Saturday, 1 December 2007

1978 <> November <> 2007

November 29th 1978
Met Sam at 11.00
Had dinner in the 'Soup Bowl' (I wonder if we had soup??)
Played netball against Christ the King
We won 14 -4 (waytogo )
Sam met me afterwards and he stayed for tea
Stayed in all night listening to records
He left at 11.00
Weather is still freezing cold

November 30th 1978
Got up at 10.00
Had a bath & washed my hair
Gas man came
Met Sam on the train at 12.30, purely accidental
Made cream of mushroom soup with accompaniments & mince & veg pie = OK
Sam came round at 7.00
We went to the 'Brick & Art Centre
Sam & my brother went to the Punk Night at the 'Brick 11.00 - 2.00 am (punk night was a cider swilling event (it was about 40p a pint), lots of po-go ing. You would end up covered in beer and as sweaty as hell.... pleasant venue ..... not!)
San stayed (on the couch I hope !!)

November 29th 2007
Got up at 7.00
Woke grumpy Teen
Took pup out
Shower & hair wash
Mum & brother arrived at 9.30. Quick coffee and brother left to wend his way down south.
Took Mum to Tesco and bought a few bits (it came to £50 though eeek)
Packed and left to get my train down south
Almost got bumped twice in the car park with idiots driving in the wrong way.
Took ages to find a space. Found one tucked in the far corner on top floor.
Very tight space it was a struggle to get my bags out
Needed the loo. Had 25p & a 50p in change...... loo = 30p doh
Scrounged 5p off passing chap......... it doesn't take 5ps doh
Man in Costa coffee wouldn't open his till to swap my 2 x5ps to a 10p......... (miserable sod!)
Man in Sainsbury's saved the day
Almost missed train to London
Got to Portsmouth at 19.45 not a bad journey
Hotel was excellent .... huge double bed
Went for Chinese meal
Bed at 12.00

November 30th 2007
Up at 7.00
Fabulous shower (hotel showers are always great)
Breakfast at 8.00
Fabulous full english, bacon, sausage, fried egg, beans, mushrooms & toast with butter (never have butter at home so it is a big treat) and result they did Earl Grey too.....yum
Got to meting at 9.30
Left at 13.30
Not a bad journey back
I am reading the Russian Concubine ..... excellent & enthralling so journey passed quickly
Got back to Piccadilly at 19.25
Couldn't find car park ticket so nice man in the portacabin made me a new one
Got to car
Central locking wouldn't work. Could see my carpark ticket on the dashboard!!!
Opened car to find that I had left my lights on ..... battery = as flat as a pancake (bugger)
Breakdown cover has lapsed (double bugger)
It was cold & wet .. I was tired and wanted to go home.... felt like crying
Phoned old breakdown service to rejoin... no one in the admin office to to do this but they gave me the name of a garage.....
Phoned garage ... they would be 1/2 hour
Back to the station to cash point machine
Non were working (oh isn't it always the way)
Huge queue in Sainsburys, so joined it to get cash back... could only get £50..... luckily I had a bit of cash on me
Met break down man in carpark (a case of break down man meets woman on the verge of break down!!) ... in 2 minutes my car was working ... handed over £65
Home at 21.20
Opened bottle of wine
Chatted with Mum and watched the final of I am a celebrity get me out of here (well done Geoffrey Biggins)
Mum and teen went to bed ...... I had a couple more glasses of the white stuff..... felt a bit squiffy
But I was home, warm and ready for my bed (oh & skint)


shle3pyb4by said...

hi there... been reading about the book. Russian Concubine. is it a good book? am interested in finding one. maybe a good present for myself this christmas as i failed to find white christmas getaway to myself. its sux! *not twirling. too sad to twirl*

70steen said...

s I can recommend it I read half way through in a couple of days as it is so good
Treat yourself... I always make that something I do at Christmas ... never been able to afford a white christmas away but I make sure I buy myself something special..... don't be sad

shle3pyb4by said...

thanks 70steen! ;)

yup! maybe if i didnt get myself a white christmas, i find something else to amuse me! after all, i am easily amused, am i? *wondering with my own thoughts* silly!