Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Thursday 9 1977
Stayed in
Bev phoned
Gezz stood her up at the Fox & Goose (ah justice as both of us fancied him and he asked her out lol)
Made a skirt (blue with blue & white flowers)

Thursday 10 1982
Went to the Empire to see Freddie McGregor
Everyone thought it would be the Rolling Stones
Good concert though

1982..... I saw the Stones twice that year. One at Wembley Stadium in the June ... the crowd facing here was were I was stood

Then I saw them at Roundhay Park in Leeds in the July.
It is quite amusing now but everyone thought back then that this was a farewell tour (that is how it was promoted .. clever hey!!)... well lets face it Jagger was almost 40 then!!

He is 66 now and still going strong........

I have loads of stuff about the tour in my scrapbook (ticket stubs, newspaper cut outs etc) but have no means of scanning it just now (mmmm note to self download 3-in-1 software onto new lappy this weekend).

I clearly remember from 1982 that there were rumours flying around that the Stones were doing random gigs under assumed band names.. hence we went to see Freddie McGregor (& the Studio One Band.. I seem to recall).. the Empire was a sell out. I suppose Freddie wasn't disappointed even if the crowd were at first but quickly warmed to his reggae style
If you scroll down to More Music - the early years on this blog you will see I was not the only one duped!!!

As a Teen I was always at concerts ... I have seen.. Mud, Roxie Music, Wizard, Blood Sweat and Tears, Sweet, ELO, Cozie Powell, Gary Glitter !!...Bay City Rollers, Sad Cafe, Spandau Ballet, Human League....... now what was my last concert I went to ?

Any guesses ??


Daddy Papersurfer said...

B****y Donny I suppose ...... tsk ....... or, at your age, it could have been Chas 'n Dave - tee hee.

We never 'did' concerts - far too many people ...... although we did see the Beatles of course [separately, it was before we met. I saw them at the Lewisham Odeon at the height of Beatlemania - couldn't hear a thing, too many girls screaming - and the TG saw them a few years earlier before they were well known, somewhere in Woolwich]

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Ummmmmm....Joan Jett? Oh wait that was me! :)

Anonymous said...

I think you and your Teen went and screamed at Take That, you bought the tee shirt, Teen stole it from you, then went off them cos they weren't cool, and now wishes she hadn't swapped it for the Mercury Rev shirt. See? Wizards are phsycic!

Only £7.50 for next weeks lottery numbers, email all your bank details to me now............

Anonymous said...

The Empire Theatre is gorgeous. Reminds me of Sydney's State Theatre.

I went to see Frank Zappa perform when J was just 3 weeks old. Couldn't find a sitter so I took him with me. His poor little ears.... though he did sleep all the way through it

Daddy Papersurfer said...

@Olga - I love Joan Jett ......

70steen said...

DP ~ you know I have never seen Donny live in all these years of lusting after him.... however, I am now stalking oops following him on facebook & Twitter so you never know he may spot me and send me free tickets for his next concert :-)

Would loved to have seen the Beatles live.. I did see them pass on an open top bus in Liverpool when I was about 3

70steen said...

hee hee Olga ... was she good?

70steen said...

GW ~ you are ,bob on' there but I forgot you have been reading my blog from the start...... funnily I was going to say Santana but that was the one before.. thank you for restoring my memory lol

£7.50 that is enough for 7 tickets ... so when you win I will send my bank details so you can make a hefty donation to the shoe fund ... :-)

70steen said...

NM ~ the Empire is such a lovely theatre ... the interior is spectacular as is the Palace in Manchester I just love old theatres and cinemas

hee hee what a rock chick mum you are ... superb story :-)