Thursday, 3 January 2008


I have done it. I have entered the loft space of my Victorian house. Despite it being boarded for storage the soot from years of coal fires still finds its way around up there.
So after an hour or so of rooting I was like I had actually been down a mine!!

Any how, I found my cycling proficiency test certificates 1972 (cool I can now ride a bike), my autograph book from 1973 when I left primary (so funny but also has my dear nana's autograph there too who died some years ago), some interesting 80's fashion magazines, my wedding shoes in fact quite a lot of wedding memory bits (eek), a 1983 diary, the Schoolgirls album from 1975, loads of 45s, old postcards and letters off folk (which of course I had to read) and .............. tra la my 1977 & 1979 diaries.

They were hiding in the tea chest of no return. It is a massive deep box which I have not been to the bottom of in 20 years.

I galloped through 1977 because of no diary so I have had a bit of a quandary tonight as to whether I should revisit 1977 now or carry on with 1979??
After quickly looking through them I have decided to carry on with 1979 and maybe revisit some gems in the 1977 diary once 1979 comes to an end.

The other thing I found up (which I was given by a friend ages ago before I had any idea about doing this blog) is a 'Judy ' annual from 1979.
As I go through '79 I will pop images up from the album too.

So rest assured I will be around for a little while longer than I thought! Pops I know you will be thrilled hee hee


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Joy unconfined.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Actually, you've done very well. I bet you spent the day going "ahhhh", "oh!" and "blimey, did I do THAT!"
During that period we were doing 'The Good Life' in Kent with cats, dogs, sheep, ducks, chickens and geese. Gawd, there was a lot of s**t around.

70steen said...

Yes there was a a bit of that going on ... 1977 is a who's who of who was with who!!!
(On the to do list .. must sort loft out hee hee)

So Tom ... can I call you Tom now? I feel I ought :-0

nursemyra said...

you have old memorabilia that hasn't seen the light of day for years? oh how exciting!

I go through my old stuff so regularly that that it hardly qualifies as memorabilia any more

70steen said...

NM I think I it is because I have stayed 'put' for so long but it is a job for the spring (as it is freeing up there and gets like an oven in summer) to sort it out and throw some stuff out

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I bet you don't throw out much - you hoarder you? Have I spelt that right?

70steen said...

yep 'that' looks right to me ..... how else would you spell 'that'????
(ok with me it could be taht)

Samantha_K said...

What a fun little place you have here!
I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

I think I threw away all of my old journals and things...I'm half sad and half happy...Not sure I'd like to remember everything that happened, lol.

70steen said...

Samantha - welcome and thank you for the compliment.
This blog has evolved into something I had no idea it would. It all started off when I found some diaries and they made me laugh & cringe at the same time.........
Some things have indeed brought some 'eeek I didn't want to recall that!' moments (have missed out some stuff that is too personal but don't tell anyone). Hope you keep viewing :-)
Will pop over and visit you