Thursday, 31 January 2008

31st January 1979

Wednesday 31
Came home at 11.00 (was there any point in turning up ??)
Washed my hair

The snow has nearly all thawed now.
Cleaned my bedroom

Phoned Sam

He was in a better mood tonight
Played netball this afternoon
Quite a boring day

I came across this today in the 70s material I have

I do doodle a lot when I am in meetings or on courses.
Here are some
interpretations of what your doodles mean and you can compare his to yours

Strange though there is no interpretation that fits the doodle I did (& they usually do look like this) on a course a couple of weeks ago, should I be concerned !!!????


shle3pyb4by said...

hi 70steen.... ;)
i checked the doodle... i realized that there were two of them similar to my doodle doos... the stars and the loop and maze... so true indeed. i mean, the loop thingy. but i have no idea on the stars. simply because i just love stars. in fact, crazy about stars, daisies, chocolate, ice-creams, la, la and laaa... ;)

tNb said...

wow 70s, you do a mean doodle ... :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

That's NOT a doodle - it's a psychiatric report.

Ooooo ...... "Pinch, punch, 1st of the month!"

tNb said...

rabbit rabbit rabbit

70steen said...

brill we should all have a god month with all these bunnys about yippeeee

nursemyra said...

what is that? were you on crack at the time?

boat tart said...

I think you should spend more time devoted to these creative pieces and have them printed onto beautiful silk then I can make fabulous cocktail frocks and corsets from them......

tNb said...

Put me down for 1 frock and 2 corsets please!

Kimchihead said...

It looks like you have a lot of complicated stuff going on inside your head!

70steen said...

psychiatric report! on crack? hee hee

yep I have always wondered what it means because for years they have been the same style.... may have to surf the safety net and see whats what!!! (but there again maybe I am best not knowing)

Kimi not sure if there is anything complicated in my head at all, only air in there most of the time lol

BT I do like the idea of transferring them on to silk & having an awesome corset. Mat have to make some enquiries with my mate Sunny over at random Place of Mind :-)

B4by so it is right then the doodle analysis? ... brill see they did know something in Teen mags then!!!

tNb- 'mean doodle' I like it!! :-)