Monday, 31 May 2010

Hair Raising

Ah gone are the days when I was 'Rebel Raising'.... all I can do now is raise my hair lol.
Those of you who have followed my blog diary for the past 3 years will have seen a wide range of hair raising hairstyles though the decades,
an 80s bad hair day mullet
an 80s bad hair day perm
'76 just a bad hair day 

'72 and another bad hair day 
a New Romantic bad hair day 

why could I never get my hair this good??

A couple of months ago I was delighted when those lovely people at FuelMyBlog were looking for volunteers to test out a new hair accessory.... yeahhhhh no more bad hair days !!

The product was 'EZ Combs' by JML ......  How exciting I have bought a number of JML products in the past and have always had great value for money ...

When it arrived, teen opened it up and we found that there was a heap of stuff/styles to do with it in your hair .... 'Classic', 'Up-Do', 'Pony tail', Fountain effect', 'butterfly twist' to name but a few and there were two combs (a silver and brown one)
Instantly the silver comb was in teens hair ..... so easy to do....

However, I did have two slight problems ... 

Firstly the comb elastic had snapped on the brown comb (if I had bought them I certainly would have taken them back and I know with JMLs reputation it wouldn't have been a problem to refund or exchange) 
And the second problem was that 2 days previously I had had my hair cut into a jaunty choppy bob style!! I struggled to get the comb to stay in.

Not to be out done I waited a few weeks for my hair to grow a bit. 
So for the test drive ... two weeks ago I put the comb in before I went to work... I must say it is the most comfortable thing I have worn on my hair ever. It felt light and didn't pull your hair like a bobble or claw clip does. 
It stayed in wonderfully until 10.00 am then it started to slip. I wash my hair every day and it is fine and very silky so I wasn't surprised that it slipped out. 
I have tried it since at weekends when I haven't washed my hair and it stayed in beautifully. What I liked the most about the comb was the fact you can actually sit in an arm chair and rest your head back without something prodding in your skull.

I have seen it on sale in our local supermarket and have seen people taking a close look at it ... unfortunately I did hear someone say '£14.99 for a hair slide!!! no way!!' I think the price is something that would put folk off when you can buy clips for a fraction of the price ... 

It really is a quality product and I am still practising the styles now my hair has grown enough to use it ... 
Thank you for the chance to test drive it JML :)