Tuesday, 15 January 2008

15th January 1979

Tuesday 15 (13 months) (for those new to here this is how long I had been dating Sam)
College = boring
Came home at 4.00

Skived sociology (I have so got
to remember this if or when my teen skips college!!!)
Wrote to Sam

Phoned Sam
He was really grumpy as I am not going down to see him this weekend but going the next

Did an essay on the digestive system (how exciti
ng!! NOT!)
Watched TV
Went to bed (as you do)

Now here is something else I know I tried in the 70s. Not exactly these wax crayon things but updating outfits or bags with iron-on transfers, sequins, ribbons etc. It always ended up looking like a load of old to
sh and me wishing I had never ruined a perfectly good article of clothing.

Now dress making is a different matter. I loved (still love) sewing and I know I made a hideous maxi dress just like this in sewing at school C1975


tNb said...

What the heck is a stylish saddle?

I cannot count how many t-shirts I ruined with crappy iron-ons. Clearly not a domestic goddess ...

Hey, aren't you up a bit late?

70steen said...

'stylish saddle' I have no idea in this context but have an idea in another lol

Oh iron-on stuff was such a big con I am yet to hear from anyone who had a success with it .... (I bet there are some clever domestic goddesses out there who may disagree.. if so please spill your secret lol)

It is only 22.50 here just now off to bed in about a 1/2 hour or so ... what time is it where you are ... I am such a dumb person over the world time warp I never know if folk are reading this at breakfast, dinner or the early hours through blog - insomnia!!!!!????

tNb said...

Certainly not dumb, just longitudinally challenged. ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

[It would be a relief to us all if she was dumb.]

HEY!! are you calling my friend short?

nursemyra said...

am I crazy to think an essay on digestion could be fabulously interesting?

shle3pyb4by said...

nursie, how can it be interesting?? my oh my!! :) *giggling throughout the hall of 70steen blog space*

P/S: 70steen, your wish has been granted, i think... ive been so energetic today!! the ribena, i pressumed so... :)

70steen said...

erm DP - to whom were you referring too when you said 'my friend'???
You know you haven't got any but I do have a sneaky feeling Fracas is warming to you ... she has been using terms such as 'fond' & 'gumpy old git' together!!!!!

70steen said...

NM- wish I had known you then I bet you could have spiced up my essays hee hee

70steen said...

Ribena is wonderful stuff.... waytogo B4by happy to see you bouncy again

tNb said...

So you ARE friends! And here I thought DP was just stalking you ...

70steen said...

hee hee he is a dear grumpy old git (GOG) but don't you dare tell him I said so ;-)