Friday, 11 January 2008

11th January 1979

Thursday 11
Got up at 10.00
My brother took me to college

I wore a skirt
(hadn't realised that it was an exception with me then too., but it must have been as it got in the diary)
Tried to make chocolate eclairs x2 what a disaster

(oh I so remember this they looked like brown slugs both times. I was kept be
hind after lessons because I just couldn't get it right)

i came round at 7.00
Sam phoned 5 times
ww he must have been missing me)

Watched Dracula films

Back to the 70s SHOOT annuals for how professional footballers behaved at home

Andy Gray ... he was obviously single then with tomato sauce and copies of football mags in bed with him and what is that wall paper about ??

Gordon Hill..... now this was a 70s status symbol 'How big is my fireplace'. Folk for years after have tried to remove such monstrosities from their homes. I think that one would have taken a few skips.Oh is that a Betamax video I see

John Richards ..... professional footballers are not generally known for their flower ranging capabilities..... but here is John with his 'WAG' (I don't think they were called that then??)


tNb said...

Always a fan of the Betamax! How else were we going to tape Fantasy Island and Love Boat?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Looking at those piccies, I'm beginning to wonder if I should try and get you out of the 70's, 70's. What about a trip back to the 60's, 70's? or even a dash forward to the 90's,70's? I left out the 80's 70's, because nothing happened then ..... did it?

nursemyra said...

stop with the footballers. you are totally freaking me out

Sugar Queens Dream said...

I always take it for granted that others have the same fun times as me making ├ęclair's... It just isn't so I guess. Here's wishing you great success the next time you try!
hugs, Judy

70steen said...

tNb - Betamax was great my brother bought one from the Middle East we thought we were so posh..... it was enormous though. oooo Love Boat & Fantasy Island .... great programmes :-)

70steen said...

erm DP don't know if you have noticed but I am '70steen' It's a bit of a clue??????

Was too young in the 60s to write much then
The 90s?? Too busy being a Mum and divorcing my husband
The 80s were a blur of building a career and having too much fun to write it down after '82

70steen said...

OOOO sorry NM, it is moustaches in the next one .... oh please just this last one for now :-)

70steen said...

Sugar Hi :-)
Never tried it since I was too mentally scarred after that episode.... my local bakery make the most gorgeous ones so I don't have to try. But I know you are a wonderful baker... so envious

Shinade said...

Don't feel bad I tried and can't make them either. I simply am not a pastry chef.

And oh my word ...did we really look like that then? We did didn't we?

70steen said...

Oh thank you Jackie. I am so not a pastry chef, can cook terrific meals but the pudding has to be shop bought unless it is a trifle :-)

oh & yes we did look like that ........

nursemyra said...

oh ok, just for you sweetie :-)


70steen said...

awww thank you but be careful what you say as they may sue me lol xx