Wednesday, 16 January 2008

16th January 1979

Wednesday 16
1 day train strike
My brother took me to college
Bought a handbag for £5.99
Phoned Sam but he was out

He phoned back later

He is still grumpy with me about the weekend
I wish he wasn't
Phoned Fi
I feel so pissed off
He lives there I live here

He works in the week

I work on Saturdays but have college all week
It is so awful

From the Schoolgirls Annual 1975, I came across this quiz. Now I ask you? I was an early Teen then Donny was (& still is ... if you are reading this Donny :-) ) my dream boat, it was disco's, platform shoes, bell bottom pants, making up dances to songs in our front room, lilac eye shadow and later lycra pants trying to look like Sandy from Grease. We wanted quizzes about how to tell a boy fancied you, what do your friends really think of you? and other such important stuff!

How on earth would a Teen know the answers to these old people...... it's the sort of stuff you would find in your parent's record collection which to Teenage ears was sheer hell. I would struggle now with out the aid of the safety 'net........... so how many can you guess???


Cowgirl Betty said...

Is number 3 Copland?

--OK, it's settled . . . I am sooo uncool!

Cowgirl Betty said...

Ugh!! I take it back--it's Gershwin!! Not only am I uber uncool, I am also fuddy-duddy illiterate! Ah well, it'll get better as the week progresses.

tNb said...

"I wrote a Negro folk opera?!?"

I think I'm showing my extreme lack of cool right now by listening to Boney M (Damn that DP).

Cowgirl Betty said...

Is the "I wrote a Negro folk opera" referring to Porgy and Bess? It's official, I am uncool, fuddy-duddy illiterate, and politically incorrect!!

Please do not tell this to my fantasy fiance, Ben Harper. Do not tell Hun I have a fantasy fiance.

Kimchihead said...

I got a big fat ZERO.

nursemyra said...

is #4 richard rogers?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm not answering on the grounds it might incriminate me.

BTW - why o why was everything orange in the 70's?

70steen said...

CGB- you is super uber uncool gal but right with Gershwin .... I have the answers on page 77 will let you all know later .... bet you can't wait ... NOT!!!!

70steen said...

tNb - what has happened to you in a relatively short period of time..... listening to Boney M voluntarily ..... DP has soooooooooo much to answer for

70steen said...

CGB- 'Please do not tell this to my fantasy fiance, Ben Harper. Do not tell Hun I have a fantasy fiance.'

Reminder to me to have a good old read of your blog lol

70steen said...

Well done I had no doubt you were way to cool :-)

70steen said...

NM- Spot on (I won't tell anyone about this!!!!!!)

70steen said...

DP - you know you want to .... due to the time warp age difference space time continuum (plus you probably heard these chaps first hand) know you know the answers ... if you answer without cheating you can have a prize

Daddy Papersurfer said...

1 John
2 George
3 Paul
4 Ringo
5 Bashful

What's my prize?

70steen said...

Give me chance I've not bought the wool yet !!!!!!!!!

awww Bashful :-)

70steen said...

Oh in answer to earlier ..... they must have known then it was the future !!

shle3pyb4by said...

hey there... i tried to find the page 77, but hmm... :)


i was not even born yet... sigh.
yeah, 70steen... why is everything in the 70s was in orange?

Sugar Queens Dream said...

I was livin large in the 70's I wish everyone was.... I sure hope things work out better for you in that oone department.... Things will improve.... cross your fingers and everything else... I even cross my boobs when I really want something, of course I am old and gravity has worked his, notice I said HIS, evil fingers into the mash ...*sigh*

tNb said...

I'm afraid DP isn't responsible this time. I was corrupted long before I met you folks ... did I mention satin shorts?

(Of course, I was only 10 when orange was really big)

tNb said...

Oh! I just remembered that one of those responsible for the above-noted corruption had a band called 'Rhymes With Orange' ... does ANYTHING rhyme with orange??? Clearly our disco-fuelled ancestors knew the power of orange ...

(yep, caffeine just kicked in)

70steen said...

Ok in answer to the 70s Orange question??

I have no idea !!!!!!!! :-)

Could it be it was cheaper ink?
Could it be they were copying my lovely orange trouser fashion?
who knows? but
obviously as I said earlier the future is orange also though the chosen colour of FMB!!!!

70steen said...

oh yes Page 77 says ..........
In 1.. Stephen Collins Foster???
In 2.. John Philip Sousa
In 3.. George Gershwin
In 4.. Richard Rogers
In 5.. Jerome Kern

So a gold star to CGB & NM for getting one right and a ball of wool for DP for Bashful :-)

& p.s. b4by stop making me feel old lol

shle3pyb4by said...

whoopsiesss!!! sorry!! i didnt intend too. i thought i felt so not in the conversation at all. :)

traaa laa laa la laa laa...