Sunday, 2 December 2007

December 3

Sunday 3rd December 1978
Got up at 12 noon
Washed my hair

Sam rang

Went to Waterloo at 2.30

Stayed in and watched T.V. t
he weather was awful
His grandparents to Lime Street Station so Sam could get his train
It left at 5.23
'Oh parting is such sad sweet sorrow'
Came home and watched 'Romeo & Juliet' (ah hence the fudged Shakespearean quote!!)
Fi & Sam rang

Sam says he is bored already and wants to come
home tomorrow, naughty boy
It is 11 years since dad died (so that will be 40 years today)

Day 3

This is quite interesting it is Rockabye Baby ..... Rock music transformed to play to babies. Who would have though 'lets spend the night together' & 'Brown Sugar' could be so chilling.

I like this game ... I am rubbish at which goes with out saying ... but still like it - Line Rider (lets just say my drawing looked nothing like this!!!!!)


nursemyra said...

gosh you were so young when your dad died. that must have been really tough.

did your mother remarry?

70steen said...

yes it really was tough but hey those were the cards we were dealt. Mum did a fantastic job of being Mum & Dad.
She never remarried but she had a 25 year companionship with Kate's dad which was nice for her

nursemyra said...

kate? who's kate?

70steen said...

Oh NM you have not been keeping up with the tale .......... Kate's dad in his Cortina who took us on holiday and he bought an allegro, I washed his car for £1 etc etc !! lol