Saturday, 26 January 2008

26th January 1979

Friday 26
Go to Stafford on 5.20 train
A train got de
railed at Bootle (one of the train stops between Southport and Liverpool )
Left col
lege at 3.00
Went to
Binns for a coffee with Cheryl
Train = late
Left Cheryl
at 7.00
Sam was waiting for me = very very cold

Went to the Swa
n & the Woolpack
am gave me a Barry White single (still got it!!)

Like all Teen's I loved going to the cinema/ pictures/ flicks, still do. I was looking to see what was showing in 1979 ...... many have be saying to myself 'it is never that old?' but they are! For instance 10 & Bo Derek with her plaited hair (as well a figure to die for)

Other classics were
The scary stomach bursting Alien
Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century (so cheesy)
The China Syndrome what a thriller of the time
Clint Eastwood in the excellent Escape from Alcatraz
The weepy Kramer v Kramer

The Life of Brian classic lines such as Brian's Mum 'he's not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy!' - superb comedy. It was on the telly over Christmas and it still makes me laugh.
Check out the quotes here)

Apocalypse Now a great film & soundtrack

Muppet Movie - I didn't see this until I watched it with my teen when she was little

And the Age of Aquarius film Hair - all that hippie culture, sexual revolution &


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I still haven't seen 'The Life of Brian' - what are the chances. Got it on DVD as well - will watch it one day though - promise

Daddy Papersurfer said...

..... and I saw the original stage production of 'Hair' - very disappointing - couldn't see a thing [or things]

70steen said...

Oh you simply have to watch it ... it is wacky, completely bonkers British humour.

I wasn't allowed to go and see Hair, my mum said it was 'that film full of naked people!!' I did see it on video some years ago but wasn't really that impressed .... may have to revisit

nursemyra said...

Kramer vs Kramer was a film I couldn't watch for years. I split form J's father when he was a baby and foolishly allowed them to go on holiday together a year later.

he took him to perth and refused to give him back. it took me 6 hysterical weeks of legal wrangling before I was able to snatch him up and make a run for the airport

tNb said...

Woah, that's a weird coincidence ... I was listening to Barry White just this afternoon ...

And I did love Dudley Moore in '10' even though my mother wouldn't let me have Bo Derek hair.

Kimchihead said...

The horror... the horror...

Cowgirl Betty said...

I lovethe smell of napalm in the morning! It's one of my favorite movie lines from one of my favorite movies!

but Alien is one of the scariest movies ever made--hands down!

Say, when did Star Wars come out?

70steen said...

Wow NM I can quite imagine that K v K was not the film top watch then ...... you certainly have had some 'stuff' happen in your life x

70steen said...

tNb you can't beat a bit of Barry the Walrus of Lurrrve!!!
We plaited out own Bo hair but you can guess it looked nothing like it lol

70steen said...

Great line CGB lol

Star Wars was 1977 wasn't it? I thought it was it's 30 year anniversary last year??????

70steen said...

Hi K
sorry I missed you there hiding between the girlz

I know horror of the Muppets Movie will stay with me always tee hee :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm bored now - I think I'll watch a film

70steen said...

Is there anything good on?? Not that I watch it much ....... ooooo have to watch Casualty from last night :-)

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Loved Barry White!

70steen said...

Sugar~ Barry White is my ultimate chilling type of music :-)