Thursday, 27 December 2007

December 27

Wednesday 27th December 1978

Worked 10.00 - 5.00
Went into town early so I could look around the sales
Bought a pair of burgundy red shoes £7.99 should have been £9.99 but got staff discount (oh I remember these shoes they were leather and suede, peep toe with an ankle strap and so high heels.... wonderful)

Got home at 6.00
Train was cancelled
Phoned Sam at 6.30
Bought my ticket to Stafford £6.52 (gulp!!!) (I suppose that was a lot as I only got paid £4.00 for a days work)
Sam phoned at 9.00
Got a pure silk blouse, an antique 'oxo' tin and two scarves off Kate's dad as he was sorting out his Mum's house
(the blouse was fabulous it was an M&S blouse from C1940)

7 things ???

There is this thing floating around FMB re 7 things no one knows about you here. No one has tagged me (which is cool ) so I thought I would just gate crash ...

1. My real name is in our family history back to 1811, both of my gg grandmothers had the same name although my parents never knew this when they gave me the name.It is something I have only found out recently.
2. I once did a 'strip -o-gram' for a retiring Director of a multi million High Street retailer coz someone dared me (I was an awful lot younger then, I read a poem and stripped down to suzzies and sexy underwear)
3. I was harassed and I felt I was going to be arrested in Marbella. On holiday I was reading the tourist book that said there were 3 types of Policeman in Spain.The short story is ...... I saw one type and pointed at them. They marched over, guns on hips. Demanded my passport (which I didn't have), 'What are you doing here?' they barked 'holiday' I stuttered, they wrenched my bag off my back, emptied it on the ground. Demanded my boyfriends camera off him and left .............. we then got on a tourist trip to Porto Banus and no one would sit near us.
4. I hate Marmite but Marmite crisps are lovely
5. I have been bitten by a Doberman on my thigh & I owned him (god it hurt!!)
6. I got moved on by a prostitute in Leeds once when I was waiting for my boyfriend 'find your own patch bitch' was the term she used
7. I once stood face to face with Linda McCartney and we did a double take in Harrods


shle3pyb4by said...

helloooooo!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you guys!!! ;)

im still in barcelona. having a blast! i fell in love with Gaudi!! the architect for the every buildings in barcelona, i supposed! ;)

take care and enjoy your holidays! *spanisih twirl*

Daddy Papersurfer said...

What are suzzies exactly?

70steen said...

Gaudi is fabulous ... enjoy yourself as you sound like you are :-)

70steen said...

DP ask Penfold ..................

Daddy Papersurfer said...

He's out ....... go on, spit it out

70steen said...

go and have a look here :-)

fracas said...

70steen - Your list is a darn site more exciting than mine; you need to give your name to Kevin and Sylvie as a writer, get your name on that list and they'll give you access to the blog at fuel. Your post should be there, livening it up! And just think.. you've been moved on by a prostitute and Penfold has been arrested for it.

What a lovely pair you'd make.


{DP is shaking in his boots now.}

70steen said...

hee hee Frac you make me laugh..... gosh it would be chaos if I wrote on FMB, the grammar police and Spelling Squad would have a field day
I think it will be Pen shaking in his boots after your comment lol :-)

Crofty said...

Damn, another person with seven more interesting things than me. Fancy Linda McCartney recognising you like that.

70steen said...

aww yours are really good.
Yes Linda stopped short of asking for my autograph I think she didn't want to draw attention to me lol

p.s. meant to add to number one that my g grandmother was also called the same name as me and I have 2 g aunts with it too, wouldn't mind but I don't have a common name !!!

p.p.s. Love Amy Winehouse :-)