Monday, 29 June 2009

Butlins Interlude 3

Tuesday 23rd June 2009

Got up at 8.00
Had one of the best nights sleep I have had in ages... that bed was sooooo comfortable.
The sun was shining and the birds were singing ... bliss

Went for breakfast
Brilliant choices again from full English, to kippers and freshly made omelette's. Also fresh juices and unlimited tea/coffee & hot chocolate, fresh fruit and yoghurt
(as I took this photos Teen said in a disapproving voice... 'well that's normal behaviour'... ahh result .. embarrass your Teen lol)

Well I mentioned yesterday that we should be so lucky to be able to take advantage of the outdoor pool .... well we were... it was scorcing hot
The Teens went to the indoor Splash Water World and I queued up for the outdoor pool (I know I queued ... & I don't 'do queing' as a rule.)
It was just like being in Spain ... as soon as the gates opened people ran to get the tables, chairs and sunloungers... oh yes I don't 'do running' either.
I strolled to a table with an umbrella, got a couple of chairs for the Teens and a sun lounger for me.
And there I sat and read for 3 hours... fantastic
The Teens popped out to see me and disappeared again ..... I went to get an iced coffee from the bar and when I came back one of the chiars had gone... cheeky !!! I made that fatal mistake I left it with nothing on for 5 minutes!!!!

At about 13.30 we all went back to the apartment to get a snack then it was out to the beach.

Back to the apartment to get changed for dinner and the evening entertainment. The Teens had sussed that when it gets later people dress up more so that was the plan that evening.... we ate later and just got to the Reds as Mikki Jay was about to start.
Ironically Mikki Jay is a Michael Jackson tribute act (if you click on the link there is a short video of him in action) and we did discuss between us whether the real Michael Jackson would sound as good as he did live when he appered in London on his tour in July..... as everyone know tragically 2 days later MJ passed away so we will never know.

[when I came back from Butlins I flicked through my 70s stuff and there was nothing about MJ in any of the 70s annuals I have .. how strange but I found a short piece in 'Video Superstars annual 1985.'

Thrilling Michael Jackson
'Unquestionably the greatest impact on the video scene, Michael Jackson's Thriller started an avalanche of spin-off. After the recordalbum came the pop video, then the Making of Thriller on a handy cassette programme'

Singing, Dancing Showman
Michael has been in show business for most of his childhood, and all of his adult life. He has always been awe-struck by Disneyland, and as if to make up for his lack of conventional childhood he's createdhis own fantasy world in the Jackson family home.
He has a popcorn making wagon, soda fountain bar, ice cream machine, and a menagerie of a Llama, three parrots, a boa constrictor and two pairs of swans. His own private wonderland.
Essentially a shy person, in interviews or large gatherings, it is only when on stage, or in front of the cameras and lights he comes into his own.
At 25 Micael Jackson still has a lot of energy to burn up, in the way he knows best - as the singing, dancing showman of the pop/soul/disco scene

Sadly he only had another 25 years before he did burn out completely but I fear that the burn out probably started to happened not long after the late 80s.... ]

Butlins Handy Hint 2 ~ when you go down to the beach at Skegness take proof you are staying at the resort or you won't get back in. We were lucky, although the Teens did come with me, it was orginally going to be me on my own... so I was going to leave everything with them and just take my camera and a bottle of water...... mmm I wonder what the result would have been if I couldn't have proved my residency?????


Kevin D said...

Am so glad you enjoyed it thus far!

I was so impressed with the cleanliness, atmosphere and great staff. It is a gem of a place :)

Anonymous said...

how spooky is that having a m j on, on the week he dies.

70steen said...

Kevin ~ oh yes and thank you
Of course you were at the big weekend in Bognor .... aren't the staff so happy and friendly that so makes a difference nothing is too much trouble :)

70steen said...

Annie~ yes quite spooky ... but you never know he maybe a regular feature at Butlins

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've just received my niece's report about her stay at Butlin's - yet another member of my staff! I'll probably bung it up tomorrow - it'll be the longest post EVER ..... tsk ...... and a tad more critical!

70steen said...

DP ~ how many staff do you have? Your wage bill must be enormous *rofl*

ooo was it a party weekend job... it will be interesting to find out what niece papersurfer has to say