Monday, 7 January 2008

7th January 1979

Sunday 7
Got up at 12.00
YMCA =Number 1 (couldn't find a decent original versions but here are 2 'different' ones)

Did Sociology essay (I guess I started on the 3rd (page 1). Oh those happy days of hand-writing essays before we had computers, crossings out, writing many pages then re-thinking the whole thing again and re - writing eee those were the days ... NOT. Nurse Myra I looked for the essay on vinegar, whilst in the loft, but it is no more I am afraid (the penny has only just dropped on that subject btw hee hee) )

Phoned Sam
My brother is in Dubye ? (yes ok Dubai we didn't travel a lot in my day) & then Frankfurt
He should be home tomorrow, thank goodness.

(he went out to Iran on the 12th December 1978 just as the uprising started in Tehran. I have been listening to the advice about not travelling to Kenya just now. It would seem that there was not so much public information then about travelling abroad in times of hostility)
Sam phoned at 9.00
My brother is going out with his girlfriend again

image scanned from 'Judy album for girls 1979'


upset waitress said...

The Chinese man singing "YMCA" isn't so sexy, but those other foreigners wearing them tight gym shorts sure do make me hot!

nursemyra said...

your brother is going out with sam's girlfriend?

wait... isn't that you?


70steen said...

UW, I think it was a Finland version the other version in the tight, geeky shorts ..... mmmm you have a strange taste in men I must say lol

70steen said...

NM....... very clever observation :-)
I am afraid we are not one of the interbred Northern folk you sometimes read about in the press

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Of course we peabrains have high standards - goddesses fail miserably!

(I've now gone into hiding and disguised your blog so the TG doesn't see that - tee hee)

70steen said...

please correct me if I am wrong..... but I do detect, only slightly, you appear to live in some weird fantasy/imaginary land

Daddy Papersurfer said...

No choice I'm afraid ...... not allowed out.

shle3pyb4by said...

hey ho! :)
YMCA song... hmm... laa laa laa lala aaaal aaaa... :)

70steen said...

It's always a song you know the words to unless it is in Japanese or Finnish ... unless of course if you are Japanese or Finnish (gosh I am sounding like GOG ) but hay at least you can tra la la along to it.. nice one b4by :-)

70steen said...

P.S. DP (aka GOG) no wonder you are not let out you know what happened last time !!!!!

shle3pyb4by said...

hahaha... was even fun when we have the tra laa laa laa laa session! we should do this more often... im going singing in FMB now.. :)

Kimchihead said...

Unbelievable videos.

70steen said...

yep pretty surreal hey? What made me laugh was the sing-a-long in Japanese at the bottom of the screen then suddenly Y.M.C.A. comes up lol