Friday, 17 July 2009

17th & 18th July

Saturday 17 1982
(maybe I should do some lead in here... on the Thursday we set off for the British Grand Prix. Set off at 8pm and got there at 3.15 am!!.. The Friday we were up at 7am to watch the first day of practice... )

2nd day of practice
Keke Rosberg on pole position

Sunday 18 1982
British Grand Prix
Brands Hatch
Niki Lauda won
Weather very hot

oh what a shame I have a superb photo of me emerging from a tent way back in the day .. but the scan of it it went with the computer when it died... I must get this new lappy to link up with the scanner!

THANK GOODNESS IT IS FRIDAY........ a tough old week all round.

I am off to join in the Worldwide Photo Walk tomorrow. I can't believe that it has come around so quickly. My cousin (CKX) sent me the link ages ago and I said I would do it if he would too.... so tomorrow we are hooking up in Liverpool to take part.
The guy that has organised this part of the worlds piece in this sent us all an e mail to remind us where we need to be and at what time .... The Anglican Cathedral at 5.30.

He linked his web pages .... oh my !!! What awesome and I mean AWESOME photos does he take (2 separate links here).
There is a Flickr site too to display the evenings captured images and I will post the link after tomorrow.

So my batteries are on charge (as are my batteries after a stressy week in work) ... I am desparately saving and deleting stuff off my memory card as I forgot to get a new one (I wish I could do that with my brain wouldn't that be wonderful lol)... and I am hoping big style that the old boy digital camera behaves (I dropped him... and he has a dent in the lense department ...and has trouble sometimes focusing (I know that feels))

It has persisted it down here today ... gawd I hope the skies clear tomorrow evening ... everybody get evrything crossed x


Diane said...

Sounds great fun, I'll pray for good weather for you! (and me - I'm freeeeezing!)

70steen said...

thank you ... [just putting on a cardi... brrrr]

John C said...

Never got into racing, I had this issue with competition with the term 'pole position'.

I'm sure DP's racy enough to have gotten somewhere with it all. :)

Anonymous said...

The Pete Carr images are great

70steen said...

oh John you do surprise me I thought you would be up for a bit of stiff competition ....

Nar DP is more of a brick man if you ask me lol ;-)

70steen said...

NM ~ aren't they just fantastic!!!

Gosh I feel a bit inadequate.. I shall take up my place at the back hee hee

Daddy Papersurfer said...

That sounds like fun .... particularly like his piccy of the sun sinking behind the fishing boat.

Don't forget a brolly, your wellies must be emptied of earth and a knotted hankie for your head should see you through .......

[sounds like a good 'head clearing' exercise - have loads of fun. Looking forward to the results!!!]

Claire said...

Oh bugger I had no idea you were thinking of going, I was trying to make it :(

70steen said...

DP ~ it was great fun & you know it didn't rain at all yipeeeeee

I have a few decent snaps but I tell you I did feel a little inadequate with my wee digital camera .. there were cameras and lenses to die for lol
[yes it was a superb 'head clearing' session... just what the stress buster doctor would have ordered :)]

70steen said...

Oh hells bells Claire I should have thought about you ... damn.
There was for Manchester a little later but I think it has been cancelled .... Ok here is the pact if there is anything like this going on between Manchester and Liverpool in the future we let the other know... deal??
Have you been to photograph the 'Dream' yet???

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Ugh .....

70steen said...


gitwizard said...

Let me get this straight... "Set off at 8pm and got there at 3.15 "

What, you sat at Silverstone for three hours before realising that the lack of a queue might signify that the race was at Brands????

Love Pete Carr's B&W shots, I bet that was great fun, maybe you should promote an FMB bloggers version, can you make it the Pyrenees or Alps? Can we have discounted rail fares too, and stay at camp-sites?

70steen said...

ha ha dee ha GW... it was in the days when I travelled on public transport .. goodness knows what transport there was at 3.15 in the morning though!!

I had a brill time last night and you know what a spiffing idea to do a FuelMyBlog photo day .... *thinking hat on*
Yes defo the train but NO to camping... where would I plug my Carmen rollers in???

Claire said...

Yeah I should of gone but still being a naughty bugger with college work and mumborg, been twitter chums with a load that went on the walk and met some of them at the twestival.

No not photographed the dream yet, I have been meaning to for ages. We should have a photo walk then pub day?


70steen said...

sounds like a cunning plan there Claire .... let me know when you are free :-)

John C said...

Stiff and brick in the same comparison with DP. I'll start paying more attention to those Extenze and Viagra commercials now.