Monday, 20 July 2009

no diary today

Looked through a few diaries and there was nothing of interest to report .. unless you count finishing school for the summer holidays. I suspect as a teen that is something of interest!!!

Some times I think I should have taken up teaching as I would have oodles of holidays through the year and not had the headache of covering 14 weeks childcare with only 6 weeks leave available [thank goodness that is now a thing of the past and I can leave the teen lanquishing in her pit when I go to work] However, I do feel I would have been quickly suspended had I become a teacher due to the patience or lack of it with cheeky kids lol

As you know from my last post I went on the Worldwide Photo Walk on Saturday evening organised by Pete Carr.
It was great fun I can tell you... and how bizarre it was too. 40 odd folk with cameras stomping around Liverpool.
The reaction of the folk of Liverpool was great..... people asking .....

'who are you expecting?' 'erm what do you mean?' 'this is the paparazzi isn't it?'

'who is on the top of that building?' 'erm?' 'is someone going to jump?' 'erm no we are on a photowalk!' 'oh I thought someone was a jumper' [as they stood watching with interest .. quite bizarre]

'what is going on?' 'we are on a photowalk of the city' 'what like some nerdy/geeky type thing?' 'yes some nerdy/geeky type thing' and so on

I loved every minute [oh ok except at the initial gathering when the organiser said when CKX and I approached.. 'ok we are attracting some random folk now!'.... EXCUSE ME!! Me Random?
CKX was quick with his 'we are not random I have a password and not afraid to use it!!' Then he spotted someone he knew so we were cool!]

I have posted a lot of my pics of the evening on my Flickr but the crunch is I need to pick just 2 that are worthy of entering on the Worldwide Photo Walk site and this is where I need your help.

please pop along and have a look at what I took and tell me which are your favourites if you don't mind ... I would be ever so grateful x

do take a look at the group's photos too there are some really awesome ones there

photo from Pete Carr


gitwizard said...

Well I think your 'neeky, gerdy thing' was great. Some excellent shots, I already left a comment on your Flickr site last night.
My favourite 2 are the museum shot which looks like it should be on a tourism brochure (you didn't just photograph a poster, did you?), and the Maria gravestone, lovely colour and texture, mind you i'm easily pleased!

Now I wanna go on one, have you sussed that South of France/FMB gig yet?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

'Room to let' - outstanding!! and 'Pan-Am Bar Albert Dock' [the one without the candle - although I would crop it down to something long and thin].

I liked the man sitting on the bench as well - a scene from 'Waiting for Godot' with the gravestone in the background an' all ...

... very high standard 70's - I'm amazed!!! - tee hee

Anonymous said...

I like the second Pan Am Bar and Living on a High

gitwizard said...

Why does your FMB blog Permalink take me to ????

diane said...

I have commented on Flickr on the ones I liked but it was a hard choce, you took lots of great shots!

70steen said...

well thank you every one .. I have a 5 bar gate going on the voting on here and with friends who 'don't do blog' (I know I have some strange friends lol)

I will post soon the 2 I have chosen to enter the worldwide Photowalk ... but aren't there some fabulous ones form Liverpool??

Anonymous said...

Hey sis.. I came by yesterday and ended up at the Flickr page instead of here commenting.

I like the room to let one... and then I was rather captivated by the gravestone/headstone shots. I too liked the maria one, but they all really held my attention and the resting in branches one also... just seemed to say something about how life goes on even though some are gone.

A very dear old family friend passed away last week though, and yesterday was the funeral, so I can understand why those shots seemed to stand out more for me.


John C said...

I wonder if they would have appreciated DP sightings. Normal folk would have fallen all over themselves if he'd shown up.

70steen said...

Dear Frac thank you so much for spending the time to look at my photos.. I have registered your votes on my pad!

I do love graveyards particularly the old graves some are pure works of art also being a keen family historian I read them and wonder who they were, what they did etc

I am so sorry to hear about your recent loss hugz xxx

70steen said...

JC ~ I think it would have been chaos if DP had turned up with his box ... can you imagine the scenes of panic????

So JC which are your favs? :-)

John C said...

"Anglican Cathedral Liverpool".

Good point for a base of operations for my plans.

Do I have to convert to get exclusive access rights to the loft? Can you ask before I set up my travel plans...must keep as much cash liquid for...essentials once I arrive.

Times are tough all over. Probably have to use the stairs rather than invest in rappelling equipment the first month.

70steen said...

JC what convert to becoming British?? That may take some time old chap.....

You don't need a grappling hooks as I believe there is an elevator (first British lesson ~ lift)

Charlie said...

Hi 70steen
new to your blog fracas told me about it.
loved your photos didn't get to look at them all on my iPhone so far the bench one is my favorite.

I also wanted to add you to my Charlies Divas! Please e-mail me or follow me on Twitter so I can DM you.

( crossing my fingers I don't get the magic finger )

John C said...

Oh, converting to the Anglican system I meant. I'd be a dual-pat. Wonder if I can get tri-citizenry, be cool for the import tax waivers!'d expect me to wait for elevators...with elevator music...while being gawked at in my tighty brighties by red headed welps?