Monday, 14 January 2008


As some may know I am not one for 'memes' but there are some that make me sit back & think about who I am and what I am about ... this one from Sugar Queen
So I sat back and considered the 10 Love /Hates questions (5 Loves & 5 Hates)
These are my answers

  1. I love to eat: Cheese! So bad for the cholesterol. But there are so many fine cheeses out there that have to be ate.
  2. I hate to eat: Tomatoes, cooked peas (raw are fab) and rare steak
  3. I love to go: Art galleries and museums I so love to explore new artists and the past with all its mysteries
  4. I hate to go: To work but must as it pays for the life style I have
  5. I love it when: My Teen gives me a hug. We had such a close huggy relationship all her life but now she is a Teen it is as and when she needs one
  6. I hate it when: People judge others through press reports with out appreciating the differences there are in culture and life around the world.
  7. I love to see: Something new in every day because it is there if we only chose to look
  8. I hate to see: The ill manners and couldn’t care less attitude of some I come across daily in commuter life.
  9. I love to hear: Laughter whether it be a child or an adult (laughter is so good for you.. I do it a lot :-) ) as long as it isn’t at the cost of others
  10. I hate to hear: Prejudice and ignorant ill informed rants from people.
I am not Tagging anyone btw


nursemyra said...

I love tomatoes, peas and a rare steak.

in fact you've given me an idea for dinner

Daddy Papersurfer said...

See - firm but fair. I suspected you might be quite nice.

shle3pyb4by said...

i love laughing, but i think i do more of a giggling rather than laughing, and i always laughing soooo hard that sometimes i ended up on the floor? haahahha.... ;)

uhuhh... hugging are the best! *hugging 70steen*

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Thank You 70's for doing this, I really am happy you did it for me... I am sad today, maybe tomorrow I will smile again... *sigh*

70steen said...

NM- glad to be of help on the menu front :-)

70steen said...

DP- that's me firm but fair and ever so nice really :-)

70steen said...

b4by- you are the biggest giggler I know ...... I suspect laughter combined with wine may be the reason for falling over tee hee

70steen said...

Sugar- I am so sorry you are feeling sad. I hope tomorrow brings you sunshine in your life and a big smile to your face
sending a special 70s hug x

shle3pyb4by said...

BIGGEST giggler? :)
not anymore for the upcoming few days. have to be in the same group with sugar queen... not in a good condition! always, always like this!! i hate myself when i have this feeling inside me!

hopefully, ill be giggling again soon! love you!! :)

70steen said...

well b4by I will send you hope that tomorrow it is sunny in your heart again and we hear your giggles echoing around blog space really soon
Take care oh expert twirling one
Love to you too :-)