Saturday, 12 January 2008

12th January 1979

Friday 12
It was cold & very icy as it snowed last night
Got home at 4.30

Went to Fi's with Sam

Hel & Mick were there too

went to Formby to meet some mates
I stayed at Fi's

We had such a great
Bought some cider and we practiced make up
Fi made me put
rollers in

I know Nurse Myra is a little freaked out by the SHOOT footballers but I couldn't resist this bevvy of 'beautiful' 70s moustaches. If it was an article about them I have just included a snippet.

So which one would you choose............??

In 1....Romeo Benetti - AC Milan. Here we see him in his cellar with a vintage bottle of Italian wine..
In 2 ..... Drew Busby - Heart's 'his entire career has been concerned with making life hectic for 'keepers' '

In 3....Mickey Walsh - Blackpool (he looks quite cute there actually)

In 4 .... Stan Rankin - Glasgow United 'you must be able to last the full 90 minutes'

In 5 ......Kenny Payne - Forfar 'remember that when I am dribbling circles round you'
In 6 ......Don Gillies - Bristol City
In 7 ......Terry Yorath - Coventry
And finally in 8 .....Graeme Souness- Liverpool 'in January 1978 Liverpool paid £352,000 for him'


tNb said...

we were too obsessed with helmet-free ice hockey on this side of the pond to worry about mustachio'd "footballers" (soccer soccer). but i do remember sleeping with those stupid rollers in our hair, especially the foamy ones that were supposed to be "comfortable." How many times did I wake up with half the rollers loose in my bed and really pathetic curls that looked nothing like jaclyn smith?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I also remember curlers ........ thank goodness for modern tongs [and thongs but that's a different story ... "Just a Thong at Twilight" tra-la]

nursemyra said...

you're right about mickey. he's the only one that might possibly improve with a visit from the queer eye guys

70steen said...

tNb....tee hee try as I might I could never master the Farah Fawcett look either :-)

70steen said...

DP - you were on the malt early!!!!

70steen said...

NM - you are absolutely right :-)

Kimchihead said...

#4 looks like he could be Barbara Streisand undercover.

70steen said...

well spotted K..... what a resemblance :-)

Linda said...

Barbara Streisand ... lol. I never liked facial hair, so none of the above for me.