Wednesday, 12 December 2007

December 11 & 12

Monday 11th December 1978
Had 4 hours free today.
Bought Kate's dad a tie and my brother 'The Clash Song book'
(I had a bit of a 'beem me up Scotty ' moment buying this book. I had trudged around trying to find it and passed this book shop and doubled back. Went in and asked 'have you got the Clash Song Book?' and as the words came out I realised I was in Christian bookshop !!!!... hasty retreat!!)
Came home at 5.30

Wrapped all my Christmas presents & wrote my cards (gosh I wish I was still that organised)

Sam phoned
at 9.00
We got cut off so he phoned back
Fi rang
My brother and his girlfriend came back from Denmark at 10.00

Riots & demonstrations in Tehran

Tuesday 12
th December 1978
My brother goes to Tehran today at 7.45 am (this is not mentioned again in my diary but this was a really worrying time for my family. My brother had gone over to work in Tehran just as the Shah was over throne. We heard nothing from him for weeks, we had no idea where he was. Eventually he was smuggled out of Tehran and put on a fishing boat across to Dubai ... I suppose in reality he shouldn't have gone but no Home Office advice was given saying don't go. I know he witnessed a lot of people being shot and many other atrocities)

Didn't go to college today

Got up at 10.30 had a bath
Sam &
Fi rang
Went to town at 2.00

Came home at 5.15

Sam rang At 7.45
I met Fi and we went to the YMCA for disco dancing lessons, it cost 35p
Learnt to dance to 'Night Fever' & 'Instant Replay' = really good
Got home at 10.20
Phoned Sam

Day 11 & 12

Some Perry Como Christmas joy from 1978


shle3pyb4by said...

hey there! ;)
i am all good! just that one particular crazy maniac is so obsessed with my blog tho'! hahaha... funnily amusing!

*twirl still, and dont care what other people said!*

70steen said...

I have just had a look.... how bizarre they are ... as I say here I have the magic finger of delete
Good place to be that it is your blog and it is they who have the problem :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

hi back! ;)

yeah. i thought so! oh, by the way that doesnt actually stop me from blogging. i just bought a shoe! and i post the pics for you and NM, as we are the shoe fetish girls! *giggles*

oh, btw... who cares about my grammar? like, whateverrrr! *giggles and twirls*

nursemyra said...

bugger the grammar I say :-)

but, 70s, I had to laugh at your "over throne"

I think you mean overthrown or dethroned, but I love the image you've conjured up (my brother always referred to the toilet a the throne....)


70steen said...

Ah yes!!!! well spotted oh eagle eye Nursie ;-) ....bugger the spelling as well as the grammar I say ... & yep the throne is the same interpretation over here........... oooo my pressy arrived today :-) thank you xxx

See B4by.... English is my numero uno language & I am rubbish at it and do I care?? Daddy P does but I am a lost cause to him now