Monday, 31 March 2008

31st March 1979

Saturday 31
Grand National = Rubstic 1st (from where I was born and brought up the Grand National is a big occasion everything stops to watch the race. There was and is a need to put the 'housewife's' bet on ... the pathetic 25p each way on a horse that 'sounds a nice name', 'oooo the jockey has a nice shirt' ... never ever anything about form ! God forbid that may influence our decision. From being a small child I have had money on the National. Next weekend is the National I will have my pin out to pick the winner, or maybe looking for something significant in the name and the jockeys colours!!)

Work 11 - 5 £4.40 wages
Phoned Sam at 2.15 but he was out
Me & Fi went baby sitting til 2 am= shattered
Got £2.00 and bickies
Israel won the Eurovision Song contest

Here are a few more entries that year .... ours is 10 minutes in 'Mary Ann' by Black Lace (shockingly rubbish!)

Sunday, 30 March 2008

30th March 1979

Friday 29
Letter off Sam
He phoned at lunchtime
Fi went to her grand dads funeral in Cleveleys
My brother gave me £5.00 (wow all I can think of is that I used to charge him for doing his ironing and hemming up his trousers and this was he owed me, as it is highly unlikely he would have just given me money. Brothers just don't do that kind of thing!)

Did a bit of homework

Phoned Sam

Love him

On the front it says 'colour pin-ups' so I thought I would share the bevy of beauties they published. If you click on their pictures it will take you to a piece of their music from the 70s.

Alvin Stardust

Bay City Rollers - (wow Les McKeown must have been small just look at the size of his shoes!!)

David Essex - oh he looks 'hot' on this track

Elton John - what a tremendous track

Queen - having a good time - fabulous

Roxy Music - Let's stick together feat Jerry Hall ....

& last, but by no means least Donny (swoon)

I must say I have really enjoyed surfing for the sounds on this one :-)

Saturday, 29 March 2008

29th March 1979

Thursday 29
Fi called round this morning
Made doughnuts in cookery = ok (yum love doughnuts!!)
Got h
ome at 6.30
m phoned
He is going to apply for a job as an architect

Good luck I hope he gets it

Well the moment you have been waiting for (well ok maybe not) the results from last nights quiz. B4by must be busy as it is not like her to miss a quiz!!!

Mostly A's - tons of it!!

Mostly B's - warm cozy & lovable!

Mostly C's - changeable as the ocean

Mostly D's - Ice Maiden!!

Friday, 28 March 2008

28th March 1979

Wednesday 28
Sociology lecturer back
Trains me
ssed up cos of point's failure
Did roller skating = good

Sam phoned at lunch time
Put highlighter in my hair = n
o difference
Phoned Sam
May see him Sunday

Well it is Friday so I thought it time for a quiz (can't compete with Nurse Myras 'Fridays' but who could ever or even make an attempt to compete :-) )

'Well have you? Do boys stop and stare when you bombshell by and generally stampede to get to you under the mistletoe? If not, why not? Perhaps you are the original ice-maiden, all snowed up inside, freezing them out and leaving a trail of broken hearts behind you? To find out exactly what kind of appeal YOU have, answer our fun quiz and we will show you how with it (or without it) you are.'

70s has done the quiz with a view to recent years, not as a Teen. This resulted in 9 x A, 1 x B, 3 x C & 2 x D
they will be out tomorrow :-)

Thursday, 27 March 2008

27th March 1979

Tuesday 27
First lesson cancelled
Fi'd grandad died
She was in tiers (yep ok tears)

Not much good at comforting (that is a thing I expect comes with age!)

Mrs Issac left her baby is due early June

Sam phoned

He sounded so nice

Spoked to 'J'

This is a fashion bit of advice Circa 197
7 called

here you were either a 'skinnie', a 'medium' (cross my palm with silver) or a ...... 'fattie'!! what happened to curvaceous, fuller figure???? not sure whether you will be able to read the script ... I do hope so !! No wonder teenagers get confused!!!

Skinnies - terms used 'like a stick of spaghetti', flat-chested, no hips, matchstick legs!!!
Medium! no escape there either :- big bottom, fat thighs, non-existent bust

Fatties (I can't believe they titled it so) - basically wear dowdy, dull colours and cover it all up

Now not what to wear (I feel like Trinny & Suzanna). I have never agreed with the horizontal stripes bit, I think it looks nice on large or small!!!

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

26th March 1979

Monday 26
College at 9.00
Hardly done any work
Me & Fi had our photos taken at Wooolies
Watched Kenny Everett & Fawlty Towers
Phoned Sam
I love him
Washed my hair

I have mentioned before on here Fawlty Towers. What a brilliant comedy in true barking mad English style. The barking mad English humour can be found with Kenny Everett. You either loved him or hated him. For me he made me laugh. I my teen years featured Kenny on the TV. He was born just up the road from me in Liverpool and unfortunately he died from an Aids related illness aged 50 in 1995.

Not a particularly funny Kenny but a great live performance of Rod in the 70s

Truly barking after fabulous Bowie

Kenny as Cupid Stunt

Oh just thought I would mention. I received a plain brown envelope through the post today. Not that surprising as I have bought a few bits off an auction site recently. But this one wasn't from an auction site.........
It contained a present and a cryptic message to the effect 'saw these and thought .. 70s'

I'll give you 3 guesses who sent it and who was the partner in crime?
I want to know where did they get a picture of my legs from?
As this is the only one I know exists!!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

25th March 1979

Sunday 25

Mother's Day
Got up at 11.20

e Mum her pressy and card
Walked around Ainsdale

Stayed in all afternoon
Fi rang

Sam left as usual at 7.30
Won't see him until 6/3/79

He phoned from Lime Street

some out takes from a 70s article ....

'If you want to be a pear then eat a pear! If you want to be a lemon then eat a lemon. So in other words if you want to be fruity then eat fruit! Sounds fun and would be fun if this was the case but unfortunately when they say you are what you eat they don't mean it literally. (70sEd - obviously an article targeted at the less than intelligent reader!!) It's more a case of eating plenty of fruit for soft unblemished skin,; dairy products for healthy bones and lots of meat for large tantalising muscles.'

'Perhaps it's just as well we don't turn into our favourite foods because you imagine a Les Gray buttie turning up at a concert with the rest of Mud?' (70s Ed - I think this guy was taking drugs when he wrote this)

'Les adores butties (70s Ed - yep it is buttie up here too, along with sarnie or aka a sandwich) be they filled with mangos, 'nanas or Smarties'

Pretty Lyndsey de Paul can never be called a 'fish face', even though she adores eating fish. She says " There is so much goodness and protein in fish. I particularly like fish such as herrings, bloaters & kippers (70s Ed - so if Lydnsey pops round be sure to have bloaters at the ready).

'Mr Barry Blue admits he thoroughly enjoys cooking his own meals and experimenting with assorted foods. " I am no Cordon Bleu chef or anything like that" he laughs "I just get loads of things together mix them up, cook them and hope for the best. My favourite dish is Egg Cocotte which is eggs, beans, chips and mushrooms all beaten to a pulp (70s Ed _ not according to Delia it isn't). Then I sprinkle this over with flour, bung it in the oven and leave to cook. I must confess that when it comes out it looks vile (70s Ed - you don't say!) but it tastes delicious. I don't think there is anything sissy in a man cooking his own food!" (70s Ed - just admit it Barry YOU CAN'T COOK)

'Donny Osmond (70s Ed - swoon) is a patriotic food lover at heart. His favourite snack in between his main course meals is a large scrumptious American hamburger - our Wimpy's are like peanuts in comparison (70s Ed - if that were true he would be humongous in size... who wrote this rubbish?? lol)

'Finally we come to that super hunk of male, Gary Glitter (70s Ed- now I know this guy is having a laugh!!), who everyone knows, loves curry - the hotter the better (70s Ed - I could have a field day here but I won't ;-) )
"Unfortunately curry and the foods I like most are always the fattening kind" laughs Gary "I'm always watching my figure anyway as I put on weight so easily - I only have to look at a doughnut and I'll gain
a spare midriff!"

70s Ed -I wonder if he has just spotted a doughnut??

Monday, 24 March 2008

24th March 1979

Saturday 24
Worked 11 - 5 £4.50
Colin left today hurray (can't think who this was in the show shop but I obviously didn't like him!!)

Met Sam at lunch time & 5.00 pm
Went to Follies (nightclub)

Sam was a little grumpy but was ok by about 11.30

Got home at 2.10 am

I have been surfing around and thought tonight I would post some dancey clips. Thought they may cheer you up if you are heading back to work after the long weekend :-) You never know there maybe a move in there you can use at the weekend.

This first clip is from Finland once you get past the learning to disco steps check out the guy in white hee hee

Just check out these cool funky moves

I so remember this programme hee hee

& if you didn't get enough of the first bloke Diesel took him and spruced him up for the 21st Century

Interlude .... Easter

To wish you all a lovely break over this Easter time
70s x

Sunday, 23 March 2008

23rd March 1979

Friday 23
At college 'til 11.00
Met Sam at Lime Street station 3/4 hour late.

Went to the Bay Horse in Formby
Had a big row cos I said I wanted treating like a girl not one of the boys.
Then everything got twisted around (oops trouble
at mill hey!!)

From the 'Popswop Annual 1975' I found this article

Love the introduction

Rob Davies (Mud)

'Lovely Rob Davies bought his first home back in 1974. It is a house on a new estate near Mitcham, Surrey. Fellow colleague, Ray Stiles was so full of envy that he too decided to buy a house on the same estate. Rob describing his house to us.
"It's nothing very big, but it's modern and I like it. I paid £12,500 for it, not in cash, I had to take out a mortgage" (70s Ed ~ What pop stars had mortgages??). "The outside wall as are white, and there is a garage and a garden. Inside there's a bathroom, sitting room, dining room come lounge, kitchen, two bedrooms and another room which I have turned into my yoga/music room" "It's a great little place and I has carpets fitted throughout, I've furnished it with modern furniture some in the habitat style" (70s Ed ~ I suppose a property like this in that area would now be about £250 - £300K?)
Les Gray (lead singer of Mud)

' Les chose to buy a flat because he didn't want all the bother of tending to the garden (70s Ed~ well that is hardly a rock 'n' roll life pruning your bushes!!). He paid a similar price for his flat that Rob paid for his house. For his money Les got: a bathroom, two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room. Having seen the marvelous carpet laid in Rob's house, Les went out and bought the same carpet for his living room. He was also taken by the chair's displayed in Rob's home so, once again he rushed out and bought the exact chair's, in the same colour, as Rob's. After seeing what Les had done, Rob made sure that Les didn't enter his house until his flat had been completely furnished and decorated'

Alvin Stardust

'One could never really say he has been homeless. For there was a time when he owned two homes in the area of Liverpool. But because of working pressures he was forced to buy a home on the outskirts of London, because he wasn't finding enough time to spend with his wife and two children.
Alvin found a beautiful little place in Stanmore, Middlesex and it certainly must have mad a large hole in his pocket - the house being bought for a princely sum of £50,000. A house that cost so much you would expect it to have a golden loo! And we weren't too far out because Alvin said

"It was expensive, but the house came already furnished. We didn't have to buy any furniture it was all inclusive!"
There's a kitchen, lounge, 4 bed rooms, a dining room, a living room, a study for Alvin, a laundry room, 3 toilets and a super garden. Naturally there's got to be excellent means og communication if someone's going to live in a house as large as this, so Alvin made a point of having 5 telephones installed' (70s Ed ~ so a property like this today in Stanmore? I reckon about £1 - 1.5 million)

Bay City Rollers

'In the early part of 1975, 3 of the dynamic Bay City Rollers bought houses in the delightful country-side, just outside Edinburgh. The lads were Les, Erick and Derek and they spent £17,000 for their dwellings. They are all country cottages containing 3 bedrooms and the usual kitchen, bathroom and two living rooms. Les did quite a bit of alterations on his living/dining room by knocking walls down and making a super open plan room. The beautiful quaint cottages have been decorated out with a mixture of modern furniture in the bedrooms and slightly antique-looking furniture in their sitting rooms. Naturally, their homes would be far to large to live in alone, so their parents have decided to move in.' (70s Ed~ lol very Rock 'n' Roll having your parents living with you!!)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

22nd March 1979

Thursday 22
Got a letter off Corinna (my German pen pal)
Made orange souffle = nice

Cooked from 1 - 5 pm

Watched Top of the Pops and the Academy awards

Gloria Gaynor = number 1
Sam phoned at 11.20

He is coming up tomorrow

Ok all together now....... 'First I was a afraid, I was petrified..........'

I had a boob tube just like that one lol

Friday, 21 March 2008

21st March 1979

Wednesday 21
Got to college at 9.45 cos of erratic trains.
But lesson was cancelled
Came home again
Mar still off work
Sam phoned at 12.45
I phoned him back later
Watched 'Dirty Money'
Bought a souffle dish £1.39

I must confess I did think Alain Delon was absolutely gorgeous and as for his sexy French accent oooo la la.

I first came across him when I watched The Yellow Rolls Royce (made 1964). I obviously saw this some years later ! But what a great film.

A clip from Un Flic aka Dirty Money (still no speakers so apologies if it is not what it seems !!)