Tuesday, 22 January 2008

22nd January 1979

Monday 22
Caretakers Strike N.U.P.E. (I guess the Winter of Discontent was still going)
3 pickets on the gate at college (wow)

Wrote to Sam

Washed my hair

Went to 'J's for an hour

Then went to Tiffany's for some tickets
20 (huh??? I wonder what these were for?)
Sam phon
ed he said the snow was really deep there

In my earlier ramblings I wrote about Tiffany's. It was a night club at the end of the road where 'J' & lived. Originally I think it was a cinema, then a night club called the Moulin Rouge, then Tiffany's
. Sadly now it is a pub/restaurant.
But how cool
it was ~ no expense on taxi's and if you forgot your lip gloss you could pop home for it.
The photo below of the then Moulin Rouge was taken
from the top of our road

I thought I would have a root around and see what the top 10 chart singles were for this week I 1979. YMCA was still number 1.

Number 2 was Ian Drury - Hit me with your Rhythm Stick. I had a sort of love/hate relationship with Ian Drury's music. I think being a Shallow Hal type teen he just wasn't attractive ... I know but that is how it is when you are a girlie, but I did quite like some of his music.

Number 3 was Racey - Lay your Love on Me. No sorry I was never a Racey fan ... I know there is someone out there who has told me they are .......... you know it doesn't make you a a bad person! lol

Number 4 was Earth, Wind & Fire - September. Love E,W&F so great to dance to, later in 1979 I went to see them on concert, fabulous.

Number 5 was Olivia Newton John - A little More Love. I must admit I thought Olivia was gorgeous and was so jealous of how she looked... she was so skinny. (One the You Tube clip I have linked to there one of the comments that made me smile was 'Olivia helped me reach puberty' I bet she did lol)

Number 6 was Paul Evans - Hello This is Joannie. I had to look this one up as I didn't instantly recognise it ... I do now !

Number 7 was Chic -Le Freak ..... no didn't like this at all

Number 8 was Elton John - Song For Guy. Gosh I can't believe this is 29 years old !!!

Number 9 was Funkadelic - One Nation under a Groove... what a great dance track

Number 10 was Driver 67 - Car 67 . Not a favourite but I have not heard this since 1979 I think ?

I am smiling to myself as I am rooting out tracks on You Tube & typing this ......I am in competition with my Teens 'tunes' currently it is this........... perhaps Racey wasn't that bad after all lol


Cowgirl Betty said...

Funkadelic had some amazingly talented groove--and some amazingly gravity-defying hair!!

Confession--I luv Soulja Boy. Don't ask me why. I'm still puzzled about it.

tNb said...

Okay, this makes me feel old. My ex had to explain the expression "superman that ho" to me ... I really had no idea.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I done that thing wot made you a nursey [scary thought] and I did done come out as a priest!!! That ain't right, surely - innit?

70steen said...

CGB- don't tell any one but I quite like it too ..... don't ask me why either coz I can't understand a word of it

70steen said...

tNb you actually could make some words out of it???? what does that mean or don't I want to know!!!!!! >-)

70steen said...

Dp - you are talking rather strange ... you lost your teeth again .

I tell you the thought of you dressed as a priest is way to scary for me to even think about .... thank goodness I am awake imagine that happening in a dream arrrrrghhhhhhh!!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

.....should be 'too' scary.
Write a sentence that contains 'to' 'too' and 'two' correctly, and then see me after class.

nursemyra said...

ooh i did that side thing too and I came out as a hippie chick...

how come I wasn't a nurse?

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Where is the side thing, I want to do it... I'm so sure I'll come out as a dominatrix cake baker..... I just know it!
Ohhh Yipeeeee

shle3pyb4by said...

i did the side thing 70steen... ;)
and i got pirate?! ;)

its so funny, and it somehow made my day in the office today! ;)

Shinade said...

Oh my DaddyP as a priest? Now how did that happen I wonder?

Alas, I cam e out a hippie. But, I am an Aquarian just like you....that's right I've heard rumors floating around.

I wonder which one of us is older? I know I am for sure at least by one day.

I'll be back tomorrow:):):)

tNb said...

No 70's, you don't want to know ...!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Happy birthday to you!! - tra la

Just practising for tomorrow......

70steen said...

DP ~
GOGs in my opinion are far too grumpy to have one goddess visit their site, let alone two or more!!!!


70steen said...

Oh NM you suit being a hippie chick ..... unlike me ... a nurse you have to be kidding lol :-)

70steen said...

Sugar - I owe the side bar to Fracas she has it in her bag of tricks over there ...... so what did you come out as????

70steen said...

b4by - Pirate is just so cool , just like Johnny Depp :-)

70steen said...

Jackie so is it your day today ???? 23rd ???? If so Happy Birthday :-)
All these hippie chicks I want to be one too ..... us Aquarians have carefree hippie tendencies

70steen said...

tNb........ maybe I won't ask my teen then lol :-)

70steen said...

DP ..... aww thank you x
(just practicing for tomorrow)

Could you perhaps sing in tune tomorrow though *snigger*

shle3pyb4by said...

like Johnny Depp?!! Yayyy!! Okay, in that case, im so happy with it!

70steen said...

& so you should be .. I am so jealous ! but maybe he will need a nurse one day and I am here lol