Monday, 1 June 2009

Pertuity Direct Competiion Interlude

Now here's a challenge
'what type of online business would you launch?'
or lets consider
"If I were loaned $25,000 today by social lending network Pertuity Direct what type of on line business would I launch?"

That is such an interesting one indeed $25K.... approximately £15,700

All of my ideas are 'earth based' it is just a question of converting them to virtual world..

Idea 1
designer shopping trolley bags
Idea 2
home made /recycle
Idea 3
Themed catering ... parties, functions
Idea 4
Coffee & Art combo

mmm I think I will pick idea ..... 3.
Maybe this idea is already out there? But hey!

Ok you have a special event.. a wedding, a 21st, a corporate function ... you want something different.. well my theme catered parties could do it for you.
All the food would be themed, the staff serving it would be themed as well as the decor.

As I am 70steen ... an example has to be a party

Prawn Cocktail
Florida Cocktail
French Onion soup
Mushroom or prawn vol-u-vents

Chicken in a basket
Gammon & pineapple
Steak with pepper sauce
(all served with chips and peas)

Black Forest Gateau
Fresh Fruit Salad
Raspberry Pavlova
Rum Baba
Banana Split

Drinks menu
Blue Nun
Mateaus Rose
Cherry B
Piesporter Miclesberg
Watneys Pale Ale
Cinzano Bianco

If you don't want a sit down menu you could have a 'running buffet' with
cocktail sausages on sticks, vol-u-vents with Chesswood cream mushrooms, prawns with Marie Rose sause or creamed cheese and onion, sausage rolls, cheese and pineapple or onions on sticks [stuck in an orange covered in foil], white bread sandwiches cut in triangles (very sophisticated) with egg mayo, sliced beef, ham or cheese, on the board slices of home boiled ham, maybe a salmon the choice is yours.. for sweet sherry trifle, fresh fruit salad, Black Forest gateau.

The staff serving up and waiting on would be wearing the most outladish 70s gear..
Huge flares
Lots of 'Spangle'
Penny collars
Kipper ties
Big wigs
Sad moustaches (yes only the guys)
Maxi's, Midi's and Mini's
How about some 'space hopper' races??
Now the decor... what would be the focal point?
Of course a 70s glitter ball. That goes without saying!
Top off the back drops with some loud wallpaper and disco flashing lights
... it looks like we are having a party
Blimey I nearly forgot the music !!!!

The possibilties are endless... what with my knitting, sewing and cullinary skills just name a theme and we could get your party started ;-)

oo I could win one of these an Amazon Kindle what an amazing little bit of technology ... I would be the eny of my fellow train passengers :-) thank you Fuel My Blog for the competion


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Nice to see a proper menu for once ..... shame about the knitting right at the end ..... it was going soooooo well.

[[[[ There's a typo in the title - shusssssh ]]]]

70steen said...

you know you love my knitting abilities along with my speeling ones .....
[[ wondering of I should change it or leave it as a 70sism ??]]

fracas said...

LOL sis... I worked in a fine dining establishment in the very early 80's (like, 1981, so almost the 70's) and your menu sports so many of the foods and drinks I recall from then.

I can't imagine what DP is talking about though... I think the knitting talk is the icing on the post/cake!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Please note - I said nothing about Pandora and her box ...... tee hee

Anonymous said...

Raspberry pavlova is just about my favourite food ever!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

How's the new puta? - I hope you bought a decent one ......

70steen said...

hee hee dear Frac. It was the set menu in the UK in the 70s (there are probably more that I have forgotten too) I think it has amused me that it was also over in Canada too.

I have no idea what DP is talking about most the time ... when I do I will start to worry lol ;-)

70steen said...

DP ~ Pandorra had a lot of surprises in her box I believe ;-)

70steen said...

Dear NM ~Raspberry Pavolva is to die for isn't ... so yummy :-)

70steen said...

DP ~ I bought a Compaq.. I really couldn't justify a grand for a Mac... but so far so good ... well at least I am on line again :0)

gitwizard said...

Welcome back again. I'm playing the goat on now, cos they let me answer comments, *leaps in air* (that's goat for 'i'm happy')!

Don't wear that Compaq out downloading stuff from that dodgy Russian knitting site!

70steen said...

Thank you GW ~ you 'act the goat' so well I have always said that of you ;-)

WTG the secret police have switched on the button of comment again .. thank goodness

Teen has told me I am not allowed to clutter this PC up ... hee hee she is sleeping just now .... so let me see .. search... 'Russian 70s sweaters '

OMG this just came up lol

fracas said...

Admit it DP... you're fascinated by Pandora's box.