Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Butlins Interlude 4

[can't believe it but this time last week we were at Butlins.. ;( ]

Wednesday 24th June 2009
Up early for breakfast ... for image see yesterday
We were up early as today is 3 hour Spa session
Yes 3 hours chilling

On arrival we were given a ticket which we handed into the bar
In return we got a locker key each.. not a bad exchange
The exchange got better ... in the locker was a really cozy dressing gown, a towel and some white terry towelling slippers.

All I can say is wow.... it was such a relaxing 3 hours. The Teens loved it too. We swam, we did the sauna... in fact all that was on offer. The hydro pool was my favourite... letting the hot bubbling waters give you total 'chillax' moments.
There are even free drinks on offer tea, coffee, water, sparkling drinks... and you can buy snacks and alcohol too.

I am actually thinking of booking a 2 night mini Spa break with a few friends when I celebrate my next significant birthday ... I think it will be great fun.

After 3 hours I felt so relaxed ... definitely a great tonic when you have a busy life and are in need of complete brain and body download. The cost of the 3 hour session is £20... a bargain indeed... so much so I booked another sesssion for me on Friday.

In the afternoon we decided to venture out of Butlins...(not sure if that is allowed lol) I had fully intended on driving along the coastline but instead I took a right instead of left and ended up in 'Fantasy Island'.
No nothing like the TV series but a huge rollercoaster with a market underneath it .. very bizarre.

Did I go on it I hear you ask?.... did I hellers like... do I look that daft...[don't answer that one lol]
Teens bestest ever friend said she would like a go and Teen and I simulatiously said 'I'll hold your bag!!'

Needless to say 2 Teens in a market with reasonable priced high fashion clothing = 'let's look at EVERY stall and get an outfit for tonight' ... 'oh and shoes too'... ... ...

Finally back at camp... we got ready for the evening.

We went to the 'Centre Stage' this evening. I must admit I didn't like the place as much as the Reds.. it was very busy and soooo hot in there.
The show was funny, involving kids volunteering their dads to do stupid things for prizes.

I made an early dart home this night because to be honest I was completely exhausted ... all that swimming and sea air ... the Teens were even home early too......

Butlins Handy Hint 3 ~ don't get the towel you are given in the Spa soaking wet (Teens towel seemed to have absorbed the contents of the pool).. I requested if I could get another one and was told quite definitely .. only one towel per customer and if I was given another one then the people later in the day wouldn't have one...... quite bizarre I didn't know towels were on ration.
Oh and in addition remember your own towel for the shower after you have finished.... mmm I was so busy making sure the Teens had everything I forgot mine :( doh!!!


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I would have loved to go on the rollercoaster ...... I could have left my teeth with you in case they fell out .... wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

and your wig too, DP

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Good point Annie ..... and my spare undercrackers [in case they needing changing after the ride] - tee hee

Anonymous said...

Twenty pounds for 3 hours? Bargain!

sylvied said...

Was the Spa busy 70? it sounds like the best kept secret in Butlins :)

John C said...

Woulda been fun bein' a fly on THAT wall. (giggle snort) Kinda sad they didn't have no towel support.

Wonder if a towel for two would be a good pick up line to use there. :)

70steen said...

ooo we were looking for a suitable rollercoaster companion for Teens bestest ever friend too.... I think the prospect of holding your teeth may have spurred Teen to actually take the ride lol

70steen said...

hee hee Annie :-)

70steen said...

NM ~ I know what a bargain... it was great :-)

70steen said...

Sylvie ~ when we were in there was probably 7 people plus us... so really great (on the Friday there was just me for 1/2 then another 4 came in) ... so yes a very well kept secret ... shussh don't tell anyone :-)

70steen said...

Hee hee JC... I know I couldn't believe you were allowed only one towel ....

But those fluffy robes do soak up the water ok

Towels for two? ... yes I can see that catching on but I can see a problem a bit like the duvet thing in bed .. one gets more than the other :-)