Thursday, 28 February 2008

28th February 1979

Wednesday 28
College 9 - 11.
Phoned Fi
Played basketball at Tech

Bought train ticket to go to Stafford
Cost £4.30 1/2 price with student rail card


Sam phoned at 10.00

Went to bed

As 1979 was not a leap year there will be no normal (if you can call it normal) 70steen post....... but do pop in as I WILL be posting :-)

I am a bit pushed for time tonight so I will leave you with a Mail Order catalogue from 1976 that has been put on You Tube (sorry DP you will have to wait until you have some more bandwidth!!)There are some great 'call out the Fashion Police' examples :-)

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

27th February 1979

Tuesday 27
General Studies Mock A'level exam - 9 -12 = hard
Eclipse of the sun in U.S.A.
Letter off Sam

Fi rang
Skived Business Studies (I hated it so much.... although I did go on to study it at University, mad woman that I am!!)
Miss Sam
He went to a Shrove Tuesday 'do'

Here are the results of the 'How Natural are You?' quiz.

Mark your answers as below then
add them up. Now no cheating !!!!

Scored 60 - 70? (this must be DP as he said he
is 'one big grey area' ~ mmmm has he got this copy of the magazine??

Scored 71 - 80? I wanted to be in this category !!

Scored 81 - 90? This is so not me really ... just one point has flung me into being superficial and passionless... but ok it is true, however, that I like facts and love to enquire as to how things function (a bitter sweet review!!)

Scored 91 - 100? All drama, danger & a yearning to abandon yourself to you deepest emotions!!! ooooooo!!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

26th February 1979

Monday 26
Got a letter off Sam
Wrote back
I do miss him

Missed my train this morning

Fi came 4th in the hairdressing competition
tan & Mike phoned
Phoned Fi & Sam
Still don't know what is happeni
ng this weekend? (what is happening this weekend??)

I don't usually do two quizzes on the 'bounce' but a certain 'peabrain' (aka GoG or DP) has mooted he wished he was a goddess (god forbid) so he could do a quiz. So to stop any un natural chance of nature I rooted around and found this in the 'Best of Jackie'. Published Circa mid 1970's and is pretty 'peabrain' material :-) The pictures are quite 'scruddy' and I have added some of my own.... so are you ready for ...

'Everyone responds to the world around them, even without realising it. And the way you react to your surroundings reveals a lot about your personality. So look closely at each of our illustrations and decide which statement is closest to the way you feel.............find out the hidden personality secrets you revealed!!'

1) Clouds
a) they make you forget the everyday world and feel like floating away?
b) They make you sad because they cast a shadow
c) They're dramatic, striking and some times sinister
d) They make you feel quite indifferent
e) You enjoy trying to see faces, castles or weird animals in them

2) Trees
a) They make you feel secure, you want to shelter under them
b)You're not interested in them
c) You'd love to paint them
d)They make you feel a bit creepy as they are full of insects
e)You like to think of birds nesting in them and furry animals burrowing under them

3) Mountains
a) They make you think about eternity because you know they will be there after you have gone
b) They make you feel lonely and insignificant
c)You think they are hostile because men die trying to climb them
d) You've never stopped to think about them
e) They give the impression they are protecting you and keeping you safe

4) Black Holes in space (70s Ed- I did think to post a photo of my teens bedroom here lol)
a) They're scary
b) You'd love to measure how deep they are
c) They're strange and unfathomable
d) You wish you could travel on and on down to discover what is at the bottom
e) You have no interest

5) Roof Tops
a) You love to see them when they are wet and gleaming after the rain
b) You dislike them
c) You are always worried in case they fall down
d) You imagine crafts from outer space landing on them
e) When you look down you imagine a child's building set

6) Raindrops
a) They don't affect you
b) You'd like to see them through a microscope
c) You love their strange and interesting shapes
d)They make you feel like singing to their pitter patter rhythm
e) they make you feel about tears and tragedy

7) Stones
a) You love to hear your feet scrunching over them
b)Their shapes are really interesting, like a modern sculpture
c) A stone is a stone
d) They are grey and dreary
e) They make you think of the end of everything

8) Shadows
a) They make you shiver and feel anxious
b)You pay no attention to them
c) You think it makes people look like cartoon characters
d) You imagine they could lead an independent life of their own
e) You are interested in how they are actually formed

9) Splashes of paint
a) Each one is bright and gay and makes you think of something funny
b) Every splash troubles you
c) Each one is like a modern painting
d) You wonder how the paint splash got there, was it by mistake?
e) You think it's sloppy and a waste of paint

10) Human Body (the second piccie is from a book called 'Bathing Beauties' that I picked up from a book shop for 50p. It is great. Full of old postcards picturing 'real' women :-) )
a) It's so awkward looking
b) It's a poem in perfect harmony. So natural
c) It's interesting from a scientific point of view
d) It looks like it came about by accident
e) It is rather ridiculous

Ok this Comp is not about 'how many A;s, B's etc' note them down and tomorrow I will tell you what each A, B etc scores and the results ;-)

Monday, 25 February 2008

25th February 1979

Sunday 25
Got up at 10.00
Walked Fi to the bus stop
Phoned 'J'
Sam phoned 2x .. really pleased
My brother went to Morecambe
Fi phoned
Tried to do an essay on the 'Working class Tory Voter
'Strange my writing slants way over to the right now!

Well folks thanks for taking part in the 'How Sexy Are You?' quiz yesterday.
Be thankful you didn't get mostly D's!! lol !

Mostly A's
Wow! You're certainly conscious that you are female! In fact you emphasise it so much no one could fail to notice it. This is great if it is what you really want. It could however lead to trouble like the wrong kind of boyfriend (70s Ed ~ how do they work that out???). If you want a more successful and deep relationship you need to calm it down a bit. Try and forget being a flirt for a bit and concentrate in being a more steady person (70s Ed ~ oh come on???)

Mostly B's
You have the nicest type of sex appeal. You manage to be very attractive to boys without making it obvious that you want them to be attracted. It all come naturally (70s Ed~ it has taken years of practice lol). You have a strong sense of humour and a genuine interest in people. You seem to be doing ok so far! If you can avoid being smug about it you will have a happy life and the males in it will mostly be the right ones (70s Ed ~ I guess I must have been smug along the way lol)

Mostly C's
You are going through a rather self conscious phase at present, so you are not making the most of your attractiveness to the opposite sex, in fact you seem a little scared of boys. It will improve with time. Try and enjoy yourself in male company. Just relax and let life take its course and soon you will be wondering what you were worrying about (70s Ed~ I wouldn't have been worried before this advice but as for after?????....... !!)

Mostly D's
You are just not trying! Your prickly exterior is putting people off and no wonder! (70s Ed~ I would like to point out that my solitary 'd' was coz I like to wear jeans and a jumper after wearing a suit all week at work!! phew!) You've got to get it together; you have only one life to live. Start on a course of conscious self improvement. Take a critical look at your clothes, your hair, the expression you usually wear on your face- it can't be all that bad. Go on, smile at yourself in the mirror, thats a pretty good place to start! (70s Ed - wow thank goodness non of us were prune faces .... all a bit harsh!!!)

Sunday, 24 February 2008

24th February 1979

Saturday 24
Worked 11.00 - 5.00 £4.00 wages
Phoned Sam at lunch time but he wasn't in.

Went baby sitting 'til 12.00

Fi came with me

Got £2.00

Phoned Sam again

He'd been to Birmingham

Bed at 2.00 am

Time for a quick Sunday night quiz....... The preamble in the magazine is quite amusing

'Are you a sizzling sexpot - or a prune-faced prude? Do you enjoy being a girl - or might you just as well been a boy? And if you think you're fairly sexy, does the opposite sex agree with you.
Find out just where you stand, with our quiz!'

Nothing like putting anxious teenagers under more pressure??
Anyway as adults I think we could do the quiz with out to much ill effect???? I Hope!!!
So ........

How Sexy Are You ?


70s is a mostly 'B's' type of gal ....... results tomorrow !!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

23rd February 1979

Friday 23
Got a letter off Corinna (my German penpal)
Civil Service one day strike
(hey we are still doing this today! and still no one is bothered.. just give up lol)
Wrote to Sam

Phoned him at 6.15

He was in a really good mood

Went to Fi's & stayed there
Hemmed my cords
Sam didn't phone back

No addition tonight as I have been composing and writing on FMB about 1973..... go check it out :-)

If you pick me out on the photo then there maybe ???? a prize x

Thursday, 21 February 2008

21st & 22nd February 1979

Wednesday 21
Bought a pair of dark green cords £9.99 = great
Started to make a white silk dress

Phoned Sam

He sounded tired

He said work was busy

Wrote to him

Thursday 22
Made pancakes in cookery (not very exciting hey!)
Phoned Sam

His Mum said he had gone to Blackburn... but I don't know (obviously he hadn't mentioned that the night before)
Bought tickets for David Essex concert (yeah
Fi had her hair dyed purple at Tech for a hairdressing competition

As we are talking about hair I thought a f
ew timely reminders of 70s hair do's was due! I had it long, feathered, curled out, curled under, short & of course then the devil's work~ curly permed which never ever worked but persisted in the hope one day it may!!
Loved Farah's hair but never could get this right either... mine always ended up as a centre parting with 'wings'

Ah the Purdy style! Made popular by Joanna Lumley when she was in 'The New Avengers'. Not a style I sported but Fi (above) her hair was styled like this for the purple colour it looked so cool

Then there was the curled under or under and out style. I know I never mastered this one as I have my first passport photograph taken in 1979 & I managed to look like a springer spaniel

Then there was crimping or should that read 'how to ruin your hair in one easy lesson'!!!

Oh to have one hair cut that was versatile

Then the devil's work

There are some great outlined styles here from the Vogue Book on Gatochy's blog

& if you boys are feeling a bit left out check this out.... the hairstyle names are 'class in a glass' ... as we say here up Norff!!

Interlude ... Fanzine Frenzy

DP's fanclub !!!!!!! A strange phenomenon...............???

Ms D. Ranged has started this exclusive club for goddesses and in fact I do believe non goddesses can also apply (the exclusivity is slipping already). I have noted the badge displayed on such sites. I guess though there are always exceptions!!

I do feel it as my duty just to bring to the publics awareness some facts about DP. You should have some facts before committing yourself to such a life time membership.........

Yes he did survive the Titanic you may have seen him scrabbling around in the water. During the filming with all the sinking panic on board, DP lost his teeth, they had fallen into Kate's cleavage . Faced with a spluttering, dribbling flat capped maniac, pawing at her chest, her reaction some may say was over the top but I can fully understand the panic that came over her. With a quick jab of her elbow, combined with the wet deck (all that spluttering) DP was hurled over the edge of the Titanic. He was later fished out the water by a passing Ukranian fishing boat..........

This is a very rare photo of the absolute power behind the blog Lo Terrible Goddess (TG)

As with all folk who gain world wide recognition, it is inevitable there will be some scandal along the way. I do think it would be unfair for me to drag up the details surrounding his appearance in the news headlines.
(something about a rolled up newspaper, raincoat, garden gnome and a pack of Lurpak butter?)

He has put this behind him now a days and has been seen promoting some top magazines
In aid of the Ukranian fishermen that lovingly brought him back from the brink after the Titanic
He did actually think this was going to be a malt whiskey magazine (have you ever seen him drink malt???)
I have it on good authority that no body double was necessary (no wonder the Ukranian fishermen 'lovingly' looked after him)

I hope these bits of extra info help you to sign up with the DP Fanclub