Thursday, 2 July 2009

Butlins Interlude 5

[our last full day .. boo hoo ;-( ]

Thursday 25th June 2009

Up at 8.00
Breakfast as per usual was very yummy indeedy
After breakfast we went to the fairground that is situated within the Butlins site. It is fairly small and has about 6 /7 rides, a simulator (or 'stimulator' as Teen called it!!!!), dodgems and a go kart track plus some bouncy things.
Most of the rides are free and run by happy Butlins people... I managed the carousel, the Rockin Tub and the 'stimulator'... which had me crying laughing

love this picture of the Teens having huge belly laughs on a kiddy ride :-D

As it was the last afternoon we decided to do what fav things we wanted to do... the Teens chose the indoor pool and I chose the beach.

I walked for 3 hours along the in hand, shoes off .. feet feeling the sand and sea between my toes... bliss

There are more photos over at my flickr account do take a look ... loving the groynes...

In the way back to the apartment I went to visit Jackie the Resort Director to thank her for the lovely stay at the resort but unfortunately she was having a day off..... so thank you again we have had a ball :-)

When I got back to the apartment I found the Teens chilling in the lounge watching 'Twilight' which they had hired.......

In the evening we had yet another lovely meal and we went off to the Reds ... for the last time. The show was tremendous. It was called the 'The Big Red' where all the Red Coats performed songs from shows such as Hairspray and Moulin Rouge. Also dance routines emulating 'Diversity' who won Britain's Got Talent this year. The performance was polished and professional... in fact one zillion times better than the act before 'Off Limits' who when we walked in we thought it was a karaoke session going on .... (I have a short recording on my phone of them but I really couldn't inflict that on my readers)

As per usual I came back to the apartment whilst the Teens did their own stuff. As we all know the news about Michael Jackson broke.... but about 5 hours before he died one of my icons form the 70s also passed away .. Farrah Fawcett.

I had heard she was ill but I must confess I hadn't realised how ill she was. Being a 70s teen I was brought up on a diet of Charlie's Angels.. it was one of my 'must' watch programmes and Farrah was my favourite ... all that beautiful hair .. I so wanted to be her back then. Such a shame.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm very impressed you managed to keep up with the teens - remarkable at your age .... *hat off in admiration* ..... tee hee

I love those weathered groynes - they seem to make rude forms all around the country .... typically British!

70steen said...

ahem I can still keep up with the young 'uns as long as the painkillers kick in lol

There are Groynes all over the world (or Groins across the pond).... just love how nature brings them back to basics *snigger* ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've just noticed that it must have been a tad nippy when that photo of Farrah was taken ..... just sayin'

gitwizard said...

Glad you chose Skeggy for your Butlins trip.

I wonder why the Bognor site is such a mess?

It's always good to hear about a holiday that was enjoyed so much, so happy that your Teen had a great time.

Loving your photos as usual, why aren't you doing it pro?

70steen said...

tee hee DP ~ typical you would notice that ;-)

70steen said...

GW ~ it truly was a great holiday ... but as life has it it seems like light years away now

Thank you for your praise of my photos but I am no where good enough to go pro...I just enjoy taking snaps :-) have you seen some of the phenomenal photography that is on Flickr ... some awesome stuff there