok pop in your postcode and search ..... easy isn't it ???

Anyway back to BGT night. In my area there were only Indian & Italian takeaways on the list (oh and when I say Italian I mean Pizza houses).... I am not sure if other types of takeways are available in other areas ??

We decided on 'Italian' as Teen is not too keen on Indian food.
She told me which local takeaway on the list was the best (Teens know this type of thing)Bold and placed our order
~10" Cheese & Pepperoni pizza
~10" Cheese & Mushroom pizza
~10" Cheese & Mushroom, Garlic Bread
~one portion of chips
Easy peasy again.... put in delivery address and a voucher code and there you have it 'Bob's your Auntie!!'

The takeways came on time.... wow .... one small hiccup though he forgot Teens chips.
Aww he was so apologetic and looked mortified .. he told me he would be straight back and in 5 minutes he was back with two portions of chips :-) how sweet....

I did feel guilty (just for a moment) poor Annie sitting there with soup and cardboard slices... the pizzas where hot and delicious.

I certainly will use the service again as I hate takeaway flyers cluttering up drawers and notice boards so I end up chucking them away then thinking 'mmm I fancy a takeaway now where is that menu??' It is a great idea .....

There were 2 winners last Saturday ... not only Diversity but me too :-)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Pizza via FMB, the BGT Final, Annie's company - heaven on earth - I have no idea why you're such a misery.

Anyhoooooo, Monday tomorrow - that should take your mind off things! - tee hee heeeeeeee [I know, I have a cruel streak ...... I just can't help myself]

70steen said...

yes DP I should count my lucky stars shouldn't I ?.... did you join the Just Eat test? Or don't they have such stuff by the Cliff Top Residence?

Thank you for the timely reminder Mr Meany .... *blows raspberry* :-P

Daddy Papersurfer said...

No I didn't ..... hardly ever eat take-aways ....... so I didn't want to put anyone to any trouble - I would hate to be a burden - tee hee

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Quiet at the moment isn't it? ..... I blame Twitter ......

70steen said...

you woke me ... what were you saying?? Oh yeah Twitter thanks for the idea just popped the link oop there .... so what are you up to ? I am cooking a Sunday roast

Anonymous said...

A Sunday roast? I'll be right over.....

Anonymous said...

sorry but that last comment was sooooo get it- pizza- cheese.

and well you should of been guilty you enjoyed every moment.

well because i didn't eat that pizza and instead ate your lovely homemade soup i lost 6lbs. so there.

hi DP.

70steen said...

NM ~ when you come over I will cook you the bestest ever Sunday roast :-)
Plus we will have take away with Just Eat :-)

70steen said...

Annie... I did feel guilty but at the same time enjoyed every morsel ... so pleased you have lost 6lbs and loved my home made soup .. I am cooking up some more this week ... shall I send you some :-)

Annie Mouse said...

normally teen and i have to gang up on you to get a take away when i am down. you don't normally like them but by god you enjoyed eating naughty food in front of me i think that made it taste better.

me thinks it might seep through the envelope, i'll leave it thanks.

70steen said...

I was bloody starving lol ... must admit that cheese and mushroom garlic bread was good (cover your ears) :-D

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I never get invited over for a Sunday roast ...... *pout*