Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Dear Cathy & Clare

Dear Cathy & Clare
I seem to have voyaged through the 70s at a rate of knots. I find myself in an awful situation - the last year of the decade with no diary. What am I to do??
I have visited many places since I started this is adventure in 1974
& I can't believe how quickly it has passed me by.
I had so many 'crushes', it seemed in the early days almost a different boy every day, was it a Paul?
a Pete? a Phil? a Brian? heart throbs all of them!!!!
I had a full size Starsky poster on my wall
but my heart was always true to Donny
Although now I do have Sam who is a lovely boy. But How can I be sure he is for me?
I have done the hair styles
Oh and the shoes..... what great shoes through the 70s

I love being 5ft 8" tall

Then there was the orange pants
& this ultimate fashion statement

I have read in your magazine 'Jackie' about regression hypnotherapy.
Do you think that may work? Do you think it would take me back to 1979? I am scared that I would end up as a pantry maid in 1879 in a big house with the stable boy trying to steal a kiss with no return to today. Destined to spend my life in poverty with 15 children. Don't get me wrong I do like children but don't feel ready for such a commitment. Can you get pregnant from kissing a stable lad standing up in the scullery????
I must say it does appear a little expensive though at £15.99 1/2p a session! I only earn £4.00 a week selling shoes.
Or should I just spend a day looking through every box I have in the loft, battling spiders and other creatures that may live in the dark up there?

Please please help, I don't know what else to do!!!


p.s. I did like your article about 'How to make sure you're not invited back' such as 'start a fight', 'be sick over the cat' & 'pour your drink over your hosts dads 200 year old, highly polished pearl inlaid harpischord' very useful advice indeed as most people I know have harpischords in their front rooms!!!


nursemyra said...

you already know what you have to do. brave the spiders sister...

Daddy Papersurfer said...

.....and the bats. Or you could dispatch your teen up there and don't let her out until she has succeeded ...... kids have got to be useful for something.

sylvie d said...

your present arrived yesterday 70! Thank you! It was Christmas all over again for us!
Have a very good 2008 with lots of killer shoes I hope ;-)

70steen said...

NM I have the rubber gloves at the ready .... as you know as a nurse you can tackle most things with rubber gloves :-)

70steen said...

DP - I'm afraid the teen has opted to go into town and spend money instead.... just can't understand that at all!!!!

70steen said...

Sylvie - so glad they finally arrived... was concerned they would be all squished, hope they weren't?

Hope you all have a fabby 2008 too... looking forward to new adventures

Kimchihead said...

I love the hair.

70steen said...

Totally outrageous aren't they! :-)