Saturday, 15 December 2007

December 15

Friday 15th December 1978
1 year = me & Sam
We made it
College at 9.00

Cookery was cancelled

Skived Business Studies 3 - 4 pm (wasn't really worth going in was it??)
Put up Christmas Tree & marzipaned the Christmas cake

Phoned Sam - his cousin was on TV
Sam phoned back at 9.10
we talked for about 3/4 hour

Really love him & I wish he were here now
Fi phoned at 10.45
Went to bed at 12.00

Day 15

A Santa game which I am so rubbish at ... not that is news lol

This is an awesome site of fabulous photos you wouldn't want to miss

What kids were looking forward to in there Christmas stocking in 1978


nursemyra said...

you're right about that awesome photo site

some great images

70steen said...

I so wish I could take piccies like them :(

Cowgirl Betty said...

I wish I kept my Princess Leah (sp?) doll. She could have paid for my college education by selling her on ebay. Instead, I cut her hair and turned her into . . . well . . . something else.

70steen said...

Hi Betty & welcome.
I know what you say I had loads of stuff I destroyed..... cutting hair, nail varnish on dolls faces to look like freaky makeup , biro tattoos..... who would have thought the value they would be today ... hey ho

Merry Christmas