Sunday, 9 December 2007

December 9

Saturday December 9th 1978
Worked 11.00 - 5.00

Woke Sam at 10.00 and he stayed at my house til 12.00 when I went to wor
Got £4.10 wages

Sam = drunk this afternoon,
he was really grumpy
He met me at 5.00

Went to Fi's house at 8.45

Had a great laugh
Sam then went to the 'Brick so I stayed at Fi's
Went to bed at 1.30 am
My brother has gone to Denmark with his girlfriend for a couple of days

Day 9

It's Donny's 50th Birthday today & my you are looking good boy!!!!

So here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday

Aww wasn't he so cute :-)


nursemyra said...

I've been watching your countdown sidebar to donny's birthday :-)

I bet he'd be pleased with your tribute....

Kimchihead said...

Donny is the man!

70steen said...

NM I am sure he is speechless lol

70steen said...

Hi K & welcome to 70s land..... & yes he certainly is :-)