Thursday, 17 January 2008

17th January 1979

Thursday 17
Gave Rob the £1 I owe him (it was for the subbuteo I had bought off him for Sam)
Came home for dinner & had a b
ath (huh??? had a bath at lunch time ???)
Had a student for Sociology

Tried to phone Sam but his phone isn't working

It's a long time since we've never spoken in a day (oh those heady days before mobile phones and the internet ..... sigh!!!)

These black & white (orange) scans are from an article about the circus at the Blackpool Tower Circus in the 70s.

As kids we visited Blackpool a lot, in fact a summer holiday was not complete with out a day trip to the Golden Mile, a go on the Pleasure Beach and a donkey ride across the sands.
When my father died in 1967 the Children's Home Charity sent Mum & us kids there for a week in a guest house. Volunteers ferried us there and back in their cars (I threw up in the back of one of them...... hey I was only 5 and it was a bouncy suspension Citroen).

My Mum still blames that week for some onward excess weight gain as every night the landlady would dish up tapioca, rice pudding or semolina!! Of course non of kids would entertain it so Mum would eat what she could of the 4 puddings and wrap the rest in a handkerchief, putting it down the loo when no one was looking so not to offend (my thinking is that if she had told the lady we didn't like it then she wouldn't have carried on serving it !!.. well that is me and that is my Mum!!)

I have certainly been to the Tower Circus on many occasions latterly as a Mum myself where my young daughter was crying hysterically as these papier-mache huge headed clowns danced around the rink .... but that is another story!

In the 70s and before it was a time when animals were used in circus's, it is not so prevalent now-a-days because of animal cruelty and so on... actually I used to be bored stiff when I went to them.

However, I just love the description added to these photos trying to make them appear interesting.

Now I want to meet this guy
Rudy Horn and his amazing balancing act hee hee

These next 2 are just begging for a caption!
In this one I reckon the tiger is saying
'right you distract him looking over there and then I will grab us some 'kiwis' for lunch'

'Can I borrow your ickle people & strimmer DP?'

For Gail

images scanned from Schoolgirls annual 1975


fracas said...

I'd be a little worried about borrowing those ickle people from daddyp. You do realize where they've been don't you?


tNb said...

I should like to borrow those Bronleys and their space rocket. A few aerial thrills sounds like a good idea right about now.

Cowgirl Betty said...

I want to know more about that rocket--this was a family show, right?

A show with a performer named "Rudy Horn" cannot be child friendly.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

You need to have kiwis to do what Rudy Horn does ..... as does Miss Yvonne.

I've never been to Blackpool for which I am extremely grateful.... it's 'up Norff' somewhere isn't it?

nursemyra said...

fabbo pics though I hope Gerd has lost the jodpurs by now

Gail said...

Billy Smart's Circus was always de rigeur on Christmas Day....I think it was the circus that turned the ring into a swimming pool each time?

70steen said...

Frac of course!! Not sure Miss Yvonne would be that worried as she does seem to have a bad bodily 'hair' problem

70steen said...

tNb that rocket ship is great.... its like something out of Lost in Space

70steen said...

Rudy Horn is such a fabulous name ... I can imagine the parents sniggering .... its a bit like Panto watching it as a child then an adult is really strange

70steen said...

awww DP Blackpool is a seaside resort that you just can't take seriously really, but it is fun. Yep it is up Norff far to far for old folk from down Souff to travel too (thank goodness )lol

70steen said...

NM - I reckon the tigers probably saw to that hee hee

70steen said...

Gail hi
I have just added another photo for you on at the bottom of the page ... well remembered :-)

Kimchihead said...

Didn't the clowns always freak you out? They always freaked me out. Scary!

70steen said...

Hi K
The silly clowns with buckets of fake water and enormous shoes were ok for me but what did freak me out were the white faced Pierrot ones... so creepy !

shle3pyb4by said...

scary clowns like the one in the movie IT... :(

70steen said...

IT????? That one has passed me by coz I don't do scary movies!!