Thursday, 31 January 2008

parcel day interlude

I think Mr Postie must have known I was studying at home today as I received 3 parcels. All of which I would have had to collect from the post office in the early morn the following day had it been a normal working day today.

In no particular order I received my Snorgtees T shirt that I won in the cool Fuel My Blog competition in October. It is just like the one in their advert if you click on the link above. It is brilliant albeit a bit on the dress size but I will wear it and FMB have asked for a photograph of everyone who has won one....... now that will be interesting...... mmm should I wear it as a dress or be a bit more modest lol ???

Another parcel was from my longest best friend 'J' whose name has cropped up in my diaries a lot. We have been best friends for 30 odd years. She sent me a beautiful poetry book for my birthday. No she hadn't forgotten, she is just like me, buys ahead then the darned thing sits there until we have time to queue up in the post office. Thank you 'J' it is just exquisite.

And last but by no means least a parcel from Australia. Nurse Myra you have the most excellent taste. A beautiful compact mirror and body butter that will make me smell like an angel and have the softest skin of cherub :-)
Accompanied I might add by a rather hysterically funny card hee hee

So a week has passed since my birthday and I am still celebrating.
Oh and if that wasn't enough to make me smile today FMB has invited me to become a writer on their most excellent site. They must be totally insane (in the nicest possible way). I am so thrilled ........... Thank you everyone :-)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Why are you so spoilt? I suppose you deserve it ........ in a way.

Oooooo ...... "White Rabbit!"

70steen said...

White Rabbitsm White rabbits, White rabbits

Awwww see you can be nice :-)

nursemyra said...

Im glad the pressie arrived safely. and that you thought the card was as funny as I did!

Kimchihead said...

I hope every day is like your birthday! :-D

Daddy Papersurfer said...

.... and you won the trial run of the new competition!!!!

70steen said...

NM ~ they are lovely ......I guess you posted the parcel before Parmesan remover post on your blog tee hee

Kimi - awww thank you that is lovely :-)

DP - so I see ... no more prizes for me now I have been offered the keys (eek !)

darlene said...

happy belated birthday!!!...Aren't parcels fun.....

70steen said...

Thank you Darlene :-)
Oh I love getting nice things through the post .... makes a change from Bills lol