Thursday, 23 July 2009

Thursday 23 1977
Wimbledon Trip
Saw Chris Evert (Chris Evett), Fiback (Wojciech Fibak), Motram (Buster Mottram), Rameriez (Raul Ramirez), Woolridge (??)
12 hours on coach

Friday 23 1982
Went to the old mill
Tea and cakes £1.25 each
Meal at the Maytime at Asthall
(if you ever get the chance do visit Oxfordshire and Gloustershire it is so beautiful)

some of you may or not know but I am one of the 100,000 folk in the UK that may have sine flu this week. I slept loads over the weekend but still felt tired on Monday... the sore throat started on Tuesday and by the time I came home on Tuesday night I felt crap and exhausted.

Thankfully all the symptoms I have had so far are mild except the tired aspect... my limbs ache, I have a headache, the sore throat is passing and it does hurt when I cough........ I am hope above hope thinking this is as bad as it gets. Teen had a sore throat and is now ok ... I am wondering if it is natures way that we are not sick at the same time .. we will see I suppose!

In the mean time I have been resting and off work and have got addicted to stupid computer games... doh!!
Also playing with Photoshop Lightroom and old stuff on photo cards ... wow it is amazing

Liver Building Liverpool
Wall of Fame Cavern Walks Liverpool

On the photo walk votes btw there are 5 photo front runners... Pan Am Bar (without the candle), Maria, Man on Bench, Huge Moon & Room to Let .... mmmm I may need to give my casting vote.. I know my fav is Huge Moon so I need to decide on second one !!!


Anonymous said...

Aww... so sorry you're sick sis. I'll send DP over to wait on you. It won't be too hard to connive.. er, convince him. I think an invitation (to meet with Uma Thurman) conveniently at your address, should do the trick.

While you're waiting for him to arrive, perhaps you should make up a list of duties that would be of assistance to you. (Foot massage, etc. I hear he makes lovely gingernuts. I'll be sure to tell him Uma would love a batch.)

You'll be feeling best again in no time! <3 XX

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I hope you're not infectious!!!!

[With nephew and niece being ill, the TG has been doing some research. A lot of the flu going round is a different strain, far less potentially serious. The government and NHS are keeping it out of the limelight as they are trying to get people to stay at home if ill to attempt to confine the swine flu variation. Nephew and niece had the other variant - now confirmed. The powers that be are all prats and the media worse - loads of people are being unnecessarily worried. Hope you're feeling better today - but DON'T TELL WORK!!!!! - you've probably got the 24 week variety - tee hee]

Diane said...

Hope you feel better soon - whichever variety you have got. I read this article in the Times and it sounds horrendous!

Hope you aren't suffering this much....

gitwizard said...

You be careful recklessly recommending folks go to Oxfordshire, that's Suvvern you know!!

Seriously (I can be sometimes!) hope you are feeling better soon, flu of ANY variety is horrible.

Just be thankful there's no Man flu about at the moment!

Anonymous said...

sending you some virtual nursing ;-)

70steen said...

Dear Frac .~. send DP to wait on me?? ....rotflmao... that cheered me up
I am just grateful he doesn't 'do' Norff!!

Feeling a lot better today x

70steen said...

DP ~ not sure if I am or not.... still feel knackered though
Interesting theory of TGs there ... I don't know how we will know who has piggie flu and who doesn't as no one is being tested which I find quite bizarre ... hope your niece and nephew are doing ok now x

70steen said...

Gosh Diane... that poor woman that is one bad attack of piggy flu. Glad to say mine is mild many of her symptoms (except chucking up) but 1/10th of what she felt ... phew I count myself very fortunate x

70steen said...

GW ~ love all around Oxfordshire ... yes I know it is Souff but not as Souff as other places lol

Gosh I had forgotten all about man flu ... of course that is far worse than any pandemic!!!!

Thank you for your kind wishes :-) x

70steen said...

Nm ~ you are not wrong there :-) x

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I see from Twitter that wine helps - trouble is you won't know the real cause of why you feel so rubbish this morning!!!! - tee hee

70steen said...

feeling just fine and dandy .... didn't over indulge unlike some last week!!! ;-P