Wednesday, 19 December 2007

December 19

Tuesday 19th December 1978
Had Sociology for 1/2 hr

Fed up with Tech
Apparently the Tech do was really good last night.

Came home at 3.30

Dossed about
Had a bath & hair wash, blew it dry it looks nice
Sam rang.
He got Fi's anniversa
ry card but not my Christmas card
Got a letter off the J.M.B. (Joint Matriculation Board) about my re-sits, they say I owe them £2.50
Got an underskirt and card off Sam's granny through the post.
Wish Sam was 'ere now

Art College do tonight, wasn't allowed to go (I think that is why I was so miserable. All things had stopped in our house because of Uncle T

Day 19

The game is 'Smack the Penguin' .... 273.8 is my best (disclaimer no penguins were injured in this game)

I was sent this email tonight not much narrative needed except to say these animals survived a tornado and were rescued from different places and all found comfort & safety with each other, despite their different backgrounds and breeds.... we could learn so much


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've been sitting here smacking the penguin [that sounds a little odd doesn't it?] - I like that. Papersurfer Jnr might like that as well when he turns up later - I'm going to practice now .....

nursemyra said...

I've just taken delivery of my old cat Pablo who now lives with my exhusband who's off to queensland for christmas.

I'm watching the standoff between Pablo and Pete's cat Zorro and it's not looking good.

maybe if I show them the pictures of the dogs...

70steen said...

DP how long have you got before they arrive?? It isn't days you know..... have you looked back on the days here there is more or less a game a day. Have fun smacking your Penguin !!!!!

70steen said...

NM my money is on Zorro, what a cool name for a cat. Just introduce a dog into the mix that will sort them out .... saying that my pup doesn't have a chance against the two wise old cats I have, she gets a battering a lot (secretly they love her though found the mean cat snuggled up with pup last week) ...... have fun :-)

nursemyra said...

it was nearly a disaster. pablo went missing this morning and I've been fretting all day. came home from work with an armful of missing cat posters which I put up all down our street

someone found him cowering in a laneway 15 minutes ago *phew*

he's an 11 year old chocolate burmese, it would have been so sad to lose him. am celebrating his return with a glass of champagne!

70steen said...

oh NM I bet you were frantic.... I take it Pablo is confined to barracks now?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

319!!!! - I am the champeen!!!

70steen said...

gosh your spelling is getting bad 'chimpanzee' is spelt like that!

darlene said...

these pics~~~....i love!!

70steen said...

Hi Darlene,
don't they just warm your heart all snuggled up together :-)