Thursday, 6 December 2007

December 6

Wednesday December 6th 1978
Got a letter of Sam this morning - bless his cotton sox (awww!)

Came home for dinner
Played Volleyball 'til 4.20

Knitted & watched T.V. all night (I wonder what I was knitting? I did knit big sloppy jumpers a lot as I was no good at all that tension bit, if I was I could have knitted everyones Christmas p
In the 70s
more or less every home you went into had one of these
... the scary thing is you can still buy them but even more scary to me is that I am now looking at them thinking 'they are so naff & kitsch ..... I want one!!!! It's ok I have my Teen at home she would never allow me to weaken )
Sam phoned at 10.20
Mar bought me a woolly waistcoat for £2.50 = ace
Love Sam
Wrote back to him

Day 6

Hamster game .....
Being off sick I have been able to practice this a bit now ... from a pathetic Nil points my best is 92 feet (no hamsters were injured during the making of this game lol)

I feel obliged to bring to light this Christmas advert from 1978 .... purely for the way that Parisian is pronounced


fracas said...

Oh my.. you've made me recall how I, in about 1978, spend oodles of time weaving yarn in a macrame sort of fashion, to cover regular wire hangers into an early version of the padded lingerie hanger. I gave those to Aussiebabe for Christmas that year. I also remember making candles in wine glasses and thought I was totally cool for making those "ice cube candles" in milk cartons for others.

Those were the days, weren't they 70s!

70steen said...

Wow Frac I bet Aussiebabe was delighted :-)
I know we were always obsessed with making the Blue Peter stuff like the advent calendar out of wire coathangers which never looked like it did on TV.
The 70s were great but hey only coz we were in it :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

i dont even born yet... :(

70steen said...

You missed some good fun B4by...... & now I feel really old lol :-) * twirl with a zimmer frame*

fracas said...

Oh 70s. I thought the magic finger was the other one... you know, the one people call the cow. No... err, the robin? Wait. The bird. Flipping the bird. Yes.. I mean flipping the bird. I thought that was the magic finger. Are there two?

70steen said...

Frac have you started drinking beer now??? lol :-)