Saturday, 1 December 2007

December 2

Saturday December 2nd 1978
Got to work at 11.15
Train was cancelled
Sam met me at 5.00 & he came for tea
It snowed this morning (ah! that will explain the cancelled train... small bit of snow, leaves on the track etc etc )
£4.00 wages
I have seen a lovely pair of shoes in the shop I want but they are £6.99.
Went to Southport at 9.30
Fi's boyfriend has finished with her
Went to Valentino's & the 'Brick
Got home at 1.00 am
Sam stayed at Mike's
(shoes by

This is why I don't have an MP3 player (Because I can guarantee this would be me erm NO this is not me btw!!)

Ever wanted a tattoo but were afraid to try ... in the comfort of your computer chair .. have a go
Game ..... ... how far can you kick?


nursemyra said...

I watched theclip and at first I thought "how embarrassing" but changed my mind. it's really rather cute

70steen said...

NM you know you are right :-)