Monday, 10 December 2007

December 10

Sunday 10th December 1978
Got up at 11.00

Left Fi's at 12.10
Sam phoned at 1.30 & I went to Waterloo at 2.30

Stayed there all afternoon

Also had my tea there
Sam's grandparents took us to Lime Street Station

Sam got the 8.45 pm train back to Stafford
I won't see him now for 2 weeks (boo hoo!) I will miss him
Got a lift back home from his grandparents

Got home at 9.15
Washed my hair
Tried to do some more of my essay on Marxist theory

Day 9

What would Christmas be in the 70s with out some nauseating staged Carpenters sketches. I do actually remember this one. Has Richard got plastic hair??? He looks like Ken (from Ken & Barbie)

This is a really funny site Stuff on my Cat. We do this at home because cats are cats and they love to be the centre of attention where as dogs, in particular my puppy, just eat every thing


nursemyra said...

that carpenters youtube?... shudder

Crofty said...

The Carpenters reminds me of my dad driving in the dark - which he hated - on holiday being very tense and cross and my mum trying to soothe him with the a tape of the Carpenters.


70steen said...

Truely shuddering viewing ... maybe I should have put a health warning on it
Oh & Crofty how awful, confined forced listening to it with stressed parents ... you have my deepest sympathy