Sunday, 5 July 2009

5th July

Tuesday 5th July 1977
Whitley (one of the head teachers) went mad about our uniforms.
We must wear nylon checked shirts (we had leaned to wearing white cotton cheesecloth shirts) and tights
Temp is 85 degrees in the shade... (ahh the summer of '77 a heat wave)
Had a lot of homework
The Germans are over on an exchange

Have loved watching what I could of this Wimbledon fortnight ... and particularly enjoyed this afternoons men's final... nail biting stuff that had me wanting both to win, they were so evenly matched ... but well done Federer I was cheering you on.
I took these photos from the comfort of my Mums front room... aren't wide screen TVs fabulous lol

In 1977 I went to Wimbledon with school (23rd June)... the one and only time I had been . We spent 12 hours on a coach and I remember it being a soaring hot day and us in our school uniforms... click here for the previous post I have done on this.

It has been a pretty busy weekend starting on Friday with Teen's Prom at Old Trafford (Manchester United's football ground... I think they go there as Nobby Stiles son was one of her teachers)
We have had a pretty stressy build up the Prom (there was non of this in my day just an end of year disco in the sports hall, no fancy Prom dress just a maxi dress from Chelsea Girl and teachers walking around with torches catching folk snogging in corners lol).

Firstly the dress we had ordered didn't arrive until the Wednesday .. and that was only because I wouldn't leave the shop until they went to collect it. The fake tan got caught in the rain not long after being applied. The shoes were slightly different colour due to one being on display in the shop and the other never seeing the light of day (Mum to the rescue with cream nail varnish saved the day there ... I knew my time working in a shoe shop would benefit me one day)

However. after all the grief the end result was staggering... she looked gorgeous. As did all the Teens .. it certainly brought a tear to my eye ...


Daddy Papersurfer said...

What a cracker! [am I allowed to say that?] she must take after her Dad - tee hee.

What a kerfuffle though - we didn't do anything at all at my school - mind you there were no girlies there so there wouldn't have been much point - I suppose I could have had a dance with Chubby Wilmott though *wistful sigh*

Anonymous said...

wow! their dresses are so fancy! Teen looks gorgeous of course (does she know you've posted a photo of her with her mouth open?

70steen said...

she is gorgeous .. but there again I am very bias ...she has her dads ears.. not sure he wants them back lol

So it was true what was written on the wall of the gents toilets then???

70steen said...

NM ~ Teen wanted a funky variation on a Prom dress and I think she got the look right for her (no she doesn't know and blimey I hope no one tells her lol)

fracas said...

Just as I said on twitter... she's beautiful!

(I'm sure she really takes after her mom, just never you mind that old git. He has a box over his head most times anyhow... so he can't be expected to know what he's seeing...)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

..... and what exactly were you doing in the gents young lady!!!!