Wednesday, 23 January 2008

23rd January 1979

Tuesday 23
3rd Train Strike
Missed Sociology
Got 2 Birthday cards.(it's still not my
birthday yet!!)
One off Auntie M (the
mother of my cousin CK, he who provided me with all the games over here at Christmas) & one off a neighbour
Also a pair of earrings & £5.00 off Kate's dad

d Sam & Fi
Got a Student Rail Card for £7.00

Playing n
etball against Christ the King tomorrow (no not THE Christ the King ... a school called that name lol)

I love fashion (hey I am female) & the history of fashion so when I came across this little, yet very thick, book last year for £1 in a cheap shop I knew I had captured a bargain.
It has brilliant photos from 1900 - 1990s fashion. These are a few of the ones pre 1970s

not sure this lady is a 'lady' btw
Oh and this one C1995... a wooden corset? (maybe Penfold could emulate this with his plane)

I have rooted out some 70s haute couture as this is 70sland
These lovely ladies were 'hostesses' working on British Rail Advanced Passenger Train in 1972

& these were Air Stewardesses on Southwest Airlines, Texas in 1972 serving cocktails such as Passion Punch & Love Potion
Just into the 70s with this look called the 'garnny look' Oh come on who wants to look like your granny (Miss Selfridges maxi dress in black, brown, purple and black £11.00)

1973 'wide beach pyjamas and shoulders of the 30s' those feathers would definitely get in the way!!

1973 'coffee coloured knickerbockers with a peplum bib top' .... no way you could go to the supermarket dressed in these !!!

From Nina Ricci's Autumn /Winter collection in fuchsia pink with just a hint of shimmering sequin boob tube = £550 ( was earning £4.00 a day as a Saturday gal)

A more affordable Mary Quant fluid boob tube dress 'Shoe-fly-pie' ? £38.90
Mustn't forget the shoes!!


boat tart said...

oh 70's what a fab book...I'm always on the look out for such gorgeousness as I am the maker of cocktail frocks and unusual wedding apparel (the non white variety ).....I remember well all this stuff even if I do only admit to being :-) x

70steen said...

BT I so love it too. I have picked up around the bogs that you are a 'maker ' of such gorgeous corsets and wear ..... you must get blogging about your wares I would so love to see them and wear them some day if I could :-)

70steen said...

Oh p.s. if you want more images let me know they are fabulous :-)

boat tart said...


tNb said...

STILL not your birthday??? And I got all dressed up in my knickerbockers & boob tube ... don't I feel silly ...

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I suppose I better wish you a happy birthday - though at your age ..... well, quite frankly ...... it doesn't really matter ...... ummmmmmm.

Happy Birthday anyway and may all your dreams .....etc etc.

Now - 'wooden corsets'!!!!!! - fantastic

shle3pyb4by said...

"happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to dearest 70steen, happy birthday to you!!!!" *singing in the best tune baby could ever do*

happy birthday 70steen, may all your wishes come true!! we love you, loads and loads!!! *kisses*

you know who we are!! ;)

*twirl to the fullest*

nursemyra said...

I love those fashions but I bet the train hosties coudn't do much bending over.

the airline attendants in hot pants are so cool!

(posting your pressie tomorrow)

70steen said...

BT Thank you xx Get your blog going soon :-)

70steen said...

tNb you look gorgeous that style so suits you :-)
Thank you xx

70steen said...

Dp - Thank you you GOG U xx

yes interesting the wooden corset concept!!!!

70steen said...

Those hot pants are so cool much more practical than a mini
(aw thank you NM xx)

70steen said...

ooo b4by beautifully sung in tune and what fantastic twirls thank you so much xx