Friday, 18 January 2008

18th January 1979

Friday 18
2 day train strike (remember this is the Winter of Discontent)
Had my hair cut = short (gosh I reme
mber this it was so short, as my Teen would call it 'Man Hair' I was so sorry afterwards)
Phoned Sam at work and we had a nice chat

Sam phoned this evening and he was really narky with me

Here's hoping things are better tomorrow

Phoned 'J' had a great gossip and laugh (you can always rely on your girlie chums lol)

Now through the 70s in my informative years yo
u will have seen that I had a crush on a different boy almost daily (it is still the same now as I have noticed this with my Teen and her chums) But I always had an eye for dark handsome type ... namely Donny, then Bryan and latterly David
Imagine my amazement when I stumbled on this bit of info! ......
. what their faces tell us from Jackie Magazine C1977.

A step by step analysis of what their faces mean and ours too ...
This is from the Ja
ckie album

So he is prone to jealousy as he has a 'mono-brow' as my Teen describes it. Can't say I noticed that! but Donny would have no reason to be jealous lol

Bryan is stubborn and domineering .... yes he is binned! Plus as a grown up he looked a bit weird

David is another 'mono-brow' so jealousy again ............... is there a pattern here??

After that analysis you can look at your own face! (eeek)

Ok this is me ..
Very romantic (yes), impractical (no I am very practical) idealistic (yes), sensitive (hell NO), poetic(yes)
makes bad decisions over love (erm Yes)
Head rules heart (yes and no)
not easily deceived (yes) and is over suspicious (yes)
sociable, friendly, full of fun & likes to flirt (oh yes)
Whitty, chatty girl who is a bit flirty? (yep yes)

So only 2 & 1/2 no's amongst a sea of 'of yes'... seems quite an accurate analysis??

So who are you ?


nursemyra said...

coincidentally I am writing a post about face analysis too. though from a completely different angle to yours so we won't clash :-)

I wonder why your magazine's pictures of lips all had a herpes on them.... very strange.....

Daddy Papersurfer said...

There is no way I'm looking at my face - I've got so used to wearing my box now, I feel naked without it.

70steen said...

NM- I will let you use my research if you need it lol :-)

Oh and Wow aren't you so observant re the herpes hee hee

70steen said...

I don't think there is a near match in any of the categories for a square head