Friday, 30 July 2010

Corset Friday

I have joined in with dear Nurse Myra on a number of T-shirt Fridays but never Corset Friday ..

Came across this photo'age' from an 'age' ago .... when the thought of wearing a corset never crossed my mind

Sunday, 25 July 2010


I love 'firsts'... that first time you visit somewhere, the taste of a new food or a fine wine, meeting new and interesting folk .... well I had a first this weekend

I slept in a VW camper van!!!!!
My friends bought it last summer and I have been itching to have a trip in it for ages. This weekend was that opportunity..... we were off to Wales to celebrate a 50th Birthday.
I first met this group of friends in 1977 .... I had started going out with 'Sam' (some past stuff here ) and he was at school with this crowd ... and 33 years later we are still all good friends ........

The journey in a camper van is certainly different than my comfy saloon car ... you can see things high up and twisty, turny Welsh country lanes are a challenge.... and as for the track up the side of the mountain to the party venue .... eeeekkkkkk... white knuckle stuff. The picture below is the only flat bit!

The party was ace ....

The views were even better ... waking up to this every morning must be a dream

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Mother Nature

Things are coming along............

All grown from seed after the harshest winter I can remember killed off most of my plants.

The rose trees survived they must be hardy little divels......

I was gutted when the freezing conditions finished off my eucalyptus.... he was a very handsome tree once...

But Mother nature has come into her own and given him a second chance.......magical.