Friday, 25 January 2008

25th January 1979

Thursday 25
Got a necklace & card off Corinna in Germany
It snowed really heavily

Sam phoned

He has been thrown out of the hous
e as he told his mum to get stuffed (oops!!!)
Went to Tiffany's with Fi, 'J', Stan, Mike etc (whilst poor Sam is homeless I am partying hee hee)

Fi wen
t with Tony R (awww!!)

I have mentioned 'Jackie' Magazine a few times during this journey through the 70s. It was certainly the teenage girls bible, it covered fashion, music, true life stories, horoscopes and of course 'Dear Cathy & Claire'.
Dear Cathy & Claire were the problem page girls or 'agony Aunts' who would answer an array of teenage angsts.
What a brilliant job that must hav
e been making up the answers to them.

Here are some examples with70steen's replies

Dear 70s.~ My boyfriend gave me one driving lesson recently but I drove the car into a ditch. Since then he's refused to teach
me again. He says I only confirmed his belief that women make useless drivers.
70s reply~ I read into this that you are bl
ond like me. I assume you were naturally applying your lip gloss at the time of the incident and using the rear view mirror to check your hair? My advice is dump him!!

Dear 70steen~ I'm really miserable. I've been going out with my boyfriend for three months - and he is the trouble.

You see it is his hair. My hair is shoulder length but his is a good 5 inches longer than mine - honestly!
I love him a lot, I'm sure I do. He's a fantastic boy and he's good to me in almost everything. But if we go to the pictures, usherettes laugh and snigger at him. If we go for a walk, there are always kids hanging around and laughing at us.
My parents get upset with me and they tell me that all our neighbours talk about me. My boy tells me he loves me, but if h
e did surely he would get his hair cut when it is making life so miserable.
Should I finish with him?
70s reply~ I think I smell an air of jealousy as you can't grow your hair as long as his!!! My advice is that he finishes with you (are you sure they are not laughing at you not him btw???

Dear 70s~ My boyfriend is absolutely obsessed with films & T.V. programmes. After he has been watching a western,he develops a Texas drawl and a John Wayne swagger and after a James Bond film, he acts very cool and man-of-the-worldish.
It's most embarrassing when we're with a crowd as all of our friends laugh at him. How can I cure him?
70s reply ~ Dump him and pass me his number, he sounds a complete hoot (he may need a bit of hair cut and a groom though) and you sound sooooo boring & miserable !!

Dear 70steen~ I am really fed up because everyone -including my parents- are against me.
I'm 13 and I want to get engaged to Steve, who's 15. We've been going together for 3 weeks and are really in love.
I am attractive, although Steve is nothing to look at, which makes me think that I love him for himself. My parents are being completely selfish about the matter.
70s reply~ you are 13, big headed and he is ugly! My advice is that your parents ground you until you are 21.

Dear Cathy & Claire
I would like a change of career. I was thinking of becoming an 'Agony Aunt' What do you think???


Daddy Papersurfer said...

If you want to cause agony - go ahead............. blimey.

I had hair down to my wotsit in the late 60's and early 70's ..... I was luverley.

70steen said...

Should I stick with my day job then???

ooooo is their photographic evidence??? Oh please say there is :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

There's a film on Super8 .......
Have I fuelled you today? I can't be bothered to check ...........

70steen said...

oh you must get it transferred on to dvd it will be a hoot :-D

yes~ "Hope you survived the celebrations!"

tNb said...

I think a DaddyP Super8 Film Fest is a grande idea!

PS -- 70's I was expecting you to be a bit hungover today ... how were the bday celebrations?

70steen said...

Hi tNb he may do something about it with a bit gentle blog peer pressure.

Had a bit of a fuzzy head this morning (many would say how could I tell!) so booked a days leave and have had a great chilling day :-)

nursemyra said...

*sigh* when I was a teen all the gorgeous boys had long hair like robert plant.

strange, now I'm attracted to the guys who shave it all off....

why is that?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Shave all what off?!!!!??!!!

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Nun-ya Daddy P, I'm sure~~
Oh Happy Day 70's you have found your calling... an advice giver... Now give Daddy P some advice he can really use and nothing easy, he needs to hear the truth as it hurts!
Hugs and sugar~~

70steen said...

NM - yes long hair was quite a cor those days.... mmmm let me think why you like shaven chaps?????? ;-)

70steen said...

Sugar thanks ....... not sure DP would be able to listen he is too far gone now lol

Shinade said...

oh dear once again I am the odd ball out. I still love guys with long hair!!

Don't let DaddyP get to you too much:-)

I know you and sugar can handle him*wink*wink*

Anonymous said...

Oh my God - 1979 - I was one of the DJ's at Ainsdale Tiffany's that year. Worked with Phil Watton - you would mainly see me in the Bali Hi or doing all the private Parties. I also did the Jazz Funk Nights.


70steen said...

Oh MY GOD Eddie ... I have probably danced to your DJing how very cool is that?:-)
'Bali Hi' I had forgotten about that wow. Tiffanys was just so great it was about a 5 minute walk from my house .. no taxi needed!

Thanks for the message it has made me smile
I hope you will pop back into 70s land in Southport... it was so great growing up in Southport in the 70s