Friday, 10 July 2009

9th, 10th, 11th July 1982

Friday 9th
Sam's 22nd Birthday
Meal at El Patio
Really nice

Saturday 10th
Formby Show
Weather really hot
Went for a drink with brother and girlfriend, Fi & Dand
Went to McDonald's afterwards ( I so remember in the 70s that my cousin in California got a job in McDonalds and we had no idea what McDonalds was!!)

Sunday 11th
Niece & nephew came for the day
On the beach for 3 1/2 hours
Alien on TV = brilliant
World Cup final Italy 3 v West Germany 1

This weekend Fi (mentioned above) is coming over tomorrow. She is my second longest standing friend next to 'J' and we are god parents to each others kid.
After all the great weather we have had I thought it would be cool if we explore what is going on at the Manchester International Festival...... but wouldn't you know it ... it is going to be heavy rain and strong wind tomorrow... grrr
Last time the festival was on I saw a most fabulous live performance of the Pianist (from Random Place of Mind blog)... it was breath taking I wonder what we can discover tomorrow.

I hope this works ....taken from an email from one of my bro's ... & I thought farmers were too busy to have fun .... please take a look see

Oh yes I almost forgot ... one of our bloggers is missing have you seen him??


Anonymous said...

FAB link sis... I love it... The Baaa-studs.

Regarding the missing blogger? I thought I saw him in a dark alley yesterday, but it turned out to be just some boxes that had been put out for trash collection. This is going to be quite tricky to find him... people will think they've seen him everywhere... and if we get him featured on one of those missing shows, the sightings tips will likely bring the whole system down.

I sure hope he hasn't fallen asleep somewhere and ended up in a recycling bin somewhere.

Oh my... I'm just getting myself way too worked up about all the dastardly possibilities... I think I need to lie down... or have a glass of something...

Anonymous said...

that video is GREAT!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I now understand why I was being given some very weird looks in the milk section of the supermarket this morning ..... I thought it was because I'd forgotten my trousers ....

Anyway, I'm fine ..... a tad damp but fine ......

Give Fi a hug from me ..... whoever she is - tee hee

gitwizard said...

Love the sheep vid.

And thank goodness your:

'If sighted please inform police and on no account approach this dangerous man' milk carton campaign was successful, I believe he has been apprehended and is now undergoing a brick counting/naming community service sentence.